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Atka Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2801:56W 1416OvercastOVC0282.8-1.1 75%-1.1NA76.07NA
2801:36W 1116OvercastOVC0282.2-2.2 75%-1.1NA76.05NA
2801:16Calm16OvercastOVC0282.2-2.2 75%NANA76.02NA
2800:56N 1116OvercastOVC0282.2-2.2 75%-1.1NA76NA
2800:36NW 816Mostly CloudyBKN0281.1-2.8 75%-1.7NA75.97NA
2800:16N 516Partly CloudySCT0300-2.8 80%NANA75.95NA
2723:56N 1016Partly CloudySCT0301.1-2.8 75%-1.7NA75.95NA
2723:36Calm16Mostly CloudyBKN0301.1-2.8 75%NANA75.92NA
2723:16N 816FairCLR1.1-2.8 75%-1.7NA75.9NA
2722:56N G 4216FairCLR0-2.8 80%-4.4NA75.9NA
2722:36W G 4216FairCLR1.1-2.8 75%-3.9NA75.87NA
2722:16W 816FairCLR1.1-2.8 75%-1.7NA75.82NA
2721:56N 516FairCLR1.1-3.9 70%NANA75.82NA
2721:36Calm16FairCLR1.1-2.8 75%NANA75.82NA
2721:16W 816FairCLR1.1-2.8 75%-1.7NA75.79NA
2720:56Calm16FairCLR0-2.8 3.9080%NANA75.77NA
2720:36W 816FairCLR1.1-2.8 75%-1.7NA75.74NA
2720:16W 1016FairCLR1.1-2.8 75%-1.7NA75.74NA
2719:56W 1316FairCLR1.1-2.8 75%-2.8NA75.72NA
2719:36W 1016FairCLR2.2-2.8 70%-0.6NA75.69NA
2719:16W 1116FairCLR1.1-2.8 75%-2.2NA75.67NA
2718:56W 1316FairCLR1.1-2.2 81%-2.8NA75.67NA
2718:36W 1416FairCLR2.2-2.2 75%-1.7NA75.67NA
2718:16W 1316FairCLR2.2-2.2 75%-1.1NA75.62NA
2717:56W 1116FairCLR2.2-1.1 81%-1.1NA75.59NA
2717:36W 1116FairCLR2.2-1.1 81%-1.1NA75.59NA
2717:16W 816Partly CloudySCT033 SCT0392.8-1.1 75%0.6NA75.57NA
2716:56W 816Mostly CloudyBKN0352.8-1.1 75%0.6NA75.54NA
2716:36W 1316A Few CloudsFEW0392.8-1.1 75%-0.6NA75.54NA
2716:16SW 1016A Few CloudsFEW013 FEW0412.8-1.1 75%0NA75.54NA
2715:56W 168Mostly CloudySCT013 BKN020 BKN0262.8-1.1 75%-1.1NA75.51NA
2715:36SW 1314Mostly CloudyBKN015 BKN021 BKN0342.80 81%-0.6NA75.54NA
2715:16SW G 2716Partly CloudyFEW021 SCT033 SCT0603.90 75%0NA75.51NA
2714:56SW G 2616Partly CloudyFEW021 FEW075 SCT0903.9-1.1 3.92.270%0NA75.51NA
2714:36S 1416Mostly CloudySCT017 SCT027 BKN0753.91.1 81%0.6NA75.51NA
2714:16SW 1314OvercastSCT017 BKN023 OVC1102.80 81%-0.6NA75.54NA
2713:56S G 2716Mostly CloudyBKN020 BKN0283.9-1.1 70%0.6NA75.54NA
2713:36S 1916Partly CloudyFEW022 SCT0803.90 75%0NA75.54NA
2713:16SW 1416Mostly CloudyFEW016 SCT060 BKN0802.80 81%-1.1NA75.57NA
2712:56S 1616OvercastSCT018 BKN080 OVC0952.80 81%-1.1NA75.57NA
2712:36S G 4216OvercastSCT020 BKN034 OVC1102.8-1.1 75%-0.6NA75.59NA
2712:16S 1316Mostly CloudyFEW016 SCT025 BKN0382.8-1.1 75%-0.6NA75.59NA
2711:56SW 2114OvercastSCT015 BKN023 OVC0302.8-1.1 75%-1.7NA75.59NA
2711:36NW 1016Mostly CloudySCT023 SCT031 BKN1202.2-1.1 81%-0.6NA75.57NA
2711:16N 1116FairCLR2.2-1.1 81%-1.1NA75.59NA
2710:56Calm16Partly CloudySCT1102.2-1.1 81%NANA75.57NA
2710:36S G 4216Partly CloudySCT1002.8-1.1 75%0.6NA75.57NA
2710:16Calm16Partly CloudySCT019 SCT046 SCT0602.2-2.2 75%NANA75.57NA
2709:56SW 1611OvercastBKN019 BKN034 OVC1102.2-1.1 81%-1.7NA75.54NA
2709:36SW 1016Mostly CloudyFEW029 FEW037 BKN1102.8-2.2 70%0NA75.51NA
2709:16W 1116A Few CloudsFEW0352.8-2.2 70%0NA75.51NA
2708:56SW 1616FairCLR2.8-2.2 52.870%-1.1NA75.51NA
2708:36SW 1416FairCLR3.9-2.2 65%0.6NA75.49NA
2708:16W 1416Partly CloudyFEW037 SCT1003.9-2.2 65%0.6NA75.46NA
2707:56SW 1616Mostly CloudyFEW020 SCT033 BKN0393.9-1.1 70%0NA75.46NA
2707:36SW 1316Mostly CloudyFEW020 SCT030 BKN0353.9-2.2 65%0.6NA75.44NA
2707:16SW 1316A Few CloudsFEW0383.9-2.2 65%0.6NA75.44NA
2706:56SW 1416FairCLR3.9-2.2 65%0.6NA75.41NA
2706:36SW 2616A Few CloudsFEW0473.9-2.2 65%-1.1NA75.39NA
2706:16SW 1416Partly CloudyFEW031 SCT0402.8-1.1 75%-1.1NA75.39NA
2705:56S G 2716Partly CloudySCT0403.9-2.2 65%0NA75.36NA
2705:36SW 1416Partly CloudyFEW019 FEW025 SCT0383.9-1.1 70%0.6NA75.36NA
2705:16SW G 4216Mostly CloudySCT040 BKN0493.9-2.2 65%-0.6NA75.34NA
2704:56SW G 3716Mostly CloudySCT038 BKN0445-2.2 61%0.6NA75.31NA
2704:36SW G 4016A Few CloudsFEW0393.9-2.2 65%-0.6NA75.31NA
2704:16SW G 3716Mostly CloudyBKN039 BKN0463.9-2.2 65%-1.1NA75.29NA
2703:56SW 1616Mostly CloudyBKN041 BKN0475-1.1 66%1.7NA75.26NA
2703:36SW G 4016Mostly CloudyFEW030 SCT037 BKN0443.9-1.1 70%-0.6NA75.23NA
2703:16SW G 3716OvercastFEW030 SCT039 OVC0475-1.1 66%1.1NA75.21NA
2702:56SW G 3916Mostly CloudyFEW031 BKN040 BKN0465-1.1 6.13.966%0.6NA75.21NA
2702:36SW G 4716Mostly CloudyFEW016 SCT030 BKN0405-1.1 66%0.6NA75.18NA
2702:16SW G 458Mostly CloudyFEW016 SCT023 BKN03250 70%0.6NA75.18NA
2701:56SW G 4516Overcast and BreezyFEW033 SCT041 OVC0486.10 66%1.1NA75.16NA
2701:36SW G 5016OvercastSCT039 OVC0486.1-1.1 61%2.2NA75.11NA
2701:16SW G 4816Overcast and BreezyBKN038 OVC0466.1-1.1 61%1.1NA75.08NA
2700:56SW G 5316OvercastBKN038 OVC0456.1-1.1 61%2.2NA75.06NA
2700:36SW G 4516Mostly CloudyFEW028 BKN036 BKN04250 70%0.6NA75.03NA
2700:16SW G 5113Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW024 FEW029 BKN03550 70%-0.6NA75.01NA
2623:56SW G 5816Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0355-1.1 66%-0.6NA74.98NA
2623:36SW G 5316Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW017 BKN03551.1 76%-0.6NA74.93NA
2623:16SW G 565Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW017 SCT024 BKN0353.91.1 81%-1.7NA74.9NA
2622:56SW G 538Overcast and BreezySCT023 SCT028 OVC03651.1 76%-0.6NA74.88NA
2622:36SW G 668Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW025 SCT029 BKN03551.1 76%-0.6NA74.85NA
2622:16SW G 6111Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW020 SCT028 BKN0366.11.1 71%1.1NA74.8NA
2621:56S G 5813Overcast and WindySCT027 BKN035 OVC0446.11.1 71%0.6NA74.78NA
2621:36SW G 7116Overcast and WindyFEW023 BKN032 OVC0476.11.1 71%0NA74.75NA
2621:16SW G 698Overcast and WindySCT021 OVC02952.2 81%-1.1NA74.7NA
2620:56S G 724Overcast and WindyBKN021 OVC02952.2 6.1581%-1.1NA74.65NA
2620:36S G 725Overcast and WindySCT021 BKN029 OVC0346.12.2 76%0.6NA74.6NA
2620:16S G 698Overcast and WindySCT021 BKN029 OVC0346.12.2 76%0NA74.6NA
2619:56S G 6614Overcast and BreezySCT021 BKN029 OVC0346.11.1 71%1.1NA74.55NA
2619:36S G 6910Overcast and WindySCT019 BKN027 OVC0336.12.2 76%0NA74.55NA
2619:16S G 6611Overcast and WindySCT019 BKN026 OVC0426.12.2 76%0.6NA74.52NA
2618:56S G 6611Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW021 SCT029 BKN03551.1 76%-0.6NA74.55NA
2618:36S G 7214Overcast and WindySCT021 BKN028 OVC0356.12.2 76%0.6NA74.52NA
2618:16S G 698Overcast and WindySCT021 BKN028 OVC0356.12.2 76%0NA74.52NA
2617:56S G 7613Overcast and WindySCT019 BKN025 OVC0336.12.2 76%0NA74.55NA
2617:36SE G 828Overcast and WindyBKN019 BKN026 OVC0316.12.2 76%0NA74.55NA
2617:16S G 766Overcast and WindyBKN019 OVC0266.12.2 76%0.6NA74.55NA
2616:56SE G 715Overcast and WindyOVC02352.2 81%-1.7NA74.57NA
2616:36SE G 7613Overcast and WindyBKN025 OVC0326.11.1 71%0NA74.6NA
2616:16SE G 6410Overcast and WindyBKN025 BKN032 OVC0406.11.1 71%0NA74.65NA
2615:56S G 695Overcast and BreezySCT025 BKN032 OVC04151.1 76%-0.6NA74.68NA
2615:36SE G 7113Overcast and WindySCT036 OVC0456.10 66%0NA74.68NA
2615:16S G 5314Overcast and WindyFEW032 BKN039 OVC0606.10 66%0.6NA74.73NA
2614:56S G 6014Overcast and BreezyFEW032 BKN040 OVC0656.1-1.1 6.13.961%1.1NA74.75NA
2614:36SE G 6014Overcast and WindyFEW028 BKN040 OVC0606.1-1.1 61%0.6NA74.75NA
2614:16SE G 6016Mostly Cloudy and WindySCT025 BKN0556.1-1.1 61%0.6NA74.78NA
2613:56S G 6114Overcast and BreezySCT023 BKN031 OVC0496.11.1 71%1.1NA74.83NA
2613:36SE G 6014Overcast and BreezySCT020 BKN033 OVC0606.11.1 71%1.1NA74.83NA
2613:16SE G 5814Mostly Cloudy and BreezySCT016 BKN021 BKN0286.12.2 76%1.1NA74.85NA
2612:56S G 635Overcast and BreezyFEW012 BKN017 OVC0226.12.2 76%1.1NA74.88NA
2612:36SE G 748Overcast and WindyBKN010 OVC0206.12.8 81%0.6NA74.9NA
2612:16SE G 643Overcast and WindyOVC01052.8 87%-1.7NA74.93NA
2611:56SE G 644Overcast and WindyOVC01252.8 87%-1.7NA74.96NA
2611:36SE G 714Overcast and WindyBKN012 OVC01852.8 87%-1.7NA74.98NA
2611:16SE G 663Overcast and WindyOVC0123.92.2 87%-2.8NA75.03NA
2610:56SE G 762Overcast and WindyBKN012 OVC0193.92.2 87%-3.3NA75.06NA
2610:36SE G 742Overcast and WindyBKN012 OVC0213.92.2 87%-3.3NA75.08NA
2610:16SE G 693Overcast and WindyOVC0123.92.2 87%-2.8NA75.11NA
2609:56SE G 644Overcast and WindyBKN012 OVC0193.92.2 87%-2.8NA75.13NA
2609:36SE G 644Overcast and WindyBKN012 OVC0193.92.2 87%-2.8NA75.16NA
2609:16SE G 643Overcast and WindyOVC0123.91.1 81%-2.8NA75.21NA
2608:56SE G 643Overcast and WindyOVC0143.91.1 6.12.881%-3.3NA75.21NA
2608:36SE G 663Overcast and WindyOVC0163.91.1 81%-2.8NA75.26NA
2608:16SE G 634Overcast and WindyOVC0193.91.1 81%-2.8NA75.29NA
2607:56SE G 644Overcast and WindyBKN019 OVC0263.91.1 81%-2.8NA75.31NA
2607:36SE G 715Overcast and WindyBKN023 OVC03151.1 76%-1.1NA75.29NA
2607:16SE G 6616Overcast and WindyFEW023 BKN032 OVC0476.10 66%0.6NA75.31NA
2606:56SE G 5116Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW028 SCT034 BKN0406.10 66%1.1NA75.34NA
2606:36SE G 5116Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW028 SCT039 BKN0506.1-1.1 61%1.1NA75.39NA
2606:16SE G 4516Overcast and BreezySCT027 BKN075 OVC1005-1.1 66%-0.6NA75.39NA
2605:56SE G 3416OvercastBKN027 BKN033 OVC1006.10 66%1.7NA75.41NA
2605:36SE 1616OvercastBKN027 OVC11050 70%1.7NA75.41NA
2605:16SE 1316Mostly CloudyFEW025 BKN1205-1.1 66%2.2NA75.44NA
2604:56S G 2916A Few CloudsFEW0273.9-1.1 70%-0.6NA75.44NA
2604:36S G 3216Mostly CloudySCT027 BKN035 BKN0423.9-1.1 70%1.1NA75.44NA
2604:16S G 3716Mostly CloudyFEW025 SCT029 BKN0393.9-1.1 70%-1.1NA75.49NA
2603:56S 1116Mostly CloudySCT034 BKN0403.9-2.2 65%1.1NA75.44NA
2603:36Calm16OvercastOVC0373.9-2.2 65%NANA75.44NA
2603:16SW 1016Mostly CloudyBKN0373.9-2.2 65%1.7NA75.41NA
2602:56W G 4216A Few CloudsFEW0333.9-2.8 52.861%NANA75.41NA
2602:36SW 1116FairCLR2.8-2.2 70%0NA75.36NA
2602:16SW 1116FairCLR2.8-2.2 70%0NA75.34NA
2601:56W 1416FairCLR2.8-2.2 70%-1.1NA75.29NA
2601:36W 1916Partly CloudySCT0323.9-1.1 70%0NA75.26NA
2601:16W G 4216Partly CloudySCT0323.9-1.1 70%-0.6NA75.21NA
2600:56W G 5016Partly Cloudy and BreezyFEW021 FEW030 SCT0373.9-1.1 70%-2.2NA75.16NA
2600:36W G 5613Overcast and WindyFEW021 SCT030 OVC0393.90 75%-2.8NA75.13NA
2600:16W G 5816Overcast and WindySCT027 OVC0375-1.1 66%-1.1NA75.08NA
2523:56W G 6016Overcast and WindySCT020 BKN028 OVC0343.90 75%-2.8NA75.03NA
2523:36W G 5016Overcast and BreezySCT020 OVC0283.91.1 81%-2.2NA74.96NA
2523:16W G 6316Overcast and BreezyBKN020 OVC0273.91.1 81%-2.2NA74.88NA
2522:56W G 6116Overcast and BreezyBKN018 OVC0253.91.1 81%-2.2NA74.8NA
2522:36W G 7214Overcast and WindyOVC0163.91.1 81%-3.3NA74.7NA
2522:16W G 7616Overcast and WindyOVC0123.91.1 81%-3.3NA74.57NA
2521:56W G 7216Overcast and WindyOVC0103.91.1 81%-3.3NA74.52NA
2521:36W G 7416Overcast and WindyOVC0083.91.1 81%-3.3NA74.45NA
2521:16W G 668Overcast and WindyOVC0062.81.1 87%-3.9NA74.4NA
2520:56W G 714Overcast and WindyOVC0063.92.2 7.22.887%-2.8NA74.35NA
2520:36W G 724Overcast and WindyOVC0063.92.2 87%-2.8NA74.27NA
2520:16W G 585Overcast and WindyBKN005 BKN013 OVC03052.8 87%-1.1NA74.24NA
2519:56W G 505Overcast and BreezyFEW007 FEW012 OVC0336.12.8 81%1.1NA74.22NA
2519:36W 375Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW011 SCT016 BKN02352.2 81%-0.6NA74.24NA
2519:16W G 514Overcast and BreezySCT012 OVC0193.92.2 87%-1.7NA74.3NA
2518:56W G 422Overcast and BreezyBKN015 OVC0203.91.1 81%-2.2NA74.32NA
2518:36W G 502Overcast and BreezyBKN014 OVC0213.91.1 81%-2.2NA74.35NA
2518:16W G 564Overcast and BreezyFEW009 BKN016 OVC0212.8-1.1 75%-3.9NA74.37NA
2517:56NE 214OvercastBKN019 OVC0277.23.9 81%3.9NA74.4NA
2517:36NE G 394OvercastSCT021 BKN026 OVC0317.23.9 81%3.3NA74.4NA
2517:16E G 423Overcast and BreezySCT014 OVC0217.23.9 81%2.8NA74.42NA
2516:56E G 482Overcast and BreezySCT010 BKN015 OVC0237.23.9 81%2.8NA74.45NA
2516:36E G 503Overcast and WindySCT008 BKN017 OVC0237.23.9 81%2.2NA74.47NA
2516:16E G 532Overcast and WindySCT010 BKN016 OVC0257.23.9 81%2.2NA74.5NA
2515:56E G 533Overcast and BreezyOVC0177.23.9 81%2.2NA74.57NA
2515:36E G 535Overcast and WindyBKN021 OVC0267.23.9 81%2.2NA74.63NA
2515:16E G 5111Overcast and BreezyFEW017 OVC0256.13.9 87%1.1NA74.65NA
2514:56E G 5014Overcast and BreezyOVC0226.13.9 6.16.187%1.1NA74.7NA
2514:36E G 458Overcast and BreezyOVC0206.13.9 87%1.1NA74.75NA
2514:16E G 405Overcast and BreezySCT007 OVC0186.13.9 87%1.1NA74.8NA
2513:56E G 425OvercastBKN009 OVC0186.13.9 87%1.1NA74.83NA
2513:36E G 428Overcast and BreezyOVC0206.12.8 81%1.1NA74.88NA
2513:16E G 394OvercastOVC0226.13.9 87%1.1NA74.93NA
2512:56E G 395OvercastBKN022 OVC0296.12.8 81%1.7NA74.96NA
2512:36E G 405OvercastBKN022 OVC0296.13.9 87%1.7NA74.98NA
2512:16E G 355OvercastBKN020 OVC0276.12.8 81%1.7NA75.03NA
2511:56E G 405OvercastSCT020 OVC0276.12.8 81%1.7NA75.06NA
2511:36E 295OvercastBKN019 OVC0276.12.8 81%1.7NA75.11NA
2511:16E 358Overcast and BreezySCT013 BKN019 OVC0256.13.9 87%1.1NA75.08NA
2510:56E G 4816Overcast and BreezyOVC0176.12.8 81%1.1NA75.11NA
2510:36E G 328OvercastOVC0176.12.8 81%1.7NA75.13NA
2510:16E 235OvercastSCT019 OVC0266.12.8 81%2.2NA75.16NA
2509:56SE 198OvercastOVC0306.12.8 81%2.8NA75.18NA
2509:36SE G 356OvercastSCT021 OVC0306.12.8 81%2.2NA75.18NA
2509:16SE 265OvercastFEW023 OVC0286.12.8 81%1.7NA75.23NA
2508:56SE G 3911OvercastBKN030 OVC0396.12.8 7.26.181%2.2NA75.26NA
2508:36SE 296OvercastFEW008 BKN017 OVC0396.13.9 87%1.7NA75.23NA
2508:16SE G 562Overcast and WindyBKN010 OVC0176.13.9 87%0.6NA75.26NA
2507:56SE G 455Overcast and BreezySCT010 OVC0177.23.9 81%2.8NA75.23NA
2507:36SE G 565Overcast and BreezyBKN010 OVC0197.23.9 81%2.8NA75.21NA
2507:16SE G 536Overcast and BreezyBKN010 OVC0167.23.9 81%2.8NA75.21NA
2506:56SE G 426OvercastOVC0127.23.9 81%2.8NA75.21NA
2506:36SE G 428OvercastBKN012 OVC0247.23.9 81%3.3NA75.18NA
2506:16SE G 4710OvercastSCT012 OVC0247.23.9 81%3.3NA75.18NA
2505:56SE G 534Overcast and BreezyOVC0107.25 87%2.2NA75.18NA
2505:36SE G 563Overcast and BreezyOVC0107.23.9 81%2.8NA75.21NA
2505:16SE G 474OvercastOVC0107.25 87%3.3NA75.18NA
2504:56SE G 344OvercastOVC0107.25 87%3.3NA75.18NA
2504:36E G 268OvercastOVC0107.23.9 81%3.9NA75.21NA
2504:16E 1614OvercastOVC0107.23.9 81%4.4NA75.21NA
2503:56SE 145OvercastOVC0106.13.9 87%3.3NA75.21NA
2503:36E 1113OvercastSCT008 OVC0146.13.9 87%3.9NA75.18NA
2503:16Calm13OvercastOVC0166.13.9 87%NANA75.18NA
2502:56S 513OvercastOVC0186.13.9 7.86.187%NANA75.21NA
2502:36SE 85OvercastBKN014 OVC0216.13.9 87%4.4NA75.18NA
2502:16S 1016OvercastOVC0147.23.9 81%5.6NA75.18NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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