Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Probabilities

These images represent the chance at any particular location that a tropical storm or hurricane will affect the area sometime during Atlantic hurricane season (June 1 - November 30). Based on years 1944 to 1999 in the analysis and counted hits when a storm or hurricane was within about 100 miles (165 km). (Figures by Todd Kimberlain.)

Annual probability for all storms
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  June July August September October November Annual
Named storms: June Named storms: July Named storms: August Named storms: September Named storms: October Named storms: November Named storms: Annual
Hurricanes Hurricanes: June Hurricanes: July Hurricanes: August Hurricanes: September Hurricanes: October Hurricanes: November Hurricanes: Annual
None None Major hurricanes: August Major hurricanes: September Major hurricanes: October None Major hurricanes: Annual

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