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NOUS43 KARX 020237

825 PM CDT SUN JAN 1 2016

...2016 Climate Summary for La Crosse...

               Temperature           Precipitation
Month   High    Low     Ave     Dept    Total   Dept    Snow
JAN     26.5    12.4    19.4    +2.0    0.87    -0.25    4.1
FEB     33.7    17.3    25.5    +3.0    0.78    -0.27   10.8
MAR     50.1    32.5    41.3    +6.8    3.61    +1.57   12.3
APR     59.6    40.0    49.8    +1.2    1.08    -2.26    0.6
MAY     73.1    48.6    60.9    +1.2    4.14    +0.62    0.0
JUN     82.5    60.9    71.7    +2.5    6.73    +2.39    ***
JUL     84.4    65.6    75.0    +1.3    5.15    +1.30    ***
AUG     83.7    64.8    74.2    +2.8    6.36    +2.07    ***
SEP     76.8    58.7    67.7    +4.9   10.46    +6.90    ***
OCT     65.8    46.3    56.0    +5.8    2.23    +0.06    0.0
NOV     56.0    36.4    46.2   +10.3    1.16    -0.85     T
DEC     29.3    41.8    51.0    +1.9    2.19    +0.83   20.8
YEAR    60.1    41.8    51.0    +3.6   44.76   +11.70    ***

*** R E C O R D S ********************************************


Highs:          62 on February 27th
                83 on April 17th
                95 on June 10th, tied previous
                72 on November 5th
                71 on November 6th, tied previous
                69 on November 10th
                70 on November 17th, tied previous

Lows:           30 on May 15th, tied previous

Lowest Highs:   None

Highest Lows:   45 on March 15th
                76 on August 11th
                65 on October 17th

Monthly:        7th warmest March at 41.3 degrees, tied previous
                7th warmest September at 67.7 degrees
                2nd warmest November at 46.2 degrees

Seasonal:       9th warmest Spring at 50.7 degrees, tied with previous
                All-time warmest Fall at 55.6 degrees

Yearly:         4th warmest at 51.0 degrees


One-day pcpn:       1.44" on May 31st
                    1.92" on June 14th
                    3.17" on September 21st
                    1.29" on October 26th

One-day snowfall:   None

Monthly pcpn:       3rd wettest September with 10.46 inches

Monthly snowfall:   None

Seasonal:           7th wettest Summer with 18.24 inches
                    7th wettest Fall with 13.85 inches

Yearly:             Wettest all-time with 44.76 inches

*** D I S C U S S I O N ******************************************

The new year got started on a mild note with above normal
temperatures for the first 9 days of 2016. It would cool off for the
middle part of January with subzero lows occurring on 8 out of 10
days between the 10th and 19th. Mild conditions would round out the
month, with a couple 40 degree days for the 30th and 31st. Snow was
often but in very small amounts. A trace or more was recorded on 22
of the 31 days, but measurable on only 8 days. Of those, there was
only day with over an inch of snow (1.2" on the 25th). The 4.1 inch
total for the month tied it for the 13th least snowy January on
record for La Crosse.

After a couple mild days, temperatures took a downward turn for the
front half of February. Temperatures were at or below normal for 10
of the first 14 days, with a string of below zero lows for the 10th
through 13th. The second half would see a return of the milder
conditions as highs cracked 40 degrees 8 times. The max for the
month of 62 on the 27th was the 10th earliest first occurrence of a
60 degree day in a year for La Crosse. Normally this occurs around
March 23rd. Lows were at or above 30 degrees 21% of the time, well
above the average of 9%. There were less days of measurable snowfall
in February compared to January (5 to 8), but February more than
doubled January`s total. A snow storm over the 2nd and 3rd accounted
for most of the month`s accumulation with 8.4 inches falling on
these two days. That said, only trace amounts fell after the 14th.

It would be a mild March for La Crosse in 2016 with its 41.3 degree
average tying it for the 7th warmest on record. The bulk of the
warmth came during the front half. The stretch from the 6th through
17th recorded highs of at least 50 degrees or warmer, with lows
mostly in the 40s (closer to the normal highs rather than lows). The
first 70 degree day of the year came on the 8th (72), which was the
3rd quickest 70 degree or warmer temperature in a year for La Crosse
(average is around April 9th). Along with being very mild, March was
a wet month. Measurable precipitation fell on 12 days with over 1/2
inch of precipitation on 3 of those. The 3.61 inch total made it the
9th wettest March on record. A lot of that came as snowfall with
12.3 falling through the month (well above the 7.1 inch normal).
That said, the mild air made sure that when it snowed it did not
stick around long. March harbored one of the windiest days of 2016.
The 16th averaged 21.1 mph for the day and recorded a peak wind gust
of 51 mph.

April experienced a lot of fluctuation when it came to temperatures,
typical for this spring month. There were 10 days when highs could
not climb to 50 degrees, while 8 days warmed above 70  - with a 3
day stretch of 80s from the 16th-18th. The biggest swing in
temperatures came at the start of the month with a high of 38th on
the 2nd, jumping to 75 on the 3rd, then falling back to earth for a
chilly 44 on the 4th. The 3rd also has an impressive spread in the
high and low for the day, with a morning low of 33 degrees,
rocketing up 42 degrees by the afternoon. April was a dry month,
finishing over 2 inches below its normal. There were 14 days with
measurable precipitation, but 12 of those recorded less than 1/10 of
an inch. The last measurable snow of the winter season fell on the
2nd with 0.6 inches.

Temperatures and precipitation were just about on par for May,
finishing a bit above normal in both areas. Temperatures did
experience a lot of swings over the first half of the month,
illustrated by a high of 91 on the 6th and a chilly 51 on the 14th.
The 90 degree day was the first of the year and about a month
earlier than normal. The latter half of the month settled into highs
in the lower 80s and lows near 60. While a bit above normal for
rainfall, there was an 11 day stretch of dry conditions at mid month
(14th through 24th). The only blemish was a meager 0.01" on the
16th.  May did finish wet with measurable precipitation over the
last 7 days - accounting for nearly 2/3rds of the monthly total.

The average temperature of 50.7 degrees for the March, April and May
made it the 9th warmest spring on record for La Crosse.

June kicked off the summer on a warm and wet note. There were
20 days with highs 80 degrees or warmer, with 5 of those breaking
90. The warmest days of 2016 came in June, hitting 95 degrees on the
10th and 25th.  Measurable rain fell on 13 days, with 5 of those
recording over 1/2 inch. The bulk of the rain came mid month when
4.51 inches fell from the 9th through the 14th.

July would stay warm and wet. Highs were in the 80s or warmer most
of the month (25 days) with lows of 70 or greater 9 times. While not
quite as wet as June, July had its share of wet days. Over 1/2 inch
fell on 5 days with only 4 days between bouts of measurable rain.
The strongest wind of 2016 came courtesy of a severe thunderstorm on
the 5th, gusting to 68 mph.

August continued the string of warm but wet summer months,
finishing above normal for both temperatures and rainfall.
Temperatures reached 80 degrees or warmer on 26 of the days, well
above the average of 19 for such occurrences. The average of 74.2
tied it for the 12th warmest August on record for La Crosse. There
were 11 days with measurable rain in August, right around what
typically occurs. However, over 1/2 inch of rain fell on 6 of those
days with an inch or more on 3 of them.

It was a warm and wet summer in La Crosse. The average temperature
of 73.6 degrees for June, July and August tied it for the 12th
warmest on record. Meanwhile, the 18.24 inches made it the 7th
wettest summer for La Crosse, exceeding the normal by over 8 inches.

The wet summer would give way to an even soggier September. The
10.46 inch total made it the 3rd wettest September on record for La
Crosse, and 8th wettest for any month. There were 7 days with over
1/2 inch of rainfall, 4 of those exceeded an inch. The most for the
month and year fell on the 21st with 3.17". Not only did this set a
record for the day, but it was the 22nd wettest day on record. In
addition, it was just the 28th time that rainfall of 3 inches or
greater has fallen in a day at La Crosse. Despite all the wet
weather, the warmth continued. The 67.7 degree average made it the
7th warmest September on record.

The stretch from June through September was the 3rd wettest 4 month
period for La Crosse with 27.96 inches. For comparison, the normal
rainfall for the entire year is 33.06 inches. So, 84% of the yearly
normal fell during these 4 months.

No end in sight to the mild conditions as the calendar rolled over
to October. The 56.0 average was almost 6 degrees above normal and
14th warmest October on record. Temperatures failed to reach
freezing, only the 11th time in La Crosse`s climate history this has
occurred. In an average October freezing temperatures are felt on 6
days. Much, much less rain for October compared to the previous
months -finishing right around its normal. There were 6 days with a
1/10 of an inch or more, but the bulk of the monthly total occurred
over the 25th and 26th when 1.71 inches fell - accounting for 77% of
the month`s total.

The mild conditions remained firmly entrenched across the region in
November. The average temperature of 46.2 degrees in La Crosse was
over 10 degrees above its normal, making it the second warmest on
record. There were 4 days when highs reached or exceeded 70 degrees
(tied for the most on record) and 15 days with highs of 60 or
greater (also a record). It took until November 9th to record the
first freezing temperature of the season - a record for latest in
the season and well after the average of October 10th. Precipitation
was sparse by November standards. It took until the 18th for the
first measurable precipitation, which also happened to be the first
day with a trace of snowfall. That said, there was no measurable
snow for the month, and in normal year the first measurable snow of
the season usually occurs during the 2nd week of November.

The fall months of September, October and November finished as the
warmest fall on record for La Crosse at 56.6 degrees (besting the
previous record by a full degree). There were the most 60 degree or
warmer days this fall (69) and the least amount of freezing days
(only 10). The fall was also the 7th wettest on record with 13.85
inches, mostly thanks to the very wet September.

December ended 2016 on a relatively warm and wet note. Temperatures
were above normal for the start and end of the month, with a cold
stretch coming in the middle. Even then, it wasn`t significantly
cold by December standards - the coldest day was on the 18th (high of
1 with a low of -16, coldest temperature for 2016). December
finished close to an inch above normal for precipitation. Out of the
9 days that received measurable precipitation, 5 of those recorded
1/4 inch or greater (one off the record for a December). It was a
snowy month too, with 20. 8 inches just missing the top 10 for
snowiest (it was number 11). The big snow maker was a winter storm
that dropped 9.8 inches over the 10th and 11th. While there was snow
on the ground Christmas morning in La Crosse, it didn`t necessarily
feel like Christmas. Highs warmed to 40 just before midnight with
over 1/2 inch of rain falling during the day.

2016 will go down as the wettest year on record for La Crosse,
along with being one of the warmest.

There were 44.76 inches of precipitation in 2016, squeaking by 1881
by 0.02" to make it the wettest on record. It was only the 3rd time
La Crosse has exceeded 44 inches in a year. There were 32 days with
1/2 inch or more (2nd all time) and 14 days of an inch or more (tied
the record for most in a year).

The average temperature of 51.0 degrees was the 4th warmest and
only the 6th time that La Crosse has averaged better than 50 degrees
in a year. There were 94 days of 80 degrees or better, tied for 7th
most in a year. Temperatures held above freezing on 248 days, 4th
most in any year in La Crosse.


Highest temperature for 2016............... 96 on June 10th and 25th
Lowest temperature for 2016.................... -16 on December 18th
Highest one-day precipitation............... 1.67 inches on may 29th
Highest one-day snowfall................ 7.5 inches on December 28th
Number of days with highs at or above 90 degrees................. 14
Number of days with highs at or below 32 degrees................. 49
Number of days with zero or below temperatures................... 17
Peak wind gust..................... 68 mph from the west on July 5th
Number of days with measurable precipitation.................... 123
Percentage of days with measurable precipitation................ 34%
Number of days with above normal temperatures................... 252
Percentage of days with above normal temperatures............... 69%


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