Public Information Statement
Issued by NWS Chicago, IL

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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Chicago IL
505 PM CST Thu Mar 2 2017 /605 PM EST Thu Mar 2 2017/

THE 02/28/2017 TORNADO EVENT...

This summary provides updated information regarding the five
tornadoes that occurred in the forecast area of NWS Chicago.

NWS Chicago thanks the NWS Lincoln office for surveying
the LaSalle-Livingston tornado as well as the Washburn-Rutland
tornado. The information for the Washburn-Rutland tornado provided
below was copied directly from the public information statement
issued by NWS Lincoln on March 1st.

We also thank NWS Quad Cities for assisting with the damage survey
in western La Salle County.

.Naplate-Ottawa Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-3
Estimated peak wind:    155 mph
Path length /Statute/:  11.5 miles
Path width /Maximum/:   800 yards
Fatalities:             2
Injuries:               14

Start date:             Feb 28 2017
Start time:             4:41 PM CST
Start location:         3.5 miles south-southwest of Naplate
Start Lat/Lon:          41.3239 / -88.9504

End date:               Feb 28 2017
End time:               4:59 PM CST
End location:           2.5 miles northwest of Marseilles
End_lat/lon:            41.3597 / -88.7352

SURVEY_SUMMARY: The first area of significant damage in the EF2
range was in the area around the La Salle County Nursing Home and
La Salle County Highway Department, with lighter damage upstream
from this location. The tornado continued into Naplate and
produced widespread EF2 damage to numerous homes. EF3 damage also
was identified in two locations. The first was where a minivan was
thrown about 30 yards and a home was lifted off its foundation
and left with only its interior walls intact. The second was at
the Pilkington Glass plant where one section of the factory was
completely destroyed. The tornado then crossed the Illinois River
and moved through the south side of Ottawa, producing an 800 yard
wide path of EF1 damage to trees and homes. The fatalities in
Ottawa occurred from a tree falling onto two men who were working
outside. The tornado then crossed the Illinois River again and
continued to produce EF1 and EF0 damage as it exited Ottawa,
finally dissipating in the area northwest of Marseilles.

.Marseilles Area Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated peak wind:    110 mph
Path length /Statute/:  1.5 miles
Path width /Maximum/:   75 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start date:             Feb 28 2017
Start time:             5:00 PM CST
Start location:         3 miles northeast of Marseilles
Start Lat/Lon:          41.3687 / -88.6809

End date:               Feb 28 2017
End time:               5:02 PM CST
End location:           4 miles northeast of Marseilles
End_lat/lon:            41.3696 / -88.6528

SURVEY_SUMMARY: The tornado moved along N 30th Road south of
Interstate 80 and produced damage at two farmsteads, both on the
north side of the road, and to a tower on the south side of the
road. Videos of this tornado suggested the condensation funnel
possibly was wider than documented by the survey, but the path
width was estimated based on the areas of damage.

.Oregon, IL Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated peak wind:    90-95 mph
Path length /Statute/:  1.5 miles
Path width /Maximum/:   50 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start date:             Feb 28 2017
Start time:             5:07 PM CST
Start Lat/Lon:          41.9478 / -89.3098

End date:               Feb 28 2017
End time:               5:09 PM CST
End_lat/lon:            41.9498 / -89.2821

SURVEY_SUMMARY: The tornado toppled farm equipment, collapsed
outbuildings, damaged roofs of homes, and broke large branches
out of trees. Straight line winds estimated to be up to 80 MPH
produced additional damage 1 to 1.5 miles beyond the tornado path.

.Washburn and Rutland Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-3
Estimated peak wind:    150-160 mph
Path length /Statute/:  18.0 miles
Path width /Maximum/:   600 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start date:             Feb 28 2017
Start time:             5:26 pm CST
Start location:         3.5 miles West of Washburn / Woodford County / IL
Start Lat/Lon:          40.9128 / -89.3609

End date:               Feb 28 2017
End time:               5:50 pm CST
End location:           0.4 mile East of Rutland / LaSalle County / IL
End_lat/lon:            40.9847 / -89.0370

SURVEY SUMMARY: The tornado began in an open field about 3.5 miles
west of Washburn at 5:26 pm in extreme northern Woodford County,
traveling to the east-northeast at 45 mph. The tornado broke
windows and did roof damage to a house and destroyed several
outbuildings about a mile from its origin.

The tornado widened rapidly to more than one-quarter mile across
and increased in intensity to EF-3 as it destroyed a house about
2.5 miles west of Washburn. One mile to the east the tornado tore
the roof off a house before moving into Washburn. The tornado
damaged 8 houses in Washburn, doing significant damage to roofs,
garages, automobiles and trees.

The tornado continued through extreme southern Marshall county
destroying outbuildings, damaging house roofs and trees as it
widened to about 600 yards wide southeast of La Rose. The tornado
weakened in southeast Marshall County as it crossed Interstate 39
west of Rutland. As the tornado moved into Rutland it damaged
trees and did minor damage to house roofs before dissipating 0.4
of a mile east of Rutland at 5:50 pm.

.LaSalle-Livingston Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-2
Estimated peak wind:    120 mph
Path length /Statute/:  4.5 miles
Path width /Maximum/:   75 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start date:             Feb 28 2017
Start time:             5:53 PM CST
Start location:         2.8 miles northwest of Dana, IL
Start Lat/Lon:          40.9856 / -88.9865

End date:               Feb 28 2017
End time:               5:59 PM CST
End location:           1 mile west of Long Point, IL
End_lat/lon:            41.0055 / -88.9105

SURVEY_SUMMARY: The tornado began as a weak EF-0 that produced
isolated tree damage north of Dana, IL. It then caused EF-2 damage
when it tore the roof off of a house just east of the LaSalle-
Livingston county line. The tornado then weakened and snapped a
couple of trees before dissipating one mile west of Long Point,

EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale Classifies Tornadoes into the
following categories.

EF0...Weak......65 to 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 to 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 to 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 to 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 To 200 mph
EF5...Violent...>200 mph

The information in this statement is PRELIMINARY and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS
Storm Data.


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