Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Blacksburg, VA

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SRUS41 KRNK 130417
Hydrologic Observations
National Weather Service BLACKSBURG VA

.A X3710815 1213 Z DH0021/DVH25/SFV 2.5"LAT=37.116700 LON=-81.516700  Tazewell  911 Call Center "/
.A X3710811 1213 Z DH0104/DVH26/SFV 0.1"LAT=37.100000 LON=-81.116700  Bland  Law Enforcement "/
.A X3800804 1213 Z DH0003/DVH25/SFV 1.0"LAT=37.983300 LON=-80.366700  Renick  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3740811 1213 Z DH0018/DVH25/SFV 2.0"LAT=37.366700 LON=-81.100000  Princeton  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3730812 1213 Z DH0013/DVH25/SFV 2.5"LAT=37.266700 LON=-81.216700  Bluefield  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3730812 1213 Z DH0025/DVH25/SFV 1.7"LAT=37.266700 LON=-81.216700  Bluefield  Broadcast Media "/
.A X3730812 1212 Z DH2027/DVH21/SFV 1.0"LAT=37.266700 LON=-81.216700  Bluefield  Broadcast Media "/
.A X3810807 1212 Z DH2345/DVH25/SFV 2.2"LAT=38.057800 LON=-80.703600  Quinwood  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3800807 1212 Z DH2345/DVH25/SFV 1.5"LAT=37.950000 LON=-80.683300  Rupert  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3740804 1213 Z DH0138/DVH27/SFV 1.0"LAT=37.383300 LON=-80.366700  Simmonsville  Trained Spotter "/
.A X3660812 1213 Z DH0156/DVH27/SFV 0.5"LAT=36.616700 LON=-81.150000  Independence  911 Call Center "/
.A X3780805 1213 Z DH0002/DVH25/SFV 0.1"LAT=37.800000 LON=-80.450000  Lewisburg  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3800808 1212 Z DH2345/DVH25/SFV 1.8"LAT=37.966700 LON=-80.783300  Rainelle  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3680815 1213 Z DH0031/DVH26/SFV 0.5"LAT=36.833300 LON=-81.500000  Marion  911 Call Center "/
.A X3740808 1213 Z DH0012/DVH25/SFV 1.0"LAT=37.398700 LON=-80.795010  Peterstown  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3800798 1213 Z DH0231/DVH28/SFV T"LAT=38.000000 LON=-79.833300  Hot Springs  911 Call Center "/
.A X3750810 1212 Z DH2358/DVH25/SFV 1.0"LAT=37.533300 LON=-80.966700  Pipestem  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3690803 1213 Z DH0149/DVH27/SFV 0.2"LAT=36.916700 LON=-80.316700  Floyd  911 Call Center "/
.A X3690813 1213 Z DH0057/DVH26/SFV 0.5"LAT=36.900000 LON=-81.266700  Rural Retreat  911 Call Center "/
.A X3620817 1213 Z DH0203/DVH27/SFV 0.5"LAT=36.209500 LON=-81.669900  Boone  911 Call Center "/
.A X3710818 1213 Z DH0028/DVH25/SFV 0.5"LAT=37.095200 LON=-81.802300  Richlands  Law Enforcement "/
.A X3720804 1213 Z DH0007/DVH25/SFV 0.8"LAT=37.233300 LON=-80.416700  Blacksburg  NWS Employee "/
.A X3760805 1213 Z DH0011/DVH25/SFV 0.1"LAT=37.583300 LON=-80.533300  Union  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3680807 1213 Z DH0316/DVH28/SFV 2.0"LAT=36.766700 LON=-80.733300  Hillsville  Broadcast Media "/
.A X3780809 1213 Z DH0000/DVH25/SFV 1.5"LAT=37.766700 LON=-80.883300  Sandstone  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3760811 1213 Z DH0019/DVH25/SFV 3.0"LAT=37.583300 LON=-81.116700  Flat Top  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3760811 1212 Z DH2358/DVH25/SFV 2.0"LAT=37.583300 LON=-81.116700  Flat Top  Dept of Highways "/
.A X3640815 1213 Z DH0159/DVH27/SFV 0.5"LAT=36.420200 LON=-81.469900  Jefferson  911 Call Center "/
.A X3780800 1213 Z DH0233/DVH28/SFV T"LAT=37.783300 LON=-79.983300  Covington City  911 Call Center "/
.A X3700811 1213 Z DH0036/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=36.950000 LON=-81.083300  Wytheville  911 Call Center "/
.A X3700811 1213 Z DH0058/DVH26/SFV 0.6"LAT=36.950000 LON=-81.083300  Wytheville  Co-Op Observer "/
.A X3620814 1212 Z DH2318/DVH24/SFV 1.0"LAT=36.213236 LON=-81.357420  3 NE Maple Springs  CoCoRaHS "/


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