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Hydrologic Outlook

Hydrologic Outlook

Hydrologic Outlook
National Weather Service Chicago IL
310 PM CDT Tue Jun 18 2019 /410 PM EDT Tue Jun 18 2019/

...Moderate to Heavy Rain Later Wednesday to Bring Potential
River Rises and Flooding Concern...

Rain will spread over portions of east central Illinois and
northwest Indiana during Wednesday afternoon into evening. Some of
this rain is likely to be heavy, with embedded thunderstorms at
times. While there is uncertainty in this weather system`s track
and heaviest rain duration, it is likely somewhere within the
region of central Illinois to central to northern Indiana will
receive over two inches of rain. Where this occurs, some of it
could fall in a short amount of time, raising a flash flooding

With high soil moisture, this rainfall will likely cause runoff
for river rises later Wednesday into the latter half of the week.
This includes the Iroquois, Kankakee, and Vermilion Rivers as well
as Sugar Creek. If the higher end rainfall amounts were to pan
out over more of these basins, river flooding could occur, as well
as some other flooding of low-lying areas.

Continue to monitor the latest forecasts, especially those with
hydrologic interests.


Hydrologic Outlook

Hydrologic Outlook
National Weather Service Las Vegas NV
246 AM PDT Mon Jun 17 2019

...Creeks and streams running high in Inyo County...

Snow melt in the high southern Sierra Nevada was causing high
flows in creeks, streams, and rivers in Inyo County, and this is
expected to continue through much of the week. Bishop Creek, Big
Pine Creek, and Independence Creek were running high, along with
other waterways.

Due to swift currents and very cold water temperatures, creeks
and streams pose life-threatening dangers. Extra caution should be
exercised as exhaustion or unconsciousness from hypothermia could
set in quickly. Always wear a properly fitted life jacket for all
water activities.

Minor flooding could occur near any creeks, as well as across a
few low water crossings on roadways. Near Bishop, some water will
be routed through the Bishop Creek Bypass. Never drive through
flooded roadways or around barricades. Also, pastureland or
farmland adjacent to creeks, streams, or rivers could experience
areas of standing water.

For further information on cold water safety go to:



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