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Detroit Lakes Airport-Wething Field
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1013:55Calm16FairCLR-11.1 57%NANA76.43NA
1013:34SW 516FairCLR-11.1 57%NANA76.4NA
1013:14Calm16FairCLR-11.1-17.2 62%NANA76.4NA
1012:55S 516FairCLR-12.2 61%NANA76.4NA
1012:34S 816FairCLR-12.2 61%-17.2NA76.4NA
1012:15S 816FairCLR-12.2 61%-17.2NA76.43NA
1011:54SE 816FairCLR-12.2 61%-17.2NA76.43NA
1011:35E 816FairCLR-12.8-18.9 61%-17.8NA76.43NA
1011:15SE 1116FairCLR-12.8 66%-18.9NA76.4NA
1010:54E 1016FairCLR-12.8 66%-18.3NA76.38NA
1010:35E 1316FairCLR-13.9 72%-21.1NA76.38NA
1010:14E 1016FairCLR-15 78%-21.1NA76.4NA
1009:55E 1016FairCLR-15 78%-21.1NA76.4NA
1009:35SE 1016FairCLR-15 78%-21.1NA76.38NA
1009:14SE 1116FairCLR-15 78%-21.7NA76.38NA
1008:54SE 1016FairCLR-16.1 85%-22.2NA76.38NA
1008:35SE 1016FairCLR-16.1 85%-22.2NA76.4NA
1008:14SE 1116FairCLR-16.1-18.9 78%-22.8NA76.4NA
1007:55SE 1116FairCLR-16.1-18.9 78%-22.8NA76.38NA
1007:34SE 1116FairCLR-16.1 85%-22.8NA76.4NA
1007:15SE 1016FairCLR-16.1-18.9 78%-22.2NA76.4NA
1006:55SE 1016FairCLR-16.1-18.9 78%-22.2NA76.43NA
1006:34SE 1016FairCLR-16.1 85%-22.2NA76.4NA
1006:15SE 816FairCLR-16.1 85%-21.7NA76.38NA
1005:55SE 1016FairCLR-16.1 85%-22.2NA76.38NA
1005:34SE 816FairCLR-16.1 85%-21.7NA76.35NA
1005:15SE 816FairCLR-16.1-18.9 78%-21.7NA76.38NA
1004:55E 516FairCLR-16.1 85%NANA76.4NA
1004:34Calm16FairCLR-16.1 85%NANA76.43NA
1004:15SE 1016FairCLR-16.1 85%-22.2NA76.43NA
1003:55E 516FairCLR-16.1 85%NANA76.43NA
1003:34Calm16FairCLR-16.1 85%NANA76.43NA
1003:15Calm16FairCLR-16.1 85%NANA76.43NA
1002:55Calm16FairCLR-16.1 85%NANA76.45NA
1002:34Calm16FairCLR-17.2 92%NANA76.45NA
1002:15Calm16FairCLR-17.2-18.9 85%NANA76.5NA
1001:55Calm16FairCLR-17.2-18.9 85%NANA76.5NA
1001:34Calm16FairCLR-20 84%NANA76.5NA
1001:15Calm16FairCLR-17.2-18.9 85%NANA76.5NA
1000:54Calm16FairCLR-20 84%NANA76.53NA
1000:34Calm16FairCLR-17.2-18.9 85%NANA76.56NA
1000:15Calm16FairCLR-17.2-18.9 85%NANA76.56NA
0923:54N 516FairCLR-20 84%NANA76.58NA
0923:35N 516FairCLR-20 84%NANA76.61NA
0923:15Calm16FairCLR-17.2-18.9 85%NANA76.58NA
0922:54NW 516FairCLR-20 84%NANA76.61NA
0922:35NW 811FairCLR-20 84%-23.9NA76.63NA
0922:14NW 516FairCLR-18.9 92%NANA76.61NA
0921:54NW 816 Light SnowCLR-18.9 92%-23.9NA76.61NA
0921:35NW 811 Light SnowCLR-17.2-18.9 85%-22.8NA76.63NA
0921:14NW 1016 Light SnowCLR-17.2 92%-23.9NA76.68NA
0920:54NW 1116 Light SnowCLR-17.2 92%-24.4NA76.66NA
0920:35NW 1016FairCLR-16.1 85%-22.2NA76.66NA
0920:14NW 1116FairCLR-16.1 85%-22.8NA76.63NA
0919:54NW 1016FairCLR-16.1-17.2 92%-22.2NA76.63NA
0919:35NW 1016FairCLR-16.1-17.2 92%-22.2NA76.66NA
0919:14NW 516FairCLR-16.1-17.2 92%NANA76.68NA
0918:55N 1016FairCLR-15-17.2 85%-21.1NA76.68NA
0918:35NW 1116FairCLR-15-16.1 92%-21.7NA76.71NA
0918:14NW 1316FairCLR-15-16.1 92%-22.2NA76.73NA
0917:55NW 1116FairCLR-13.9-16.1 85%-20.6NA76.73NA
0917:35NW 1116FairCLR-12.8-16.1 78%-18.9NA76.73NA
0917:14NW 1416FairCLR-12.8-15 85%-20NA76.73NA
0916:55NW 1416Partly CloudySCT009 SCT015-12.2-15 79%-19.4NA76.73NA
0916:35NW 1416 Light SnowSCT007 SCT015-12.2-15 79%-19.4NA76.71NA
0916:14N 2316FairCLR-12.2-15 79%-21.1NA76.71NA
0915:55N 1616FairCLR-12.2-16.1 72%-20NA76.71NA
0915:34N 1916FairCLR-12.2-16.1 72%-20.6NA76.68NA
0915:14N 2416FairCLR-12.2-16.1 72%-21.7NA76.68NA
0914:55N 2716FairCLR-12.2-16.1 72%-22.2NA76.71NA
0914:34N G 2916FairCLR-11.1-15 73%-20NA76.71NA
0914:15N G 3416FairCLR-12.2-16.1 72%-21.1NA76.71NA
0913:54NW G 3416FairCLR-12.2-15 79%-21.7NA76.71NA
0913:35NW G 3716FairCLR-12.2-16.1 72%-22.8NA76.71NA
0913:15N G 2916FairCLR-12.2-15 79%-20.6NA76.68NA
0912:54N G 3716FairCLR-12.2-16.1 72%-21.7NA76.71NA
0912:35N G 3216FairCLR-12.2-15 79%-21.1NA76.73NA
0912:15N 2616FairCLR-12.2-15 79%-21.7NA76.76NA
0911:54N G 2916Partly CloudySCT050-12.2-16.1 72%-21.7NA76.76NA
0911:34N G 2716FairCLR-12.2-16.1 72%-20.6NA76.76NA
0911:14N 2316FairCLR-12.8-16.1 78%-21.7NA76.78NA
0910:55N G 3416Partly CloudySCT015-12.8-16.1 78%-22.2NA76.78NA
0910:34N 2316FairCLR-12.8-16.1 78%-21.7NA76.78NA
0910:15N 2316FairCLR-13.9-16.1 85%-23.3NA76.78NA
0909:55N G 2916FairCLR-13.9-16.1 85%-22.8NA76.78NA
0909:34N G 2916FairCLR-15-17.2 85%-25NA76.76NA
0909:14N 2116FairCLR-15-17.2 85%-24.4NA76.76NA
0908:55N G 2716FairCLR-15-17.2 85%-24.4NA76.76NA
0908:34N 2116Partly CloudySCT011 SCT060-15-17.2 85%-24.4NA76.76NA
0908:15NW 1616Partly CloudySCT060-16.1-17.2 92%-24.4NA76.73NA
0907:54N 1916Partly CloudySCT060-16.1 85%-25.6NA76.73NA
0907:35NW 1616Partly CloudySCT060-17.2 92%-26.1NA76.71NA
0907:15NW 1616Partly CloudySCT060-17.2-18.9 85%-26.1NA76.71NA
0906:54NW 1416Partly CloudySCT060-20 84%-26.1NA76.68NA
0906:35NW 1311Partly CloudySCT060-20 84%-25.6NA76.68NA
0906:14NW 1416FairCLR-20 84%-26.1NA76.68NA
0905:54NW 1616FairCLR-20 84%-26.7NA76.63NA
0905:35N 1616FairCLR-20 84%-26.7NA76.63NA
0905:14N 1616FairCLR-20 84%-26.7NA76.66NA
0904:54N 1416FairCLR-17.2-20 78%-25.6NA76.63NA
0904:35N 1316FairCLR-17.2-18.9 85%-25NA76.63NA
0904:14N 1616Partly CloudySCT019-17.2-18.9 85%-26.1NA76.63NA
0903:55N 2116OvercastOVC019-16.1 85%-25.6NA76.63NA
0903:35N 2316OvercastOVC019-16.1 85%-26.1NA76.63NA
0903:14NW 2316Mostly CloudyBKN017-17.2 92%-27.8NA76.63NA
0902:55N 2116Partly CloudySCT017-17.2 92%-27.2NA76.63NA
0902:35N 2316FairCLR-17.2 92%-27.8NA76.63NA
0902:14NW 2316FairCLR-16.1 85%-26.1NA76.61NA
0901:55N 2116 Light SnowCLR-16.1 85%-25.6NA76.58NA
0901:35N 2316FairCLR-16.1 85%-26.1NA76.56NA
0901:14N G 3516Partly CloudySCT019-15-17.2 85%-25.6NA76.53NA
0900:55N G 4211Mostly CloudyBKN019-15-17.2 85%-25NA76.53NA
0900:35N G 4516Partly CloudySCT019-15-17.2 85%-25.6NA76.53NA
0900:14N G 4016FairCLR-15-17.2 85%-25.6NA76.53NA
0823:55N G 4016Partly CloudySCT022-13.9-16.1 85%-24.4NA76.53NA
0823:34N G 4511Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN024-12.8-16.1 78%-23.9NA76.56NA
0823:14N G 4516Mostly Cloudy and BreezySCT007 BKN024-12.8-16.1 78%-23.9NA76.56NA
0822:55N G 428 Fog/MistBKN005 OVC024-12.8-15 85%-22.8NA76.53NA
0822:34N G 405 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-12.8-15 85%-23.9NA76.53NA
0822:14N G 486 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-12.8-15 85%-23.9NA76.5NA
0821:55NW G 455 Light SnowBKN005 OVC024-12.8-15 85%-23.3NA76.53NA
0821:34N G 455 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-12.8-15 85%-24.4NA76.5NA
0821:14NW G 455 Light Snow and BreezyOVC007-12.8-15 85%-23.9NA76.53NA
0820:55N G 456 Light Snow and BreezyBKN007 OVC023-12.8-15 85%-23.9NA76.5NA
0820:34NW G 488 Light Snow and BreezyBKN007 OVC023-12.2-15 79%-23.3NA76.5NA
0820:15N G 488 Light Snow and BreezyBKN007 OVC023-12.2-15 79%-23.3NA76.5NA
0819:55N G 508 Fog/Mist and BreezyBKN007 OVC023-12.2-15 79%-23.9NA76.5NA
0819:34NW G 456 Fog/Mist and BreezyOVC005-12.2-15 79%-22.8NA76.5NA
0819:15N G 563 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-23.3NA76.5NA
0818:55N G 4511OvercastBKN007 BKN012 OVC028-12.2-15 79%-22.8NA76.5NA
0818:34NW G 4716Overcast and BreezyOVC007-12.2-13.9 85%-23.9NA76.5NA
0818:15NW G 4516Overcast and BreezyBKN007 OVC027-12.2-13.9 85%-22.8NA76.48NA
0817:55NW G 4811Overcast and BreezySCT005 SCT010 OVC027-12.2-15 79%-22.8NA76.48NA
0817:34NW G 472 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-12.2-12.8 92%-22.8NA76.48NA
0817:15NW G 513 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-12.2-12.8 92%-23.3NA76.48NA
0816:55NW G 506 Fog/Mist and BreezyBKN007 OVC013-12.2-13.9 85%-23.3NA76.48NA
0816:34NW G 5616Mostly Cloudy and BreezySCT009 SCT013 BKN025-11.1-13.9 79%-22.2NA76.45NA
0816:15NW G 5316Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN025-11.1-13.9 79%-21.7NA76.45NA
0815:55NW G 6011Mostly Cloudy and WindySCT009 BKN025-11.1-15 73%-22.8NA76.43NA
0815:34NW G 608Mostly Cloudy with Haze and WindyBKN009 BKN027-11.1-13.9 79%-22.8NA76.45NA
0815:15NW G 618Mostly Cloudy with Haze and WindyBKN012 BKN017 BKN032-11.1-13.9 79%-22.8NA76.45NA
0814:55N G 584Mostly Cloudy with Haze and BreezyBKN009 BKN031-11.1-12.8 85%-21.7NA76.43NA
0814:35NW G 726Mostly Cloudy with Haze and WindySCT009 BKN031-11.1-13.9 79%-23.3NA76.43NA
0814:15NW G 534 Light Snow and WindyBKN007 BKN011 OVC031-11.1-12.8 85%-22.8NA76.4NA
0813:55NW G 693Overcast with Haze and WindyBKN008 BKN013 OVC030-11.1-13.9 79%-23.3NA76.43NA
0813:34N G 614 Light Snow and WindySCT006 SCT011 BKN027-11.1-12.8 85%-23.3NA76.4NA
0813:15N G 6611Mostly Cloudy and WindySCT009 SCT013 BKN027-11.1-13.9 79%-23.3NA76.38NA
0812:54NW G 695Overcast with Haze and WindyBKN009 OVC026-11.1-12.8 85%-22.2NA76.38NA
0812:34N G 643 Light Snow and WindyOVC009-11.1-13.9 79%-23.3NA76.4NA
0812:15N G 763 Light Snow and WindyOVC009-11.1-12.8 85%-23.3NA76.4NA
0811:55N G 693 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-11.1-13.9 79%-23.3NA76.43NA
0811:35N G 693 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-11.1-12.8 85%-23.3NA76.4NA
0811:14N G 582 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-11.1-12.8 85%-22.2NA76.4NA
0810:55N G 562 Light Snow and BreezyOVC007-11.1-12.8 85%-21.7NA76.4NA
0810:35NW G 563 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-11.1-12.8 85%-22.8NA76.4NA
0810:14N G 562 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-12.2-13.9 85%-24.4NA76.38NA
0809:55N G 532 Light Snow and BreezyOVC007-12.2-12.8 92%-23.3NA76.38NA
0809:35N G 561 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-12.2-12.8 92%-23.9NA76.38NA
0809:14N G 562 Light Snow and BreezyOVC009-12.2-13.9 85%-23.3NA76.38NA
0808:55N G 563 Light Snow and WindyOVC009-12.2-15 79%-24.4NA76.35NA
0808:35N G 643 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-12.2-15 79%-25NA76.33NA
0808:14N G 563 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-12.2-15 79%-23.9NA76.3NA
0807:55N G 534 Light Snow and BreezyBKN009 BKN012 OVC020-12.2-15 79%-23.9NA76.3NA
0807:34N G 536 Light Snow and BreezySCT007 BKN020 BKN025-12.2-15 79%-23.3NA76.3NA
0807:15N G 5611 Light Snow and BreezySCT007 BKN023 BKN033-12.2-15 79%-23.9NA76.28NA
0806:55N G 605 Light Snow and BreezyBKN009 OVC023-12.2-15 79%-23.3NA76.25NA
0806:34N G 518 Light Snow and BreezySCT009 BKN022 OVC034-12.2-15 79%-23.3NA76.25NA
0806:15N G 586 Light Snow and BreezySCT009 SCT012 OVC034-12.8-15 85%-24.4NA76.25NA
0805:55N G 648 Light Snow and BreezySCT008 SCT021 OVC032-12.8-15 85%-24.4NA76.25NA
0805:34N G 586 Light Snow and WindyBKN008 BKN023 BKN032-12.8-15 85%-25NA76.2NA
0805:15N G 666 Light Snow and WindySCT008 SCT020 BKN033-12.8-15 85%-25NA76.2NA
0804:55N G 724 Light Snow and WindyBKN008 BKN012 OVC019-12.8-15 85%-25.6NA76.17NA
0804:34N G 643 Light Snow and WindyOVC010-12.8-15 85%-25NA76.17NA
0804:15N G 613 Light Snow and WindyOVC010-12.8-15 85%-25.6NA76.15NA
0803:55N G 602 Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-24.4NA76.12NA
0803:34N G 583 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-22.8NA76.12NA
0803:15N G 633 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-12.2-15 79%-24.4NA76.1NA
0802:55N G 644 Unknown Precip and BreezyOVC007-12.8-15 85%-24.4NA76.1NA
0802:34N G 604 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-12.8-15 85%-24.4NA76.07NA
0802:15N G 613 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-12.8-15 85%-25NA76.07NA
0801:55N G 483 Light Snow and BreezyOVC007-12.8-15 85%-23.9NA76.05NA
0801:34N G 504 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-12.8-15 85%-24.4NA76.05NA
0801:15N G 642 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-15 79%-25NA76.02NA
0800:54N G 582 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-23.9NA76.02NA
0800:35NW G 513 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-24.4NA76.02NA
0800:14N G 562 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-23.3NA76.02NA
0723:55NW G 582 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-24.4NA76.02NA
0723:35NW G 533 Light Snow and BreezyOVC007-12.2-13.9 85%-23.3NA76NA
0723:14N G 583 Unknown Precip and WindyOVC007-12.2-13.9 85%-23.9NA76NA
0722:55N G 642 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-25NA76NA
0722:35N G 563 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-23.9NA75.97NA
0722:14N G 613 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-13.9 85%-23.9NA75.97NA
0721:55NW G 603 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-12.8 92%-24.4NA75.97NA
0721:35NW G 642 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-12.8 92%-24.4NA75.95NA
0721:14N G 742 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-12.2-12.8 92%-25.6NA75.95NA
0720:55N G 612 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-11.1-12.8 85%-22.2NA75.92NA
0720:34N G 532 Snow and WindyOVC003-11.1-12.8 85%-22.2NA75.92NA
0720:15NW G 691 Snow and WindyOVC003-11.1-12.8 85%-22.8NA75.9NA
0719:55N G 711 Snow and WindyOVC005-11.1-12.8 85%-22.8NA75.9NA
0719:34NW G 772 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-11.1-12.8 85%-23.9NA75.9NA
0719:14NW G 761 Snow and WindyOVC003-11.1-12.2 92%-23.3NA75.87NA
0718:55NW G 632 Light Snow and WindyOVC003-11.1-12.2 92%-22.8NA75.84NA
0718:34N G 721 Snow and WindyOVC003-11.1-12.2 92%-23.3NA75.84NA
0718:14N G 561 Snow and BreezyOVC003-10-11.1 92%-20.6NA75.82NA
0717:55NW G 641 Snow and WindyOVC003-10-11.1 92%-21.7NA75.79NA
0717:34NW G 561 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-8.9-11.1 86%-19.4NA75.77NA
0717:15NW G 511 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-8.9-10 93%-19.4NA75.74NA
0716:55N G 611 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-8.9-10 93%-18.9NA75.72NA
0716:34NW G 561 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA75.67NA
0716:15N G 511 Light SnowOVC005-7.8-10 86%-16.7NA75.64NA
0715:55NW G 631 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-7.8-8.9 93%-18.3NA75.59NA
0715:34NW G 561 Light Snow and BreezyOVC005-7.2-7.8 93%-17.2NA75.57NA
0715:15NW G 560 Snow and WindyOVC005-7.2-7.8 93%-17.8NA75.54NA
0714:55NW G 561 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-7.2-7.8 93%-17.8NA75.51NA
0714:34N G 631 Light Snow and WindyOVC007-6.1-7.8 86%-16.7NA75.46NA
0714:15NW G 631 Light Snow and WindyOVC005-6.1-7.2 93%-16.1NA75.44NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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