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Hebbronville, Jim Hogg County Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1223:50S 516NANA NANANA76.3NA
1223:30S 516NANA NANANA76.33NA
1223:10Calm16NANA NANANA76.33NA
1222:50Calm16NANA NANANA76.33NA
1222:30Calm16NANA NANANA76.33NA
1222:10Calm16NANA NANANA76.33NA
1221:50Calm16NANA NANANA76.3NA
1221:30Calm16NANA NANANA76.28NA
1221:10Calm16NANA NANANA76.28NA
1220:50Calm16NANA NANANA76.25NA
1220:30Calm16NANA NANANA76.25NA
1220:10Calm16NANA NANANA76.25NA
1219:50NE 816NANA NA-23.9NA76.25NA
1219:30N 816NANA NA-23.9NA76.23NA
1219:10N 516NANA NANANA76.23NA
1218:50NW 816NANA NA-23.9NA76.2NA
1218:30NW 816NANA NA-23.9NA76.2NA
1218:10NW 1016NANA NA-24.4NA76.2NA
1217:50NW 1616NANA NA-26.7NA76.2NA
1217:30NW 1316NANA NA-25.6NA76.2NA
1217:10NW 1116NANA NA-25NA76.23NA
1216:50W 816NANA NA-23.9NA76.23NA
1216:30NW 1616NANA NA-26.7NA76.25NA
1216:10NW 1316NANA NA-25.6NA76.28NA
1215:50NW 1316NANA NA-25.6NA76.3NA
1215:30NW 1316NANA NA-25.6NA76.3NA
1215:10NW 1411NANA NA-26.1NA76.33NA
1214:50NW G 2611NANA NA-25.6NA76.33NA
1214:30NW G 2616NANA NA-26.7NA76.38NA
1214:10NW 1616NANA NA-26.7NA76.43NA
1213:50NW 1611NANA NA-26.7NA76.45NA
1213:30NW 2116NANA NA-27.8NA76.48NA
1213:10NW 2111NANA NA-27.8NA76.53NA
1212:50NW 2311NANA NA-28.3NA76.53NA
1212:30NW 2411NANA NA-28.3NA76.58NA
1212:10NW G 2911NANA NA-27.8NA76.61NA
1211:50NW 1916NANA NA-27.2NA76.63NA
1211:30NW G 3211NANA NA-28.3NA76.63NA
1211:10NW G 2911NANA NA-27.8NA76.66NA
1210:50NW 2416NANA NA-28.3NA76.66NA
1210:30NW 1916NANA NA-27.2NA76.66NA
1210:10NW G 2711NANA NA-27.2NA76.66NA
1209:50NW 1411NANA NA-26.1NA76.66NA
1209:30NW 1111NANA NA-25NA76.66NA
1209:10NW 198 HazeNA NA-27.2NA76.63NA
1208:50NW 148 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.61NA
1208:30NW 168 HazeNA NA-26.7NA76.61NA
1208:10NW 136 HazeNA NA-25.6NA76.58NA
1207:50NW 138 HazeNA NA-25.6NA76.58NA
1207:30NW 1111NANA NA-25NA76.58NA
1207:10NW 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.58NA
1206:50W 58 HazeNA NANANA76.61NA
1206:30SW 58 HazeNA NANANA76.61NA
1206:10S 88 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.61NA
1205:50NW 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.5NA
1205:30NW 148 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.48NA
1205:10NW 198 HazeNA NA-27.2NA76.48NA
1204:50NW 138 HazeNA NA-25.6NA76.53NA
1204:30NW 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.56NA
1204:10W 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.58NA
1203:50W 1111NANA NA-25NA76.61NA
1203:30W 1011NANA NA-24.4NA76.61NA
1203:10W 1011NANA NA-24.4NA76.61NA
1202:50NW 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.61NA
1202:30NW 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.61NA
1202:10NW 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.61NA
1201:50NW 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.61NA
1201:30NW 1111NANA NA-25NA76.61NA
1201:10NW 138 HazeNA NA-25.6NA76.61NA
1200:50NW 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.63NA
1200:30NW 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.66NA
1200:10NW 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.66NA
1123:50N 1011NANA NA-24.4NA76.66NA
1123:30NW 88 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.66NA
1123:10N 88 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.68NA
1122:50N 1011NANA NA-24.4NA76.68NA
1122:30N 1011NANA NA-24.4NA76.68NA
1122:10NW 811NANA NA-23.9NA76.71NA
1121:50NW 511NANA NANANA76.71NA
1121:30NW 58 HazeNA NANANA76.71NA
1121:10NW 511NANA NANANA76.71NA
1120:50Calm11NANA NANANA76.71NA
1120:30Calm11NANA NANANA76.71NA
1120:10NW 88 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.68NA
1119:50N 511NANA NANANA76.68NA
1119:30N 86 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.66NA
1119:10N 106 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.66NA
1118:50N 106 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.66NA
1118:30N 148 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.63NA
1118:10N 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.63NA
1117:50N 135 Fog/MistNA NA-25.6NA76.61NA
1117:30NW 148 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.61NA
1117:10N 146 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.63NA
1116:50N 148 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.63NA
1116:30N 168 HazeNA NA-26.7NA76.66NA
1116:10N 196 HazeNA NA-27.2NA76.66NA
1115:50N 166 HazeNA NA-26.7NA76.66NA
1115:30N 196 HazeNA NA-27.2NA76.66NA
1115:10NW 218 HazeNA NA-27.8NA76.66NA
1114:50N 248 HazeNA NA-28.3NA76.66NA
1114:30N G 298 HazeNA NA-28.3NA76.66NA
1114:10N 218 HazeNA NA-27.8NA76.66NA
1113:50N G 276 HazeNA NA-28.3NA76.68NA
1113:30N G 358 HazeNA NA-28.3NA76.68NA
1113:10N G 328 HazeNA NA-26.7NA76.68NA
1112:50N G 328 HazeNA NA-28.9NA76.68NA
1112:30N G 408 HazeNA NA-30NA76.66NA
1112:10N G 298 HazeNA NA-28.3NA76.66NA
1111:50N 248 HazeNA NA-28.3NA76.68NA
1111:30N 218 HazeNA NA-27.8NA76.71NA
1111:10N 246 HazeNA NA-28.3NA76.71NA
1110:50N G 298 HazeNA NA-27.8NA76.73NA
1110:30N 216 HazeNA NA-27.8NA76.73NA
1110:10N 146 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.71NA
1109:50NE 166 HazeNA NA-26.7NA76.71NA
1109:30NE 146 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.68NA
1109:10NE 165 Fog/MistNA NA-26.7NA76.66NA
1108:50NE 144 Fog/MistNA NA-26.1NA76.66NA
1108:30N 132 Fog/MistNA NA-25.6NA76.61NA
1108:10N 163 Fog/MistNA NA-26.7NA76.61NA
1107:50N 136 HazeNA NA-25.6NA76.58NA
1107:30NE 116 HazeNA NA-25NA76.58NA
1107:10N 104 Fog/MistNA NA-24.4NA76.56NA
1106:50N 102 Fog/MistNA NA-24.4NA76.53NA
1106:30NE 54 Fog/MistNA NANANA76.56NA
1106:10N 53 Fog/MistNA NANANA76.5NA
1105:50NE 82 Fog/MistNA NA-23.9NA76.48NA
1105:30Calm6 HazeNA NANANA76.48NA
1105:10N 82 Fog/MistNA NA-23.9NA76.45NA
1104:50NW 82 Fog/MistNA NA-23.9NA76.45NA
1104:30NW 82 Fog/MistNA NA-23.9NA76.45NA
1104:10NW 106 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.45NA
1103:50N 56 HazeNA NANANA76.43NA
1103:30Calm6 HazeNA NANANA76.45NA
1103:10Calm4 Fog/MistNA NANANA76.48NA
1102:50Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.48NA
1102:30Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.48NA
1102:10Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.48NA
1101:50Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.5NA
1101:30E 58 HazeNA NANANA76.5NA
1101:10E 511NANA NANANA76.48NA
1100:50E 511NANA NANANA76.5NA
1100:30Calm11NANA NANANA76.5NA
1100:10N 511NANA NANANA76.5NA
1023:50N 58 HazeNA NANANA76.48NA
1023:30N 811NANA NA-23.9NA76.48NA
1023:10N 511NANA NANANA76.48NA
1022:50Calm11NANA NANANA76.48NA
1022:30Calm11NANA NANANA76.48NA
1022:10N 511NANA NANANA76.45NA
1021:50Calm11NANA NANANA76.45NA
1021:30N 511NANA NANANA76.4NA
1021:10N 58 HazeNA NANANA76.4NA
1020:50N 1011NANA NA-24.4NA76.35NA
1020:30NE 811NANA NA-23.9NA76.33NA
1020:10N 511NANA NANANA76.3NA
1019:50N 1011NANA NA-24.4NA76.28NA
1019:30N 88 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.28NA
1019:10N 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.25NA
1018:50N 1111NANA NA-25NA76.23NA
1018:30N 148 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.23NA
1018:10N 148 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.23NA
1017:50N 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.23NA
1017:30N 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.23NA
1017:10N 88 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.23NA
1016:50N 88 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.23NA
1016:30N 148 HazeNA NA-26.1NA76.23NA
1016:10N 168 HazeNA NA-26.7NA76.23NA
1015:50N 58 HazeNA NANANA76.25NA
1015:30N 116 HazeNA NA-25NA76.28NA
1015:10N 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.28NA
1014:50N 136 HazeNA NA-25.6NA76.3NA
1014:30N 116 HazeNA NA-25NA76.33NA
1014:10Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.35NA
1013:50NE 106 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.38NA
1013:30N 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.38NA
1013:10NE 58 HazeNA NANANA76.38NA
1012:50N 88 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.38NA
1012:30NE 116 RainNA NA-25NA76.38NA
1012:10N 118 RainNA NA-25NA76.38NA
1011:50NE 116 Heavy RainNA NA-25NA76.38NA
1011:30N 116 RainNA NA-25NA76.38NA
1011:10NE 86 RainNA NA-23.9NA76.38NA
1010:50N 108 RainNA NA-24.4NA76.35NA
1010:30N 102 Heavy RainNA NA-24.4NA76.33NA
1010:10NE 111 Heavy RainNA NA-25NA76.33NA
1009:50NE 111 Heavy RainNA NA-25NA76.3NA
1009:30NE 100 FogNA NA-24.4NA76.3NA
1009:10NE 80 FogNA NA-23.9NA76.28NA
1008:50NE 80 FogNA NA-23.9NA76.23NA
1008:30E 100 FogNA NA-24.4NA76.2NA
1008:10E 81 FogNA NA-23.9NA76.2NA
1007:50NE 100 FogNA NA-24.4NA76.17NA
1007:30NE 113 Fog/MistNA NA-25NA76.15NA
1007:10N 85 Fog/MistNA NA-23.9NA76.12NA
1006:50N 85 Fog/MistNA NA-23.9NA76.07NA
1006:30N 56 HazeNA NANANA76.07NA
1006:10N 118 HazeNA NA-25NA76.05NA
1005:50N 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.05NA
1005:30NW 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.05NA
1005:10NW 88 HazeNA NA-23.9NA76.05NA
1004:50NW 58 HazeNA NANANA76.05NA
1004:30Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.05NA
1004:10NW 56 HazeNA NANANA76.05NA
1003:50NW 108 HazeNA NA-24.4NA76.07NA
1003:30W 58 Light RainNA NANANA76.07NA
1003:10Calm8 RainNA NANANA76.1NA
1002:50Calm11 RainNA NANANA76.1NA
1002:30Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.1NA
1002:10Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.1NA
1001:50Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.12NA
1001:30Calm8 HazeNA NANANA76.1NA
1001:10Calm11NANA NANANA76.1NA
1000:50Calm11NANA NANANA76.07NA
1000:30Calm11NANA NANANA76.1NA
1000:10NW 58 HazeNA NANANA76.07NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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