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Hebbronville, Jim Hogg County Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0113:15NW 84 RainOVC003 NA-23.9NA76.68NA
0112:55NW 103 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.71NA
0112:35NW 104 RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.71NA
0112:15NW 104 RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.73NA
0111:55NW 132 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.76NA
0111:35NW 132 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.78NA
0111:15NW 102 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.81NA
0110:55NW 102 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.81NA
0110:35NW 83 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-23.9NA76.81NA
0110:15NW 105 RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.81NA
0109:55N 115 RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.78NA
0109:35N 85 RainOVC003 NA-23.9NA76.78NA
0109:15NW 116 RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.73NA
0108:55NW 215 RainOVC003 NA-27.8NA76.68NA
0108:35NW 143 RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.71NA
0108:15NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.71NA
0107:55NW 132 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
0107:35NW 112 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.68NA
0107:15NW 141 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.66NA
0106:55N 112 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.63NA
0106:35NW 132 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.61NA
0106:15NW 132 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.61NA
0105:55NW 132 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.61NA
0105:35NW 132 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.61NA
0105:15NW 112 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.61NA
0104:55NW 82 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-23.9NA76.58NA
0104:35NW 102 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.56NA
0104:15NW 132 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.58NA
0103:55NW 192 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.58NA
0103:35NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.58NA
0103:15NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.58NA
0102:55NW 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.61NA
0102:35NW 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.63NA
0102:15NW 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.63NA
0101:55NW 114 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.63NA
0101:35NW 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.63NA
0101:15NW 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.66NA
0100:55NW 145 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
0100:35NW 135 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.66NA
0100:15NW 134 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.66NA
2823:55NW 142 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
2823:35NW 163 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.68NA
2823:15NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
2822:55NW 132 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
2822:35NW 113 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.71NA
2822:15NW 102 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.68NA
2821:55N 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
2821:35NW 142 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
2821:15NW 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
2820:55N 134 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.66NA
2820:35NW 113 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.66NA
2820:15N 114 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.63NA
2819:55N 113 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.61NA
2819:35N 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.61NA
2819:15NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.61NA
2818:55NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.58NA
2818:35N 164 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.58NA
2818:15NW 194 RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.58NA
2817:35N 163 RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.58NA
2817:15NW 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.58NA
2816:55NW 144 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.58NA
2816:35N 134 RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.58NA
2816:15NW 195 RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.58NA
2815:55NW 164 RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.58NA
2815:35NW 145 RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.58NA
2815:15NW 165 RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.61NA
2814:55N 136 RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.61NA
2814:35N 195 RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.58NA
2814:15NW 164 RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.63NA
2813:55NW 195 RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.66NA
2813:35NW 163 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.68NA
2813:15NW 193 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.71NA
2812:55NW 194 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.71NA
2812:35NW 163 RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.73NA
2812:15NW 143 RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.73NA
2811:55NW 142 RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.78NA
2811:35NW 162 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.78NA
2811:15NW 162 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.81NA
2810:55NW 192 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.84NA
2810:35NW 212 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.8NA76.84NA
2810:15NW 162 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.84NA
2809:55NW 192 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.84NA
2809:35NW 162 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.81NA
2809:15NW 192 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.78NA
2808:55NW 142 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.78NA
2808:35NW 161 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.73NA
2808:15NW 212 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.8NA76.73NA
2807:55NW 162 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.73NA
2807:35NW 142 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.71NA
2807:15NW 163 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.71NA
2806:55NW 134 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.71NA
2806:35NW 194 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.68NA
2806:15NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
2805:55N 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.66NA
2805:35NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
2805:15NW 163 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.68NA
2804:55NW 193 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-27.2NA76.68NA
2804:35NW 163 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.68NA
2804:15NW 163 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.7NA76.68NA
2803:55NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
2803:35NW 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
2803:15NW 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
2802:55N 113 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.68NA
2802:35N 133 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
2802:15N 103 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.68NA
2801:55N 103 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-24.4NA76.68NA
2801:35N 113 Heavy RainOVC001 NA-25NA76.71NA
2801:15N 52 Heavy RainOVC001 NANANA76.73NA
2800:55N 112 Heavy RainOVC001 NA-25NA76.73NA
2800:35N 142 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.76NA
2800:15N 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.78NA
2723:55N 143 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-26.1NA76.81NA
2723:35N 113 Heavy RainOVC003 NA-25NA76.84NA
2723:15N 193 Heavy RainOVC005 NA-27.2NA76.84NA
2722:55N 193 Heavy RainOVC005 NA-27.2NA76.86NA
2722:35N 163 Heavy RainOVC005 NA-26.7NA76.89NA
2722:15N 133 Heavy RainOVC005 NA-25.6NA76.86NA
2721:55N 143 Heavy RainOVC005 NA-26.1NA76.89NA
2721:35N 144 Heavy RainOVC007 NA-26.1NA76.86NA
2721:15N 134 Heavy RainOVC007 NA-25.6NA76.86NA
2720:55N 195 Heavy RainOVC007 NA-27.2NA76.86NA
2720:35N 145 Heavy RainOVC009 NA-26.1NA76.84NA
2720:15N 145 Heavy RainOVC009 NA-26.1NA76.78NA
2719:55N 136 RainBKN011 OVC022 NA-25.6NA76.78NA
2719:35N 145 RainOVC013 NA-26.1NA76.73NA
2719:15N 136 RainOVC013 NA-25.6NA76.73NA
2718:55N 166 Heavy RainOVC015 NA-26.7NA76.73NA
2718:35N 196Overcast with HazeOVC015 NA-27.2NA76.71NA
2718:15N 166Overcast with HazeOVC015 NA-26.7NA76.71NA
2717:55N 136Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
2717:35N 118Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-25NA76.68NA
2717:15N 116Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-25NA76.68NA
2716:55N 136Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
2716:35N 136Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
2716:15N 138Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
2715:55N 146Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-26.1NA76.68NA
2715:35N 136Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-25.6NA76.68NA
2715:15N 148Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-26.1NA76.71NA
2714:55N 148Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-26.1NA76.71NA
2714:35NE 136Overcast with HazeOVC015 NA-25.6NA76.73NA
2714:10N 136Overcast with HazeOVC015 NA-25.6NA76.73NA
2713:55N 146Overcast with HazeOVC015 NA-26.1NA76.78NA
2713:35N 116Overcast with HazeOVC013 NA-25NA76.78NA
2713:15NE 136Overcast with HazeOVC013 NA-25.6NA76.81NA
2712:55NE 138Overcast with HazeOVC013 NA-25.6NA76.84NA
2712:35N 136Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-25.6NA76.86NA
2712:15N 146Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-26.1NA76.89NA
2711:55NE 116Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-25NA76.91NA
2711:35NE 168Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-26.7NA76.91NA
2711:15NE 166Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-26.7NA76.91NA
2710:55NE G 276Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-27.8NA76.91NA
2710:35NE 216Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-27.8NA76.94NA
2710:15NE 168Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-26.7NA76.96NA
2709:55NE 216Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-27.8NA76.94NA
2709:35NE 166Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-26.7NA76.94NA
2709:15N 138Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-25.6NA76.96NA
2708:55N G 276Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-28.3NA76.94NA
2708:35N G 268Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-27.2NA76.94NA
2708:15N 168Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-26.7NA76.91NA
2707:55N 168Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-26.7NA76.91NA
2707:35N 166Overcast with HazeOVC011 NA-26.7NA76.89NA
2706:55N G 2911OvercastOVC015 NA-28.3NA76.89NA
2706:35NE 1611OvercastOVC015 NA-26.7NA76.89NA
2706:15NE 2111OvercastOVC015 NA-27.8NA76.86NA
2705:55NE 198Overcast with HazeOVC017 NA-27.2NA76.89NA
2705:35NE G 2711OvercastOVC019 NA-27.8NA76.86NA
2705:15N G 328Overcast with HazeOVC019 NA-28.3NA76.89NA
2704:55N 2311OvercastOVC021 NA-28.3NA76.86NA
2704:35NE G 2711OvercastOVC021 NA-27.8NA76.89NA
2704:15NE G 3511OvercastOVC021 NA-28.3NA76.86NA
2703:55NE 218Overcast with HazeOVC021 NA-27.8NA76.86NA
2703:35NE 2411OvercastOVC023 NA-28.3NA76.86NA
2703:15N 1616OvercastBKN023 BKN030 OVC070 NA-26.7NA76.86NA
2702:55N 1916OvercastSCT023 SCT029 OVC070 NA-27.2NA76.86NA
2702:35NE 2316OvercastSCT031 OVC070 NA-28.3NA76.86NA
2702:15N 1616OvercastBKN031 OVC070 NA-26.7NA76.86NA
2701:55NE 1416OvercastBKN031 OVC070 NA-26.1NA76.86NA
2701:35NE G 3416OvercastOVC060 NA-27.8NA76.89NA
2701:15NE G 2711OvercastOVC060 NA-28.3NA76.86NA
2700:55NE G 2911OvercastOVC060 NA-28.3NA76.86NA
2700:35NE 248Overcast with HazeOVC060 NA-28.3NA76.89NA
2700:15NE G 328Overcast with HazeOVC060 NA-28.3NA76.84NA
2623:55NE G 3511OvercastOVC060 NA-27.2NA76.84NA
2623:35NE 138Overcast with HazeOVC060 NA-25.6NA76.81NA
2623:15E 138Overcast with HazeBKN060 OVC070 NA-25.6NA76.81NA
2622:55E 1611OvercastOVC070 NA-26.7NA76.81NA
2622:35E 168Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN070 NA-26.7NA76.78NA
2622:15E 1611OvercastOVC070 NA-26.7NA76.78NA
2621:35E 168Fair with HazeCLR NA-26.7NA76.73NA
2621:15E 168Fair with HazeCLR NA-26.7NA76.73NA
2620:55E 198Fair with HazeCLR NA-27.2NA76.71NA
2620:35E 2311FairCLR NA-28.3NA76.66NA
2620:15E 268Fair with HazeCLR NA-28.9NA76.61NA
2619:55E G 378Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT060 NA-29.4NA76.58NA
2619:35E G 3411Partly CloudySCT060 NA-28.3NA76.56NA
2619:15E G 3511Partly CloudySCT060 NA-29.4NA76.53NA
2618:55E G 4011Partly CloudySCT060 NA-30NA76.48NA
2618:35E G 398Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT060 NA-27.8NA76.45NA
2618:15E G 356Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN060 NA-28.3NA76.43NA
2617:55E G 346Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN060 NA-28.9NA76.4NA
2617:35E 238Fair with HazeCLR NA-28.3NA76.38NA
2617:15E G 276Fair with HazeCLR NA-27.2NA76.35NA
2616:55E G 348Fair with HazeCLR NA-28.9NA76.33NA
2616:35E G 376Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT047 NA-30NA76.3NA
2616:15E G 406Partly Cloudy with Haze and BreezySCT050 NA-30NA76.28NA
2615:55E G 346Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT050 NA-27.8NA76.25NA
2615:35E G 298Fair with HazeCLR NA-28.3NA76.25NA
2615:15E G 326Fair with HazeCLR NA-28.3NA76.25NA
2614:55E G 296FairCLR NA-28.3NA76.25NA
2614:35E 195FairCLR NA-27.2NA76.25NA
2613:55E G 2716FairCLR NA-26.7NA76.28NA
2613:35NE G 2911FairCLR NA-26.7NA76.3NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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