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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1602:35N 1111NANA7.22.2 70%5NA76.63NA
1602:15N 1111NANA7.21.7 70%5NA76.66NA
1601:55N 1011NANA7.22.2 69%5.6NA76.66NA
1601:35N 1116NANA7.81.7 66%5.6NA76.66NA
1601:15N 811NANA7.81.7 66%6.7NA76.63NA
1600:55N 1011NANA7.81.7 157.865%6.1NA76.63NA
1600:35N 1311NANA8.31.7 63%6.1NA76.61NA
1600:15N 1316NANA8.32.2 66%6.1NA76.61NA
1523:55N 1116NANA8.32.2 64%6.7NA76.61NA
1523:35N 1411NANA8.91.7 60%6.7NA76.61NA
1523:15N 1911NANA9.41.7 59%6.7NA76.61NA
1522:55N G 2616NANA9.41.1 55%6.7NA76.63NA
1522:35N 1611NANA9.41.1 57%7.2NA76.66NA
1522:15N 1311NANA9.41.7 58%7.8NA76.66NA
1521:55N 1111NANA100.6 54%8.3NA76.68NA
1521:35N 1316NANA10.60 49%NANA76.66NA
1521:15N 1416NANA11.10 47%NANA76.63NA
1520:55N 1316NANA11.7-0.6 44%NANA76.61NA
1520:35N 1316NANA11.10 46%NANA76.58NA
1520:15N 1116NANA12.2-0.6 41%NANA76.56NA
1519:55N 1311NANA12.8-1.1 39%NANA76.53NA
1519:35N 1316NANA13.3-1.1 37%NANA76.53NA
1519:15NW G 2711NANA14.4-1.1 34%NANA76.5NA
1518:50N 1411Partly CloudySCT10015-2.2 31%NANA76.48NA
1517:50N 1411Partly CloudySCT10016.1 NANANA76.48NA
1516:50N G 3711Partly CloudySCT12017.2-2.2 27%NANA76.43NA
1515:50N G 3711Partly CloudySCT12017.2-1.1 30%NANA76.4NA
1514:50N G 3711Partly CloudySCT08016.11.1 36%NANA76.48NA
1513:50N 2611ClearSKC13.92.8 48%NANA76.48NA
1512:55N G 3511A Few CloudsFEW05012.82.8 51%NANA76.5NA
1511:50N G 3711Partly CloudySCT02512.22.8 54%NANA76.58NA
1510:55N G 5111OvercastOVC02511.12.8 58%NANA76.58NA
1509:50N G 5111OvercastOVC0258.92.2 62%5NA76.56NA
1508:50N G 4710 Fog/Mist and BreezyBKN0207.82.8 71%3.3NA76.5NA
1507:50NW 3710 Fog/Mist and BreezyBKN0157.82.8 71%3.3NA76.45NA
1506:50N G 4010 Fog/MistBKN0208.95 76%5NA76.35NA
1505:55NW G 4211NANA8.97.2 91%5NA76.23NA
1505:35NW G 4511NANA9.47.8 92%6.1NA76.17NA
1505:15NW G 3211NANA9.48.3 91%6.7NA76.17NA
1504:55N G 3916NANA9.47.8 92%6.7NA76.15NA
1504:35N G 4211NANA9.48.3 92%6.1NA76.15NA
1504:15NW G 3911NANA108.3 92%7.2NA76.17NA
1503:55NW G 2916NANA108.9 93%7.2NA76.15NA0.56
1503:35NW G 2911NANA10.69.4 93%NANA76.12NA
1503:15NW G 3711NANA10.69.4 93%NANA76.07NA
1502:55NW G 3211NANA11.110 94%NANA76.02NA0.03
1502:35NW G 3711NANA11.110 94%NANA76.07NA0.03
1502:15NW G 3716 Light RainNA11.110 94%NANA76.05NA0.03
1501:55NW G 4011 RainNA11.710.6 92%NANA76.05NA0.51
1501:35N G 478 Heavy RainNA11.710.6 93%NANA76NA0.38
1501:15NW G 396 RainNA12.211.1 93%NANA76.05NA0.2
1500:55NW G 3916 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinityNA13.312.2 22.213.393%NANA76NA0.21.35
1500:35NW G 3911 Light RainNA13.312.8 94%NANA76NA0.2
1500:15NW G 4211 Thunderstorm Rain in VicinityNA13.912.8 93%NANA76NA0.1
1423:55NW G 355 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain in VicinityNA15.614.4 93%NANA75.97NA0.53
1423:35N 148 Heavy RainNA16.715.6 93%NANA75.9NA0.2
1423:15NW 1116 Light RainNA17.215.6 93%NANA75.97NA0.05
1422:55NW 108 Thunderstorm Heavy RainNA17.216.1 92%NANA75.95NA0.18
1422:35N 1411 Thunderstorm Light RainNA17.816.1 93%NANA75.84NA
1422:15NW 1611NANA17.816.7 93%NANA75.84NA
1421:55W 811 Light RainNA17.816.7 93%NANA75.84NA0.10.38
1421:35NW 1916 Thunderstorm RainNA17.816.7 92%NANA75.72NA0.03
1421:15NW G 2616 Thunderstorm in VicinityNA18.316.7 92%NANA75.72NA
1420:55N 1116 Thunderstorm in VicinityNA18.316.7 92%NANA75.67NA
1420:35N 1116 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinityNA18.317.2 92%NANA75.67NA
1420:15N G 2911 ThunderstormNA18.317.2 92%NANA75.67NA
1419:55NW G 3916 ThunderstormNA18.917.2 91%NANA75.62NA0.28
1419:35NW G 358 Thunderstorm Light RainNA2018.9 92%NANA75.62NA0.28
1419:15W G 278 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain in VicinityNA20.618.9 91%NANA75.59NA0.1
1418:50W G 373 Thunderstorm RainOVC00822.818.9 78%NANA75.59NA
1417:50S G 3711OvercastOVC0122521.1 79%NA26.175.51NA
1416:50S G 378OvercastOVC0082521.1 79%NA26.175.46NA
1415:50S G 328 Light RainOVC00823.922.2 89%NANA75.51NA
1414:50S 115 Light RainOVC00723.922.2 89%NANA75.64NA
1413:50S 118 Fog/MistOVC01023.921.1 83%NANA75.74NA
1412:50S 148 Fog/MistOVC0102521.1 79%NA26.175.82NA
1411:50S 118 Fog/MistOVC0102521.1 79%NA26.175.9NA
1410:52S 198 Fog/MistOVC01023.921.1 83%NANA75.92NA
1409:55S 198 Fog/MistOVC00823.921.1 83%NANA75.9NA
1408:50S 1910 Fog/MistSCT009 BKN01323.921.1 83%NANA75.87NA
1406:50S 278 Fog/MistBKN01022.820 83%NANA75.79NA
1405:55S 198 Fog/MistBKN01222.820 83%NANA75.72NA
1405:35S G 3411NANA22.820 83%NANA75.72NA
1405:15S G 2911NANA22.820 83%NANA75.72NA
1404:55SE G 3511NANA22.820 84%NANA75.69NA
1404:35S G 3211NANA23.320 83%NANA75.72NA
1404:15S G 2911NANA23.320 83%NANA75.72NA
1403:55S G 3211NANA23.320 83%NANA75.72NA
1403:35SE G 3511NANA23.320 82%NANA75.72NA
1403:15S G 3511NANA23.320 83%NANA75.74NA
1402:55SE G 3711NANA23.320 83%NANA75.74NA
1402:35SE G 3911NANA22.820 83%NANA75.74NA
1402:15SE 1911NANA22.820 83%NANA75.79NA
1401:55SE G 3711NANA22.819.4 82%NANA75.79NA
1401:35SE G 2911NANA22.819.4 82%NANA75.84NA
1401:15SE G 2711NANA23.319.4 81%NANA75.87NA
1400:55SE G 3211NANA23.319.4 23.922.880%NANA75.9NA
1400:35SE 2111NANA23.319.4 78%NANA75.92NA
1400:15SE 1916NANA23.318.9 78%NANA75.95NA
1323:55SE G 2716NANA22.818.9 78%NANA75.95NA
1323:35SE 1416NANA22.818.9 79%NANA75.95NA
1323:15SE G 2611NANA23.318.9 78%NANA75.97NA
1322:55SE 1411NANA23.318.9 78%NANA75.97NA
1322:35SE 1616NANA23.318.9 76%NANA76NA
1322:15SE 1411NANA23.318.9 76%NANA75.97NA
1321:55SE 1616NANA22.818.3 76%NANA75.97NA
1321:35SE 1911NANA22.818.9 77%NANA75.97NA
1321:15SE 1911NANA22.818.3 76%NANA75.95NA
1320:55SE 1416NANA22.818.3 75%NANA75.97NA
1320:35SE 1416NANA22.818.3 76%NANA75.97NA
1320:15SE 1311NANA22.817.8 74%NANA75.95NA
1319:55SE 1411NANA23.318.3 73%NANA75.95NA
1319:35SE 1311NANA23.317.8 71%NANA75.97NA
1319:15SE 1611NANA23.917.8 70%NANA75.97NA
1318:50SE 2311A Few CloudsFEW0602517.8 65%NA26.176NA
1317:50SE 2711Partly CloudySCT0252517.8 65%NA26.176NA
1316:50SE 2711Partly CloudySCT02526.117.8 61%NA27.276.02NA
1315:50SE 2711Partly CloudySCT02527.217.8 58%NA28.376.1NA
1314:55SE 2711Mostly CloudyBKN02527.217.2 54%NA27.876.1NA
1313:55SE 2311Mostly CloudyBKN02527.217.8 58%NA28.376.17NA
1312:50SE 3411Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT02027.217.8 58%NA28.376.25NA
1311:50S G 3911Partly CloudySCT01027.218.9 62%NA28.376.28NA
1310:50SE G 3711Partly CloudySCT01026.118.9 65%NA27.276.3NA
1309:50SE G 3711Partly CloudySCT0102518.9 69%NA26.176.25NA
1308:50SE 1111Partly CloudySCT00722.218.9 83%NANA76.23NA
1307:50SE 1111Partly CloudySCT00722.218.9 83%NANA76.23NA
1306:50SE 1111A Few CloudsFEW02021.118.9 88%NANA76.17NA
1305:50SE 1411Partly CloudySCT01521.118.9 88%NANA76.12NA
1305:35SE 1411NANA21.118.9 87%NANA76.12NA
1305:15SE 1111NANA20.618.9 88%NANA76.12NA
1304:55SE 1311NANA20.618.3 87%NANA76.12NA
1304:35SE 1111NANA21.118.3 87%NANA76.12NA
1304:15SE 1111NANA20.618.3 87%NANA76.15NA
1303:55SE 1011NANA21.118.3 86%NANA76.17NA
1303:35SE 1111NANA21.118.9 87%NANA76.17NA
1303:15SE 1111NANA21.118.3 86%NANA76.17NA
1302:55SE 1311NANA21.118.3 85%NANA76.2NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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