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Orcas Island Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2311:55SW 1016FairCLR11.15 67%NANA76.33NA
2311:35SW 1016FairCLR11.15 67%NANA76.33NA
2311:15SW G 2716FairCLR11.15 67%NANA76.3NA
2310:55SW 2116FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.3NA
2310:35S 1416FairCLR107.2 82%7.8NA76.28NA
2310:15S 1416FairCLR107.2 82%7.8NA76.25NA
2309:55S G 2616A Few CloudsFEW044107.2 82%7.8NA76.23NA
2309:35S G 2716Mostly CloudyBKN044107.2 82%7.2NA76.25NA
2309:15S 2116Mostly CloudyBKN0448.97.2 87%6.1NA76.2NA
2308:55S 2116FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.1NA76.15NA
2308:35S G 2716FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.1NA76.15NA
2308:15S 2316A Few CloudsFEW0167.87.2 93%4.4NA76.15NA
2307:55SW G 3916Partly CloudySCT0167.87.2 93%4.4NA76.15NA
2307:35S G 3916Partly CloudyFEW010 SCT014 SCT0207.87.2 93%3.9NA76.1NA
2307:15SW G 4516Mostly CloudyFEW009 BKN0147.87.2 93%3.9NA76.1NA
2306:55S G 328 Light RainSCT008 BKN0137.87.2 93%4.4NA76.07NA0.03
2306:35SW G 358 Light RainFEW001 BKN010 OVC0317.87.2 93%4.4NA76.1NA0.03
2306:15S G 3913 Light RainSCT015 SCT021 BKN0307.87.2 93%4.4NA76.1NA
2305:55S G 428 Light RainFEW015 SCT025 BKN0297.87.2 93%4.4NA76.1NA0.03
2305:35S G 408 Light RainFEW008 FEW016 BKN0287.87.8 100%4.4NA76.1NA
2305:15S G 378 Light RainFEW002 SCT017 BKN0297.87.2 93%4.4NA76.12NA
2304:55S G 325 Heavy RainFEW001 SCT014 BKN0257.87.2 93%4.4NA76.12NA0.13
2304:35S 1411 Light RainFEW024 SCT0397.86.1 87%5NA76.12NA0.03
2304:15S G 3216FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA76.12NA
2303:55S 1116FairCLR7.86.1 87%5.6NA76.17NA0.03
2303:35S 1110 Light RainFEW018 SCT025 BKN0397.87.2 93%5.6NA76.25NA0.03
2303:15S G 3214 Light RainFEW016 SCT0417.87.2 93%5.6NA76.3NA0.03
2302:55S G 2911 Light RainFEW009 SCT012 BKN0257.87.2 93%5.6NA76.33NA0.03
2302:35S G 298 Light RainSCT012 BKN027 OVC0427.87.2 93%4.4NA76.38NA0.03
2302:15S 2313 Light RainSCT010 BKN024 BKN0397.87.2 93%4.4NA76.35NA
2301:55S G 2616 Light RainBKN010 BKN0467.87.2 93%5NA76.35NA
2301:35S G 2616A Few CloudsFEW012 FEW0507.87.2 93%5NA76.33NA
2301:15S 1310 Light RainFEW037 SCT0437.87.2 93%5.6NA76.35NA
2300:55S 1416A Few CloudsFEW0367.87.2 93%5NA76.35NA
2300:35S 1116A Few CloudsFEW0337.87.2 93%5.6NA76.35NA
2300:15S 1416Partly CloudyFEW035 SCT060 SCT1007.87.2 93%5NA76.35NA
2223:55S 1316Partly CloudyFEW047 FEW060 SCT1007.87.2 93%5.6NA76.35NA
2223:35S 1416FairCLR7.85 82%5NA76.35NA
2223:15S 1616FairCLR7.85 82%5NA76.35NA
2222:55S 1916FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA76.33NA
2222:35S 1116FairCLR7.85 82%5.6NA76.3NA
2222:15S 816A Few CloudsFEW0467.85 82%6.7NA76.3NA
2221:55S 516Mostly CloudyBKN0468.95 76%NANA76.3NA
2221:35SW 1316Partly CloudySCT0467.85 82%5.6NA76.28NA
2221:15SW 1316FairCLR7.85 82%5.6NA76.25NA
2220:55S 1116FairCLR7.85 82%5.6NA76.23NA
2220:35S 516FairCLR7.25 87%NANA76.23NA
2220:15Calm16FairCLR53.9 93%NANA76.2NA
2219:55S 816A Few CloudsFEW11053.9 93%3.3NA76.2NA
2219:35S 816FairCLR7.23.9 81%5.6NA76.2NA
2219:15Calm16FairCLR6.15 93%NANA76.15NA
2218:55S 516FairCLR53.9 93%NANA76.12NA
2218:35Calm16FairCLR6.15 93%NANA76.12NA
2218:15S 816FairCLR6.15 93%4.4NA76.1NA
2217:55NA16FairCLR7.25 87%NANA76.07NA
2217:35S 1016FairCLR7.25 87%5.6NA76.05NA
2217:15Calm16FairCLR6.15 93%NANA76.02NA
2216:55Calm16FairCLR7.25 87%NANA76NA
2216:35Calm16FairCLR7.25 87%NANA76NA
2216:15NA16FairCLR7.85 82%NANA75.95NA
2215:55Calm14FairCLR8.95 76%NANA75.92NA
2215:35Calm16FairCLR105 71%NANA75.9NA
2215:15Calm16FairCLR105 71%NANA75.87NA
2214:55Calm16FairCLR105 71%NANA75.84NA
2214:35NA16FairCLR105 71%NANA75.82NA
2214:15W 1116FairCLR105 71%8.3NA75.79NA
2213:55W 516FairCLR105 71%NANA75.74NA
2213:35W 516FairCLR105 71%NANA75.74NA
2213:15W 1016FairCLR105 71%8.9NA75.72NA
2212:55SW 1416FairCLR105 71%7.8NA75.69NA
2212:35S 1316FairCLR105 71%8.3NA75.64NA
2212:15SW 1116A Few CloudsFEW0218.96.1 82%7.2NA75.62NA
2211:55S 1116Partly CloudySCT0178.96.1 82%7.2NA75.59NA
2211:35S 1416A Few CloudsFEW0188.97.2 87%6.7NA75.57NA
2211:15S 1016FairCLR8.97.2 87%7.2NA75.54NA
2210:55S 1316FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.7NA75.51NA
2210:35S 1416FairCLR8.96.1 82%6.7NA75.49NA
2210:15S 1016FairCLR7.86.1 87%6.1NA75.46NA
2209:55S 1416FairCLR7.86.1 87%5NA75.44NA
2209:35S 1316FairCLR7.86.1 87%5.6NA75.41NA
2209:15S 1316A Few CloudsFEW0497.86.1 87%5.6NA75.41NA
2208:55S 1416FairCLR7.86.1 87%5NA75.39NA
2208:35S 1316FairCLR7.86.1 87%5.6NA75.34NA
2208:15S 1416A Few CloudsFEW0497.85 82%5NA75.31NA
2207:55S 1416A Few CloudsFEW0477.85 82%5NA75.31NA
2207:35S 1316 Light RainFEW0477.85 82%5.6NA75.29NA
2207:15S 1416 Light RainFEW065 SCT0757.86.1 87%5NA75.26NA
2206:55S 816Partly CloudyFEW060 SCT0757.85 82%6.7NA75.26NA
2206:35S 1116Partly CloudySCT060 SCT0707.85 82%5.6NA75.23NA
2206:15S 516Mostly CloudyFEW060 BKN0707.25 87%NANA75.23NA
2205:55S 1316Partly CloudySCT0607.25 87%5NA75.21NA
2205:35S 1116Mostly CloudyBKN0607.25 87%5NA75.21NA
2205:15S 816Partly CloudySCT0507.26.1 93%5.6NA75.21NA
2204:55S 516 Light RainFEW044 SCT0507.26.1 93%NANA75.18NA
2204:35SW 811 Light RainFEW021 SCT0347.26.1 93%5.6NA75.18NA
2204:15SW 1413 Light RainFEW019 SCT0327.85 82%5NA75.16NA
2203:55S 1616FairCLR7.83.9 76%5NA75.13NA
2203:35S 1016FairCLR7.83.9 76%6.1NA75.11NA
2203:15SW 1316FairCLR7.23.9 81%5NA75.08NA
2202:55SW 1316FairCLR7.83.9 76%5.6NA75.06NA
2202:35SW 1416FairCLR7.83.9 76%5NA75.01NA
2202:15S 1316FairCLR7.83.9 76%5.6NA74.98NA
2201:55SW 1616FairCLR7.83.9 76%5NA74.93NA
2201:35S 1416FairCLR7.83.9 76%5NA74.9NA
2201:15S 1116FairCLR7.83.9 76%5.6NA74.88NA
2200:55S 1416FairCLR7.83.9 76%5NA74.85NA
2200:35S 1116FairCLR7.83.9 76%5.6NA74.83NA
2200:15S 1416A Few CloudsFEW048 FEW0507.83.9 76%5NA74.8NA
2123:55SW 1616A Few CloudsFEW060 FEW0707.85 82%5NA74.78NA
2123:35SW 1416Partly CloudySCT0708.93.9 71%6.7NA74.75NA
2123:15SW G 2916FairCLR8.93.9 71%5.6NA74.7NA
2122:55SW 1916FairCLR8.93.9 71%6.1NA74.65NA
2122:35SW 1416FairCLR8.93.9 71%6.7NA74.63NA
2122:15S G 2716FairCLR8.93.9 71%6.7NA74.57NA
2121:55S G 3516FairCLR8.93.9 71%6.7NA74.52NA
2121:35S G 3416FairCLR8.95 76%5.6NA74.47NA
2121:15S G 3516FairCLR105 71%7.8NA74.45NA
2120:55SW G 4016FairCLR105 71%7.2NA74.42NA
2120:35S G 2616A Few CloudsFEW010 FEW015107.8 88%7.8NA74.4NA
2120:15S 1916Mostly CloudyBKN010108.9 94%7.2NA74.37NA
2119:55S G 2916OvercastOVC008108.9 94%7.2NA74.35NA
2119:35S G 3416OvercastOVC0088.98.9 100%5.6NA74.32NA
2119:15SW G 3916OvercastOVC010107.8 88%7.2NA74.32NA
2118:55SW G 3716OvercastOVC012107.8 88%7.2NA74.3NA0.03
2118:35S G 4016OvercastBKN014 OVC034107.8 88%6.7NA74.27NA0.03
2118:15S G 4713 Light RainOVC014107.8 88%6.7NA74.27NA0.03
2117:55S G 3914 Light RainBKN016107.8 88%7.2NA74.27NA0.03
2117:35S G 3516 Light RainBKN021107.8 88%7.2NA74.24NA0.03
2117:15S G 3911 Light RainFEW017 OVC025107.8 88%7.2NA74.27NA
2116:55S G 408 Light RainBKN027107.8 88%7.2NA74.27NA0.05
2116:35S G 3413 Light RainFEW029107.8 88%7.2NA74.27NA0.03
2116:15S G 398 Light RainCLR107.8 88%7.8NA74.24NA0.03
2115:55S G 3411 Light RainFEW001107.8 88%8.3NA74.32NA0.18
2115:35S G 325 RainFEW002 FEW021 BKN031107.8 88%7.2NA74.37NA0.13
2115:15S G 355 RainFEW002 SCT025 BKN031107.8 88%8.3NA74.4NA0.03
2114:55S G 4216 Light RainSCT031107.8 88%7.8NA74.45NA0.08
2114:35S G 358 Light RainFEW020 SCT027107.8 88%7.2NA74.47NA0.05
2114:15S G 396 Light RainFEW020 BKN026108.9 94%7.2NA74.55NA0.05
2113:55S 116 RainFEW017 OVC026108.9 94%8.3NA74.63NA0.15
2113:35S G 355 RainSCT019 OVC025108.9 94%8.3NA74.68NA0.08
2113:15S G 456 Light RainBKN017 OVC023108.9 94%8.3NA74.75NA0.03
2112:55S G 346 Light RainOVC019108.9 94%8.3NA74.8NA0.1
2112:35S G 396 RainOVC019108.9 94%7.8NA74.85NA0.05
2112:15S G 378 Light RainOVC019107.8 88%8.3NA74.9NA
2111:55S G 378 Light RainOVC01911.17.8 82%NANA74.96NA
2111:35S G 6010 Light RainOVC02111.17.8 82%NANA75.01NA
2111:15S G 2713 Light RainOVC01911.17.8 82%NANA75.03NA
2110:55S G 3411 Light RainOVC01911.17.8 82%NANA75.06NA
2110:35S G 2713 Light RainOVC01911.17.8 82%NANA75.11NA
2110:15S 1314 Light RainOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.13NA
2109:55S 118 Light RainOVC015107.8 88%8.3NA75.16NA
2109:35S 1113 Light RainOVC015107.8 88%8.3NA75.21NA
2109:15S 1414 Light RainOVC015107.8 88%7.8NA75.21NA
2108:55S G 3216OvercastOVC01511.17.8 82%NANA75.23NA
2108:35S G 3916 Light RainOVC015108.9 94%7.2NA75.26NA
2108:15S 148 Light RainOVC017108.9 94%7.8NA75.29NA
2107:55S G 3416 Light RainOVC017107.8 88%7.2NA75.31NA
2107:35S G 3916 Light RainOVC017107.8 88%7.2NA75.34NA
2107:15S G 3916 Light RainOVC017107.8 88%7.2NA75.34NA
2106:55S G 4014 Light RainOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.34NA
2106:35S G 3916OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.39NA
2106:15S G 3916Mostly CloudyBKN01911.17.8 82%NANA75.41NA
2105:55S G 3516OvercastOVC01911.17.8 82%NANA75.41NA
2105:35S G 3716OvercastOVC01911.17.8 82%NANA75.44NA
2105:15S G 3916OvercastOVC01911.17.8 82%NANA75.49NA
2104:55S G 3416OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.54NA
2104:35S G 3516OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.57NA
2104:15S G 4216OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.57NA
2103:55S G 2916OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.57NA
2103:35S G 3216OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.59NA
2103:15S 1316OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.62NA
2102:55S G 2916OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.67NA
2102:35S 1116OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.67NA
2102:15S 1016OvercastOVC01711.17.8 82%NANA75.69NA
2101:55S 1016Mostly CloudyBKN01711.17.8 82%NANA75.69NA
2101:35S 1016Mostly CloudyBKN017 BKN07011.17.8 82%NANA75.72NA
2101:15S 1316Mostly CloudySCT017 BKN06011.17.8 82%NANA75.72NA
2100:55S 1116Partly CloudySCT06011.17.8 82%NANA75.72NA
2100:35S 516Partly CloudySCT06011.17.8 82%NANA75.77NA
2100:15S 1016Mostly CloudyBKN06011.17.8 82%NANA75.77NA
2023:55S 1116Mostly CloudyBKN06011.17.8 82%NANA75.79NA
2023:35S 1316Mostly CloudyBKN06011.17.8 82%NANA75.79NA
2023:15S 1316Partly CloudySCT06011.17.8 82%NANA75.82NA
2022:55S 1316A Few CloudsFEW05011.17.8 82%NANA75.82NA
2022:35S 1316A Few CloudsFEW050107.8 88%8.3NA75.84NA
2022:15S G 2616A Few CloudsFEW050107.8 88%7.8NA75.84NA
2021:55S 1416 Light RainFEW050107.8 88%7.8NA75.84NA
2021:35S G 2616Partly CloudyFEW050 SCT070107.8 88%7.8NA75.84NA
2021:15S G 2916A Few CloudsFEW070107.8 88%8.3NA75.87NA
2020:55S G 2616Partly CloudySCT070107.8 88%7.8NA75.84NA
2020:35S G 2716A Few CloudsFEW070107.8 88%7.8NA75.87NA
2020:15S 1016A Few CloudsFEW018 FEW060107.8 88%8.9NA75.87NA
2019:55S 1316A Few CloudsFEW016 FEW060107.8 88%8.3NA75.87NA
2019:35S 816Mostly CloudyBKN014107.8 88%8.9NA75.87NA
2019:15S 1016Mostly CloudyBKN014 BKN055108.9 94%8.9NA75.87NA
2018:55S 1016Partly CloudyFEW014 SCT055 SCT065107.8 88%8.9NA75.9NA
2018:35S 1016A Few CloudsFEW039 FEW046 FEW055108.9 94%8.9NA75.9NA
2018:15S 811 Light RainFEW016 FEW039 SCT048108.9 94%8.9NA75.92NA
2017:55S 1016Partly CloudyFEW030 SCT060107.8 88%8.9NA75.92NA
2017:35S 816Partly CloudyFEW026 SCT060107.8 88%8.9NA75.92NA
2017:15S 516A Few CloudsFEW026107.8 88%NANA75.95NA
2016:55S 1413 Light RainFEW030 FEW041107.8 88%7.8NA75.95NA
2016:35S 1916FairCLR107.8 88%7.2NA75.95NA
2016:15S 516Partly CloudyFEW041 SCT070107.8 88%NANA75.95NA
2015:55Calm16A Few CloudsFEW045 FEW070107.8 88%NANA75.95NA
2015:35S 1016FairCLR107.8 88%8.9NA75.92NA
2015:15S 1416FairCLR107.8 88%7.8NA75.92NA
2014:55S 1316A Few CloudsFEW065107.8 88%8.3NA75.95NA
2014:35S G 2716A Few CloudsFEW065107.8 88%7.8NA75.95NA
2014:15S 1616FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA75.95NA
2013:55S 1416A Few CloudsFEW055107.8 88%7.8NA75.95NA
2013:35S 1116A Few CloudsFEW055107.8 88%8.3NA75.97NA
2013:15S 1116A Few CloudsFEW055107.8 88%8.3NA76NA
2012:55S 1316Partly CloudySCT055107.2 82%8.3NA76NA
2012:35S 1316Mostly CloudyBKN055107.2 82%8.3NA76NA
2012:15S G 2616Partly CloudySCT055107.2 82%8.3NA76NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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