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Gwinn, Sawyer Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
3109:45N G 563 Light Snow and WindyBKN022 OVC030-2.2-3.9 86%-11.1NA76.91NA
3108:45N G 603 Light Snow and WindyBKN006 BKN013 OVC021-2.2-3.9 86%-11.1NA76.81NA
3107:50N G 565 Light Snow and WindySCT015 BKN026 OVC033-1.1-3.9 80%-9.4NA76.76NA
3106:55N G 633 Light Snow and WindySCT013 BKN024 OVC030-1.1-3.9 80%-9.4NA76.71NA
3105:56N G 644 Light Snow and WindySCT018 OVC024-1.1-3.9 82%-9.4NA76.58NA
3105:34N G 605 Light Snow and WindySCT019 BKN024 OVC032-0.6-2.8 84%-8.9NA76.56NA
3105:17N G 565 Light Snow and WindySCT019 BKN024 OVC038-0.6-2.8 83%-8.9NA76.53NA
3105:05N G 613 Light Snow and WindySCT017 BKN024 OVC035-0.6-2.8 84%-8.3NA76.5NA
3105:00N G 563 Light Snow and WindySCT017 BKN025 OVC033-1.1-2.8 86%-9.4NA76.48NA
3104:39N G 64WindyNA0-2.8 80%-7.8NA76.45NA
3104:20N G 64WindyNA-1.1-2.2 93%-9.4NA76.43NA
3104:01N G 60Overcast and BreezyBKN006 OVC012-1.1-2.2 93%-8.9NA76.43NA
3103:38N G 63Overcast and WindyOVC0060-1.1 93%-7.8NA76.38NA
3103:18N G 60Overcast and WindyBKN006 OVC0120-1.1 93%-7.8NA76.35NA
3102:59N G 63Overcast and WindyBKN006 OVC0110-1.1 93%-8.3NA76.3NA
3102:38N G 58Overcast and WindyBKN006 OVC0110-1.1 93%-7.8NA76.28NA
3102:18N G 56Overcast and WindyOVC0060-1.1 93%-7.8NA76.25NA
3101:59N G 56Overcast and WindyOVC0040-1.1 93%-7.8NA76.25NA
3101:39N G 66Overcast and WindyOVC0040-1.1 93%-7.8NA76.23NA
3101:11N G 53Overcast and BreezyOVC0040.60 95%-6.1NA76.17NA
3100:56N G 503 Light Snow and BreezyOVC0080.60 96%-6.7NA76.15NA
3100:37N G 325 Light SnowOVC0080.60 96%-4.4NA76.12NA
3100:17N G 298 Light SnowBKN008 OVC0120.60 95%-5NA76.12NA
3023:56N G 3511 Light SnowBKN012 OVC0201.10 92%-4.4NA76.12NA
3023:37N G 3216 Light SnowBKN010 BKN020 OVC0321.10 92%-3.9NA76.12NA
3023:17NW 1311 Light SnowSCT004 BKN010 OVC0131.10 94%-2.8NA76.12NA
3022:56NW 86 Light SnowBKN006 OVC0131.10 94%-1.7NA76.12NA0.10.1
3022:37NW 196 Light SnowBKN008 OVC0111.70.6 91%-2.8NA76.1NA0.05
3022:17NW G 268 Light RainOVC0122.81.7 90%-1.1NA76.07NA
3021:47W 1116OvercastOVC0142.82.2 93%0NA76.07NA
3020:46W 1016 Light RainBKN018 OVC0412.82.2 93%0NA76.12NA
3019:45W 816OvercastBKN030 BKN049 OVC0603.92.2 87%1.7NA76.12NA
3018:45W 816OvercastSCT019 BKN034 OVC0493.92.2 87%1.7NA76.12NA
3017:46Calm16OvercastBKN023 OVC0293.92.2 87%NANA76.12NA
3016:45NW 1016 Light RainSCT016 SCT022 OVC02852.2 81%2.8NA76.12NA
3015:45W 1116 Light DrizzleBKN016 OVC02152.2 81%2.2NA76.12NA
3014:45W 1316OvercastOVC02051.1 76%2.2NA76.15NA
3013:45SW 1316OvercastOVC02050 70%2.2NA76.2NA
3012:50SW 1116OvercastOVC02050 70%2.2NA76.25NA
3011:50W 1116OvercastSCT016 OVC0273.91.1 81%1.1NA76.25NA
3010:50SW 516OvercastOVC0293.91.1 81%NANA76.25NA
3009:50S 516OvercastOVC0272.81.1 87%NANA76.28NA
3008:50Calm16OvercastOVC0212.81.1 87%NANA76.25NA
3007:50Calm16OvercastOVC0212.81.1 87%NANA76.28NA
3006:50Calm16OvercastOVC0242.81.1 87%NANA76.28NA
3005:57W 516OvercastOVC0222.80.6 85%NANA76.28NA
3005:37SW 816OvercastOVC0222.80.6 84%0.6NA76.28NA
3005:16SW 1016OvercastOVC0222.80.6 86%0NA76.28NA
3004:57Calm16OvercastBKN020 OVC0602.80.6 88%NANA76.25NA
3004:37Calm16OvercastBKN020 OVC0602.80.6 87%NANA76.28NA
3004:16Calm16OvercastBKN018 BKN023 OVC0602.80.6 88%NANA76.28NA
3003:57Calm16OvercastOVC0182.80.6 89%NANA76.3NA
3003:37Calm16OvercastOVC0202.80.6 87%NANA76.33NA
3003:16Calm16OvercastOVC0202.80.6 87%NANA76.33NA
3002:57Calm16OvercastOVC0182.80.6 89%NANA76.33NA
3002:36Calm16OvercastOVC0202.21.1 90%NANA76.33NA
3002:17Calm16OvercastBKN018 OVC0242.20.6 89%NANA76.33NA
3001:56Calm16OvercastSCT019 OVC0252.80.6 3.31.188%NANA76.35NA
3001:37Calm16OvercastSCT018 BKN027 OVC0652.20.6 89%NANA76.35NA
3001:16Calm16OvercastSCT027 OVC0652.20.6 89%NANA76.35NA
3000:57Calm16OvercastSCT025 OVC0652.20.6 89%NANA76.35NA
3000:37Calm16OvercastOVC0251.70.6 91%NANA76.35NA
3000:16Calm16OvercastSCT027 OVC0651.70 91%NANA76.35NA
2923:57Calm16Partly CloudySCT0651.70 90%NANA76.35NA
2923:37Calm16Partly CloudySCT0652.20 87%NANA76.35NA
2923:16Calm16OvercastSCT019 SCT025 OVC0652.20.6 87%NANA76.35NA
2922:57Calm11 Light RainSCT015 BKN020 OVC0282.20.6 89%NANA76.35NA
2922:37W 816OvercastSCT017 OVC0282.20.6 88%0NA76.38NA
2922:16NW 516OvercastOVC0261.70 90%NANA76.35NA
2921:45Calm16Mostly CloudyBKN0261.10 93%NANA76.33NA
2920:45NW 516ClearSKC2.80 81%NANA76.33NA
2919:45W 516OvercastBKN023 OVC0293.91.1 81%NANA76.33NA
2918:45N 816OvercastOVC0343.90 75%1.7NA76.3NA
2917:47NW 1316OvercastOVC02550 70%2.2NA76.28NA
2916:45NW G 2616OvercastOVC0306.10 66%2.8NA76.23NA
2915:45NW 1416OvercastSCT022 BKN029 OVC03451.1 76%1.7NA76.17NA
2914:45NW 2116OvercastOVC02650 70%1.1NA76.15NA
2913:50NW 1416OvercastBKN024 OVC03050 70%1.7NA76.12NA
2912:50NW 1916Mostly CloudySCT020 BKN02850 70%1.1NA76.1NA
2911:50NW G 3216OvercastSCT017 BKN022 OVC0323.91.1 81%-0.6NA76.05NA
2910:55NW G 3216OvercastBKN017 OVC0263.91.1 81%-0.6NA76.02NA
2909:55NW 1916OvercastSCT013 BKN018 OVC0412.81.1 87%-1.7NA75.95NA
2908:50NW G 2716OvercastBKN015 OVC0432.81.1 87%-1.1NA75.84NA
2907:50NW 1616OvercastSCT014 BKN050 OVC0552.81.1 87%-1.1NA75.77NA
2906:55NW 2316OvercastBKN014 BKN026 OVC0752.81.1 87%-2.2NA75.72NA
2905:57NW 148 Light RainBKN018 OVC0232.80.6 87%-1.1NA75.64NA
2905:36W 2116OvercastBKN018 OVC0252.80.6 84%-1.7NA75.59NA
2905:17W 1316OvercastSCT015 OVC0202.80.6 84%-0.6NA75.59NA
2904:57W 1416OvercastSCT015 BKN020 OVC0952.80.6 83%-1.1NA75.54NA
2904:36W 1616OvercastSCT015 BKN065 OVC0952.80 82%-1.1NA75.51NA
2904:17W G 2916OvercastBKN017 BKN022 OVC0653.30 80%-1.1NA75.51NA
2903:57W G 2716OvercastBKN017 BKN022 OVC0903.30 80%-1.1NA75.49NA
2903:36W G 2916OvercastSCT019 BKN050 OVC0953.30 79%-1.1NA75.46NA
2903:17W G 2716OvercastSCT021 OVC0503.30 78%-1.1NA75.46NA
2902:57W 2416OvercastSCT023 OVC0473.30 78%-1.7NA75.44NA
2902:36W 2416OvercastSCT024 OVC0473.30 77%-1.7NA75.44NA
2902:17W G 3516OvercastSCT026 BKN045 OVC0803.3-0.6 75%-1.7NA75.44NA
2901:57W G 3516OvercastBKN026 BKN031 OVC0703.3-0.6 75%-1.7NA75.44NA
2901:36W 1916OvercastOVC0283.90 75%0NA75.44NA
2901:17W G 3416Mostly CloudyBKN0283.90 77%-1.1NA75.41NA
2900:57W G 3416Partly CloudySCT028 SCT033 SCT0404.40 74%1.1NA75.41NA
2900:36W G 2616Partly CloudySCT023 SCT0404.40.6 76%1.1NA75.39NA
2900:17W G 1616Mostly CloudyBKN0254.41.1 78%2.2NA75.41NA
2823:57W G 3416Mostly CloudyBKN025 BKN03151.1 76%0.6NA75.39NA
2823:36W 1616Mostly CloudySCT024 BKN02951.7 79%1.7NA75.36NA
2823:17W 1916OvercastBKN022 BKN028 OVC0805.61.7 77%1.7NA75.36NA
2822:57W 2116Mostly CloudySCT024 SCT030 BKN0805.61.7 75%1.7NA75.36NA
2822:36W G 3516OvercastBKN026 OVC0806.12.2 78%2.2NA75.36NA
2822:17SW 2616OvercastSCT026 SCT050 OVC0806.12.8 78%1.7NA75.34NA
2821:50W G 3416Mostly CloudySCT027 BKN035 BKN0456.12.2 76%2.2NA75.34NA
2820:50SW G 3416Mostly CloudySCT029 BKN036 BKN0436.12.8 81%2.2NA75.31NA
2819:45SW G 3416Partly CloudySCT0306.12.2 76%2.2NA75.31NA
2818:45SW 2716OvercastOVC0427.22.8 76%3.3NA75.26NA
2817:45SW G 2916OvercastSCT023 OVC0367.22.8 76%3.9NA75.23NA
2816:50W 2116Mostly CloudySCT034 SCT044 BKN0607.22.8 76%3.9NA75.21NA
2815:50SW G 4216 Light RainSCT034 BKN055 OVC0808.92.2 62%5.6NA75.13NA
2814:50SW G 3716Mostly CloudySCT044 SCT049 BKN07011.12.2 54%NANA75.06NA
2813:50W G 3716Mostly CloudySCT046 BKN05011.12.8 58%NANA75.03NA
2812:47W G 2716Partly CloudySCT024 SCT030103.9 67%7.2NA75.03NA
2811:49W G 2716Mostly CloudyBKN107 BKN024 BKN0328.96.1 82%6.7NA75.01NA
2810:48W 1316OvercastOVC0157.86.1 87%5.6NA75.01NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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