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Kaneohe, Marine Corps Air Station
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2011:48NE 1616Mostly CloudyBKN026 BKN03126.720 67%NA28.376.38NA
2010:57E 1316FairCLR26.118.9 65%NA27.276.381017.8
2009:57E 1316FairCLR25.619.4 69%NA26.776.381017.7
2008:57E 1116OvercastFEW030 OVC0482518.9 2523.969%NA26.176.351017.3
2007:57E 1116OvercastFEW025 OVC05023.918.9 74%NANA76.31016.6
2006:57Vrbl 816OvercastFEW026 OVC05523.919.4 76%NANA76.251016.0
2005:57Calm16Mostly CloudyBKN05023.919.4 76%NANA76.231015.8
2004:57E 1116A Few CloudsFEW04523.919.4 76%NANA76.231015.7
2003:57E 1016Mostly CloudyFEW026 BKN03924.419.4 74%NA2576.231015.8
2002:57E 816Mostly CloudySCT042 BKN05023.918.9 24.423.974%NANA76.281016.2
2001:57E 516Partly CloudyFEW025 SCT04923.918.9 74%NANA76.31016.6
2000:57E 1316OvercastOVC04724.419.4 74%NA2576.31016.8
1923:57E G 3216OvercastOVC04124.418.9 72%NA25.676.331017.1
1922:57E 1416FairCLR24.419.4 74%NA2576.351017.4
1921:57E G 3516Mostly CloudyBKN04324.419.4 74%NA2576.331017.2
1920:57E 1416Partly CloudyFEW021 SCT02824.420 27.224.477%NA2576.331017.0
1920:15E G 2616Mostly CloudySCT023 BKN02824.420 77%NA2576.3NA
1919:57E G 2616A Few CloudsFEW02224.420 77%NA2576.31016.5
1918:57E G 3416FairCLR2520 74%NA26.176.231015.8
1917:57E G 2716A Few CloudsFEW02325.620 71%NA26.776.231015.6
1916:57E G 3416Partly CloudySCT02126.120.6 72%NA27.876.21015.4
1916:32E G 2716Partly CloudySCT02326.720 67%NA28.376.2NA
1916:08E G 3516Mostly CloudyBKN02326.120.6 72%NA27.876.23NA
1915:57E G 3216Partly CloudySCT02326.720 67%NA28.376.231015.7
1915:08E G 3416Partly CloudySCT02326.720 67%NA28.376.25NA
1914:57E G 5116Mostly CloudyBKN023 BKN06026.720 27.224.467%NA28.376.281016.2
1914:24E G 3516Mostly CloudyBKN02226.720.6 69%NA28.376.33NA
1913:57E G 2916A Few CloudsFEW02026.720.6 69%NA28.376.351017.5
1913:26E G 2716Mostly CloudySCT020 SCT029 BKN06026.720.6 69%NA28.376.4NA
1912:57E G 3216Mostly CloudyBKN02126.720 67%NA28.376.451018.6
1912:49E G 3416Partly CloudySCT02126.720.6 69%NA28.376.45NA
1911:57E G 2616 Light RainBKN023 BKN040 OVC05525.620.6 74%NA26.776.51019.5
1910:57E G 3216Mostly CloudyFEW021 BKN05525.618.9 67%NA26.776.531019.9
1909:57E G 3416FairCLR2520 74%NA26.176.531019.9
1908:57E G 2716A Few CloudsFEW02724.418.9 24.423.372%NA25.676.51019.4
1907:57Vrbl 1116A Few CloudsFEW02523.918.3 71%NANA76.481019.0
1906:57Vrbl 1116A Few CloudsFEW027 FEW03823.918.3 71%NANA76.451018.6
1906:35E G 2716Partly CloudySCT02723.918.3 71%NANA76.45NA
1906:27E G 3216Mostly CloudyBKN027 BKN03523.918.3 71%NANA76.45NA
1906:15Vrbl G 2716Mostly CloudySCT025 BKN034 BKN04323.318.3 74%NANA76.45NA
1905:57E 1316Mostly CloudyBKN025 BKN03323.918.9 74%NANA76.451018.6
1905:42E 1316Mostly CloudyBKN023 BKN032 BKN04323.918.9 74%NANA76.43NA
1904:57E G 3416A Few CloudsFEW02523.919.4 76%NANA76.431018.3
1903:57E 1416OvercastFEW026 FEW038 OVC04723.918.9 74%NANA76.451018.8
1902:57E 1616OvercastFEW023 SCT029 OVC04623.918.9 24.423.374%NANA76.531019.6
1902:16E 1616Mostly CloudySCT023 BKN05023.919.4 76%NANA76.56NA
1901:57E G 2716Mostly CloudyBKN02323.918.9 74%NANA76.581020.3
1900:57Vrbl G 3216Mostly CloudyBKN02223.919.4 76%NANA76.581020.5
1823:57E G 3416Mostly CloudyBKN02423.918.9 74%NANA76.581020.4
1823:05E G 2916Mostly CloudySCT024 BKN04523.918.9 74%NANA76.58NA
1822:57E 1616Mostly CloudySCT024 BKN028 BKN04424.419.4 74%NA2576.581020.5
1822:11E 1416OvercastSCT026 OVC05024.418.9 72%NA25.676.58NA
1821:57E G 3216Mostly CloudyBKN024 BKN029 BKN05024.419.4 74%NA2576.581020.3
1821:34E G 3516Mostly CloudyBKN02524.419.4 74%NA2576.56NA
1820:57E G 3516Partly CloudySCT025 SCT03424.418.9 25.623.972%NA25.676.531019.7
1819:57E G 3216Partly CloudyFEW025 SCT04224.419.4 74%NA2576.481019.1
1818:57E G 3216Mostly CloudySCT023 BKN042 BKN04924.419.4 74%NA2576.431018.5
1818:49E G 3516Mostly CloudySCT025 BKN04224.419.4 74%NA2576.43NA
1818:08E G 3516Mostly CloudyBKN02724.418.9 72%NA25.676.4NA
1817:57E G 3416Mostly CloudySCT027 BKN05024.418.9 72%NA25.676.41018.0
1816:57E G 3516Partly CloudySCT023 SCT0552520 74%NA26.176.381017.7
1815:57E G 3416Mostly CloudyBKN0352519.4 71%NA26.176.41017.9
1815:30E G 3916Partly CloudySCT023 SCT0342519.4 71%NA26.176.4NA
1814:57E G 2716Mostly CloudyBKN023 BKN0392520 26.123.374%NA26.176.431018.40.03
1813:57E G 3416 Light RainBKN019 BKN028 OVC03323.920 79%NANA76.481019.1
1813:44E G 3716 Light RainBKN019 BKN031 OVC04324.420.6 79%NA2576.5NA
1813:26E G 3516OvercastSCT017 BKN033 OVC04224.420.6 79%NA2576.53NA
1812:57E G 358Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN01725.620.6 74%NA26.776.581020.30.03
1812:08E G 2916 Light RainFEW015 BKN021 OVC04323.320.6 85%NANA76.66NA0.03
1811:57E G 4016 Light RainFEW015 BKN032 OVC04023.920 79%NANA76.661021.6
1811:34E G 3516OvercastSCT021 BKN033 OVC05024.420 77%NA2576.68NA
1810:57E G 3416Mostly CloudyBKN019 BKN030 BKN04124.420 77%NA2576.681021.9
1809:57E G 2916Mostly CloudyFEW020 BKN05024.420 77%NA2576.681021.9
1809:43E G 2916Mostly CloudySCT020 BKN05523.920 79%NANA76.68NA
1809:12E G 3416Mostly CloudySCT019 BKN025 BKN03323.920 79%NANA76.68NA
1808:57E G 376Mostly Cloudy with HazeSCT018 BKN030 BKN03723.320 23.922.282%NANA76.661021.50.13
1808:46E G 356 Light Rain Fog/MistSCT016 SCT025 BKN03322.820.6 87%NANA76.66NA
1807:57E G 3416 Light RainFEW029 BKN050 OVC07022.820 84%NANA76.661021.30.1
1806:57E 1616Mostly CloudyBKN050 BKN06523.318.9 76%NANA76.611020.9
1805:57E G 3216Mostly CloudyFEW018 SCT023 BKN06022.818.9 79%NANA76.611020.70.03
1804:57E 1316Partly CloudyFEW022 SCT06023.320 82%NANA76.581020.30.03
1803:57E G 2716Mostly CloudyBKN06023.319.4 79%NANA76.581020.6
1802:57NE 1616Mostly CloudyFEW018 SCT023 BKN07023.321.1 24.423.388%NANA76.611020.9
1801:57E G 3716Partly CloudySCT02423.919.4 76%NANA76.661021.4
1801:18E G 3416Mostly CloudyBKN02324.419.4 74%NA2576.68NA
1800:57E G 3416Partly CloudySCT02224.419.4 74%NA2576.681021.8
1723:57E G 2716Mostly CloudyBKN02124.419.4 74%NA2576.681021.8
1723:19E G 3216Partly CloudySCT02323.919.4 76%NANA76.66NA
1722:57E G 3216Mostly CloudyBKN02323.919.4 76%NANA76.631021.2
1721:57E G 3416Mostly CloudySCT021 BKN05023.919.4 76%NANA76.631021.0
1720:57E G 3916Partly CloudySCT02424.418.9 25.623.972%NA25.676.611020.8
1719:57E 1616Partly CloudySCT02424.419.4 74%NA2576.581020.5
1718:57E 1416Partly CloudySCT02323.919.4 76%NANA76.51019.6
1717:57E 1916Mostly CloudyFEW025 BKN05524.420 77%NA2576.531019.7
1717:14E G 3416Mostly CloudyFEW022 SCT026 BKN0342520 74%NA26.176.5NA
1716:57E G 3416Mostly CloudyBKN0222520 74%NA26.176.481018.9
1716:08E G 3216Mostly CloudyBKN02325.620 71%NA26.776.43NA
1715:57E G 2916Partly CloudySCT015 SCT0232520 74%NA26.176.451018.6
1715:38E 1016 Light RainSCT014 BKN019 OVC05524.421.1 82%NA2576.45NA
1714:57E G 3416Mostly CloudyFEW023 SCT029 BKN0552519.4 26.723.971%NA26.176.481019.2
1714:22E G 3216Partly CloudySCT02426.720 67%NA28.376.5NA
1713:57E G 3216Mostly CloudyFEW020 BKN02626.120.6 72%NA27.876.531019.9
1713:26NE G 2916Partly CloudyFEW023 SCT03126.121.1 74%NA27.876.58NA
1712:57NE G 3416Mostly CloudyBKN02426.721.1 71%NA28.376.631020.9
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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