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Bradshaw Army Air Field
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1705:56S 819A Few CloudsFEW01610.68.3 88%NANA77.091017.7
1704:56SE 319FairCLR9.44.4 71%NANA77.061016.9
1703:56W G 2619A Few CloudsFEW01511.15.6 70%NANA77.011015.8
1703:34NE G 3718A Few CloudsFEW02412.27.2 72%NANA77.01NA
1702:56SE G 4211FairCLR12.26.7 70%NANA76.991015.0
1702:36SE G 486FairCLR13.95 55%NANA76.96NA
1702:31SE G 534Fair with HazeCLR13.93.9 51%NANA76.96NA
1702:21SE G 512Fair with Haze and BreezyCLR153.9 48%NANA76.96NA
1701:56SE G 508FairCLR14.4-2.8 14.48.331%NANA77.011015.0
1700:56E 1319FairCLR8.93.9 71%6.7NA77.111017.2
1623:56SE G 2619FairCLR9.47.8 91%7.8NA77.171018.3
1622:56SE G 3516FairCLR10.66.7 79%NANA77.191018.3
1621:56SE G 3916FairCLR11.75.6 67%NANA77.171017.9
1620:56E 1018FairCLR10.63.3 61%NANA77.141018.0
1619:56SE 819FairCLR10.65 18.910.668%NANA77.061017.4
1618:56SE G 2418FairCLR13.33.9 54%NANA77.011017.1
1617:56SE G 3219FairCLR14.47.2 64%NANA76.961016.8
1616:56SE G 2916FairCLR16.19.4 65%NANA76.941015.6
1616:41S G 3716FairCLR16.110 68%NANA76.94NA
1615:56SE G 2919FairCLR17.28.9 59%NANA76.941015.6
1614:56S G 3713A Few CloudsFEW20018.310 57%NANA76.991015.5
1614:51S G 3713A Few CloudsFEW19018.910 56%NANA76.99NA
1614:06S G 428A Few CloudsFEW18018.97.8 49%NANA77.01NA
1613:56SE G 474Fair with HazeCLR17.88.9 18.312.256%NANA77.011015.8
1613:51S G 516FairCLR17.88.9 56%NANA77.01NA
1613:46SE G 514Fair with HazeCLR17.28.9 60%NANA77.01NA
1613:36S G 485FairCLR17.28.9 60%NANA77.01NA
1613:31SE G 534Fair with HazeCLR17.28.9 60%NANA77.01NA
1613:16SE G 513 Fog/Mist and BreezyCLR17.210 64%NANA77.01NA
1613:11SE G 503 Fog/MistCLR17.210 64%NANA77.01NA
1613:06SE G 562 Fog/MistCLR17.210 64%NANA77.04NA
1613:01S G 562 Fog/MistCLR17.210 64%NANA77.04NA
1612:56SE G 538FairCLR18.39.4 56%NANA77.041016.2
1612:41SE G 476A Few CloudsFEW02917.810 60%NANA77.04NA
1612:21S G 514A Few Clouds with HazeFEW02817.810 60%NANA77.04NA
1612:11S G 455Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT02717.810 60%NANA77.06NA
1612:06SE G 563 Fog/MistSCT02617.810 60%NANA77.06NA
1612:01SE G 563 Fog/Mist and BreezyBKN02617.210 64%NANA77.06NA
1611:56SE G 485 Fog/MistBKN02617.210 63%NANA77.091017.3
1611:53SE G 485 Fog/MistSCT02617.210 64%NANA77.09NA
1611:43SE G 454 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW02617.210 64%NANA77.09NA
1611:13SE G 428A Few CloudsFEW02117.211.1 68%NANA77.11NA
1611:03S G 424 Fog/MistFEW16017.211.1 68%NANA77.11NA
1610:56SE G 408A Few CloudsFEW16016.711.1 70%NANA77.111017.6
1609:56SE G 3711FairCLR16.79.4 64%NANA77.091016.9
1608:56SE G 3219FairCLR15.68.3 63%NANA77.111017.6
1607:56SE 1416A Few CloudsFEW24012.89.4 12.85.681%NANA77.091017.7
1606:56E 1014FairCLR8.95.6 80%7.2NA77.091018.1
1605:56N 519FairCLR6.12.2 76%NANA77.011017.5
1604:56E 1119FairCLR7.83.3 73%5.6NA76.941015.6
1603:56E 1119FairCLR6.72.2 74%4.4NA76.941015.6
1602:56E G 2619FairCLR8.96.7 86%7.2NA76.991015.5
1601:56SE G 3218FairCLR9.47.8 10.67.292%8.3NA77.011015.8
1600:56SE 1018FairCLR8.95.6 79%7.2NA77.041016.2
1523:56SE G 3719FairCLR9.47.8 88%7.2NA77.091017.3
1522:56E 519A Few CloudsFEW0219.47.8 87%NANA77.141017.6
1521:56E 519FairCLR10.67.8 85%NANA77.091017.3
1520:56SE 1319FairCLR10.67.8 81%NANA77.041016.6
1519:56SE G 2619A Few CloudsFEW03011.17.8 20.610.680%NANA77.011016.7
1518:56SE 1319A Few CloudsFEW03512.27.8 76%NANA76.991017.2
1517:56S G 2419Partly CloudyFEW032 SCT04113.38.9 75%NANA76.941016.5
1516:56W G 2419Mostly CloudySCT029 BKN03715.69.4 69%NANA76.911016.1
1515:56S G 3510Partly CloudyFEW024 SCT03817.28.9 60%NANA76.841014.6
1514:56W G 2611A Few CloudsFEW01618.911.7 63%NANA76.861015.0
1513:56W G 2714A Few CloudsFEW22019.48.9 2012.852%NANA76.891014.1
1512:56W G 2919A Few CloudsFEW17018.39.4 58%NANA76.941015.2
1511:56W G 2416FairCLR17.88.9 57%NANA77.011016.2
1510:56SE G 2618A Few CloudsFEW22017.27.2 53%NANA77.041017.0
1510:28SE G 398FairCLR16.17.8 59%NANA77.04NA
1510:25S G 406FairCLR16.17.2 55%NANA77.04NA
1509:56S G 396A Few CloudsFEW24015.67.8 59%NANA77.041017.0
1508:56SW 219A Few CloudsFEW21015.63.3 43%NANA77.011016.7
1507:56SE G 2116FairCLR12.86.7 12.83.967%NANA76.991017.2
1506:56SE 1119FairCLR7.23.3 76%5NA76.961017.8
1505:56SE 1619FairCLR6.73.9 85%3.9NA76.911016.1
1504:56E 819FairCLR6.12.8 82%4.4NA76.891015.3
1503:56E 818FairCLR5-2.8 57%3.3NA76.861014.6
1502:56NE 819FairCLR4.4-0.6 71%2.2NA76.861015.0
1501:56SE 1119FairCLR7.82.2 8.97.269%5.6NA76.911014.8
1500:56SE G 3918FairCLR7.84.4 81%3.9NA76.961015.5
1423:56SE G 2718FairCLR8.33.9 75%5.6NA77.011016.7
1422:56SE G 3519FairCLR7.24.4 81%3.9NA77.041017.4
1421:56SE G 3718FairCLR8.34.4 77%5NA77.061017.8
1420:56SE G 4214FairCLR8.35.6 82%5NA77.091018.6
1419:56SE G 3518FairCLR7.83.9 18.97.877%4.4NA77.061019.2
1418:56SE G 3216FairCLR9.45 76%6.7NA77.041018.8
1417:56S G 2619FairCLR13.96.1 60%NANA76.991016.7
1416:56S G 3418FairCLR16.17.2 56%NANA76.991016.7
1415:56SE 1019FairCLR18.34.4 40%NANA76.991015.9
1414:56S G 3213A Few CloudsFEW22017.84.4 41%NANA77.041017.0
1413:56S G 3414FairCLR17.86.7 19.48.948%NANA77.091017.3
1412:59S G 3713FairCLR17.85 43%NANA77.09NA
1412:56S G 3711FairCLR18.35.6 43%NANA77.061016.5
1412:43S G 3913FairCLR18.95 40%NANA77.06NA
1412:31S G 408A Few CloudsFEW20017.85 43%NANA77.06NA
1412:24S G 5110A Few CloudsFEW22017.85 43%NANA77.09NA
1411:56W G 4010FairCLR16.78.3 58%NANA77.091017.7
1411:07S G 5011A Few CloudsFEW20016.17.2 55%NANA77.09NA
1411:01S G 504 Fog/MistFEW20016.18.9 63%NANA77.09NA
1410:56S G 485FairCLR158.3 65%NANA77.111018.1
1410:01S G 3919FairCLR13.97.2 63%NANA77.17NA
1409:56SE G 3719FairCLR13.97.2 65%NANA77.171019.2
1408:56SE G 4214FairCLR11.15 67%NANA77.191019.5
1407:56SE G 4011FairCLR8.94.4 8.96.175%5.6NA77.171019.6
1406:56SE G 3518FairCLR7.85 83%4.4NA77.111019.4
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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