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Tiyan GU
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Guam International15:54Mostly Cloudy847984E 929.78
Saipan Intl Airport15:54A Few Clouds867570E 829.78
Rota/Intl15:50Partly Cloudy827784E 1229.79
West Tinian Tinian Is15:50Partly Cloudy847779E 1029.76
Koror15:55Overcast857777W 629.76
Yap Intl Airport15:52Mostly Cloudy877873Vrbl 629.75
Chuuk Intl Weno Is15:53 Light Showers Rain767493Vrbl 329.82
Kwajalein Atoll16:00Fair857468E 929.78
Majuro Atoll15:51Overcast837783Calm29.77
Wake Island Airfield15:58Fair847574Calm29.85
Honolulu International Airport14:53 Rain767494NE 530.01
Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport15:53Mostly Cloudy575078S 16 G 2429.69
Los Angeles Intl Airport15:53Fair686590Calm29.96
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