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Ankeny Regional Airport IA
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Des Moines International Airport16:54Mostly Cloudy725250S 2029.84
Audubon, Audubon County Airport17:15Partly Cloudy725761S 18 G 2529.79
Atlantic17:15Partly Cloudy735757S 15 G 2829.77
Ames, Ames Municipal Airport16:53Fair and Breezy715251S 24 G 3129.84
Boone Municipal17:15Fair and Breezy725250S 21 G 3129.81
Carroll17:15Fair with Haze and Breezy937963S 25 G 3829.76
Creston Municipal Airport17:15Fair and Breezy725557S 21 G 3129.85
Knoxville17:15Fair705050S 12 G 2029.87
Newton Municipal Airport - Earl Johnson Field17:15Fair705050S 18 G 2529.87
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