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4 Miles WSW Mooreland OK
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Woodward, West Woodward Airport08:35Fair431634SW 18 G 3129.95
Alva, Alva Regional Airport08:35Fair462340SW 18 G 2629.94
Clinton, Clinton-Sherman Airport07:53Fair and Breezy372357S 2130.02
Vance Air Force Base / Enid07:56A Few Clouds382868S 1629.98
Gage, Gage Airport07:53Fair and Breezy391843S 22 G 3029.92
Great Bend, Great Bend Municipal Airport07:56Fair342056SW 529.87
Hobart, Hobart Municipal Airport07:53Fair362667S 1830.06
Watonga, Watonga Airport08:35Fair453159S 16 G 2230.00
Liberal, Liberal Municipal Airport07:56Fair271869SW 1029.90
Altus Air Force Base07:56Fair312579E 530.08
Medicine Lodge, Medicine Lodge07:56NA352361S 1029.92
Oklahoma City, Wiley Post Airport07:53Fair432958S 1730.06
Enid, Enid Woodring Regional Airport07:49A Few Clouds363081S 1229.99
Woodward, West Woodward Airport08:35Fair431634SW 18 G 3129.95
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