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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Clinton, Clinton-Sherman Airport03:53Fair and Breezy666287S 2429.78
Alva, Alva Regional Airport04:15A Few Clouds and Windy686488S 26 G 3229.70
Borger, Hutchinson County Airport03:51Fair645881S 17 G 3029.70
Childress, Childress Municipal Airport03:53Fair645984S 1529.77
Chickasha, Chickasha Municipal Airport04:15Overcast and Breezy716584S 2229.77
Duncan, Halliburton Field Airport04:15Overcast706687S 17 G 2829.83
Frederick, Frederick Municipal Airport03:53Fair676593SE 1329.76
Gage, Gage Airport03:53Fair and Breezy656084S 25 G 3629.70
Hobart, Hobart Municipal Airport03:53Fair and Breezy676387S 2229.78
Watonga, Watonga Airport04:15Partly Cloudy696793S 16 G 2629.79
Lawton, Lawton Municipal Airport03:53Fair696793S 1529.81
Altus Air Force Base03:56Fair676285S 1529.77
Wichita Falls, Sheppard Air Force Base03:52Fair666493S 929.82
Woodward, West Woodward AirportNULLNULLNULL
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