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4 Miles WNW Memphis TN
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Memphis, Memphis International Airport11:54Mostly Cloudy816967SW 12 G 2129.92
Walnut Ridge, Walnut Ridge Regional Airport12:15Mostly Cloudy847266SW 1229.85
West Memphis, West Memphis Municipal Airport11:53Fair817274S 13 G 2129.88
Batesville, Batesville Regional Airport12:15Overcast847370SW 1329.86
Eaker Air Force Base11:51Mostly Cloudy847266SW 929.86
Dyersburg, Dyersburg Municipal AirportNULLNULLNULL
Blytheville, Blytheville Municipal Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy847472SW 14 G 1829.87
Jonesboro, Jonesboro Municipal Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy827272SW 1229.86
Little Rock, Adams Field11:53Partly Cloudy886750SW 1529.90
Jackson, McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy806969SW 1429.90
Millington, Millington Municipal Airport11:50Mostly Cloudy867570SW 1429.89
Pine Bluff, Grider Field Airport11:53Fair866957SW 15 G 2429.94
Tupelo, Tupelo Regional Airport11:53Fair806969W 12 G 2029.96
Tunica, Tunica Municipal Airport12:15Fair816866SW 13 G 2229.91
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