Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Binghamton, NY

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SRUS41 KBGM 141431
Hydrologic Observations
National Weather Service Binghamton NY

.A X4240774 0113 Z DH1533/DVH-10/SFV 9.7"LAT=42.408300 LON=-77.423200  Avoca  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4310761 0113 Z DH1830/DVH-8/SFV 8.7"LAT=43.063700 LON=-76.069800  East Syracuse  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4300758 0113 Z DH1600/DVH-10/SFV 7.0"LAT=42.970342 LON=-75.796227  4 NE Cazenovia  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4260771 0113 Z DH1551/DVH-10/SFV 8.0"LAT=42.616698 LON=-77.102977  1 W Keuka Park  Social Media "/
.A X4310752 0113 Z DH1525/DVH-11/SFV 9.0"LAT=43.096900 LON=-75.228400  N Utica  Broadcast Media "/
.A X4220770 0113 Z DH1559/DVH-10/SFV 6.0"LAT=42.250000 LON=-77.050000  Hornby  Social Media "/
.A X4260750 0113 Z DH1532/DVH-10/SFV 3.0"LAT=42.650000 LON=-75.050000  Hartwick  Social Media "/
.A X4300761 0113 Z DH1456/DVH-11/SFV 11.0"LAT=42.983300 LON=-76.066700  Jamesville  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4300754 0113 Z DH1600/DVH-10/SFV 8.0"LAT=43.048900 LON=-75.378700  Clinton  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4240765 0113 Z DH1700/DVH-9/SFV 5.1"LAT=42.443893 LON=-76.464155  2 E Ithaca  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4240774 0113 Z DH1230/DVH-14/SFV 8.3"LAT=42.383300 LON=-77.366700  Kanona  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4260767 0113 Z DH1449/DVH-11/SFV 9.0"LAT=42.618700 LON=-76.724700  Interlaken  Social Media "/
.A X4210760 0113 Z DH1500/DVH-11/SFV 5.0"LAT=42.083300 LON=-76.050000  Vestal  NWS Employee "/
.A X4310753 0113 Z DH1524/DVH-11/SFV 9.5"LAT=43.123800 LON=-75.297000  Whitesboro  Social Media "/
.A X4310753 0113 Z DH1300/DVH-13/SFV 7.5"LAT=43.123800 LON=-75.297000  Whitesboro  Social Media "/
.A X4310753 0113 Z DH1207/DVH-14/SFV 5.8"LAT=43.123800 LON=-75.297000  Whitesboro  Social Media "/
.A X4240768 0113 Z DH1219/DVH-14/SFV 4.7"LAT=42.350200 LON=-76.849400  Montour Falls  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4240770 0113 Z DH1606/DVH-10/SFV 12.0"LAT=42.412819 LON=-76.961037  2 SW Reading Center  Social Media "/
.A X4300761 0113 Z DH1630/DVH-10/SFV 5.6"LAT=43.041100 LON=-76.144100  SW Syracuse  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4130759 0113 Z DH1430/DVH-12/SFV 1.0"LAT=41.264100 LON=-75.887400  Kingston  Social Media "/
.A X4200761 0113 Z DH1430/DVH-12/SFV 3.8"LAT=42.050000 LON=-76.116700  Tioga Terrace  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4250775 0113 Z DH1400/DVH-12/SFV 10.0"LAT=42.500000 LON=-77.499300  Cohocton  Amateur Radio "/
.A X4210760 0113 Z DH1527/DVH-11/SFV 5.0"LAT=42.117200 LON=-76.023300  Endwell  NWS Employee "/
.A X4220760 0113 Z DH1200/DVH-14/SFV 4.2"LAT=42.200000 LON=-75.980000  Binghamton Reg arpt  ASOS "/
.A X4210763 0113 Z DH1531/DVH-10/SFV 5.5"LAT=42.104800 LON=-76.262700  Owego  Social Media "/
.A X4220759 0113 Z DH1528/DVH-11/SFV 6.0"LAT=42.233300 LON=-75.916700  Castle Creek  Social Media "/
.A X4300759 0113 Z DH1554/DVH-10/SFV 8.7"LAT=43.045600 LON=-75.873300  Chittenango  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4300759 0113 Z DH1200/DVH-14/SFV 5.0"LAT=43.045600 LON=-75.873300  Chittenango  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4250767 0113 Z DH1400/DVH-12/SFV 5.0"LAT=42.466700 LON=-76.700000  Mecklenburg  Co-Op Observer "/
.A X4290766 0113 Z DH1400/DVH-12/SFV 10.4"LAT=42.933200 LON=-76.568900  Auburn  Co-Op Observer "/
.A X4290766 0113 Z DH1452/DVH-11/SFV 8.5"LAT=42.933200 LON=-76.568900  Auburn  Social Media "/
.A X4250751 0113 Z DH1535/DVH-10/SFV 3.5"LAT=42.531400 LON=-75.088600  Laurens  Social Media "/
.A X4310754 0113 Z DH1230/DVH-14/SFV 8.4"LAT=43.116700 LON=-75.416700  Westmoreland  Social Media "/
.A X4310757 0113 Z DH1500/DVH-11/SFV 13.0"LAT=43.075800 LON=-75.663800  Oneida  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4280755 0113 Z DH1605/DVH-10/SFV 12.0"LAT=42.816700 LON=-75.466700  Hubbardsville  Social Media "/
.A X4170769 0113 Z DH1534/DVH-10/SFV 2.0"LAT=41.657000 LON=-76.853000  E Canton  Social Media "/
.A X4210771 0113 Z DH1400/DVH-12/SFV 4.8"LAT=42.147200 LON=-77.056700  Corning  Co-Op Observer "/
.A X4240772 0113 Z DH1331/DVH-12/SFV 7.0"LAT=42.408800 LON=-77.223100  Hammondsport  Social Media "/
.A X4320753 0113 Z DH1330/DVH-13/SFV 8.0"LAT=43.241800 LON=-75.257400  Holland Patent  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4320753 0113 Z DH1600/DVH-10/SFV 11.0"LAT=43.166977 LON=-75.296116  2 ENE Oriskany  Social Media "/
.A X4180764 0113 Z DH1400/DVH-12/SFV 2.0"LAT=41.770900 LON=-76.446900  Towanda  Co-Op Observer "/
.A X4270771 0113 Z DH1601/DVH-10/SFV 10.0"LAT=42.661200 LON=-77.054900  Penn Yan  Public "/
.A X4230777 0113 Z DH1400/DVH-12/SFV 10.0"LAT=42.324400 LON=-77.660500  Hornell  Amateur Radio "/
.A X4320757 0113 Z DH1629/DVH-10/SFV 12.0"LAT=43.206600 LON=-75.725500  Sylvan Beach  Emergency Manager "/


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