Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Binghamton, NY

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SRUS41 KBGM 101741
Hydrologic Observations
National Weather Service Binghamton NY

.A X4130753 1210 Z DH0041/DVH-2/SFV 4.5"LAT=41.316698 LON=-75.297421  1 E Greentown  Social Media "/
.A X4120759 1210 Z DH1436/DVH12/SFV 2.9"LAT=41.169600 LON=-75.877300  Mountain Top  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4130758 1209 Z DH2300/DVH-4/SFV 3.5"LAT=41.330200 LON=-75.822500  Exeter  Social Media "/
.A X4170755 1209 Z DH2353/DVH-3/SFV 2.0"LAT=41.651600 LON=-75.469700  Forest City  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4150749 1209 Z DH2348/DVH-3/SFV 6.2"LAT=41.466700 LON=-74.916700  Shohola  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4170750 1210 Z DH0109/DVH-2/SFV 4.0"LAT=41.700000 LON=-75.050000  Cochecton  Social Media "/
.A X4100760 1210 Z DH1551/DVH13/SFV 2.7"LAT=41.016700 LON=-76.000000  Drums  Social Media "/
.A X4150749 1210 Z DH0039/DVH-2/SFV 6.0"LAT=41.533300 LON=-74.900000  Eldred  Social Media "/
.A X4220751 1209 Z DH2354/DVH-3/SFV 1.5"LAT=42.169700 LON=-75.130700  Walton  Social Media "/
.A X4160753 1210 Z DH0043/DVH-2/SFV 2.0"LAT=41.577200 LON=-75.253600  Honesdale  Social Media "/
.A X4170747 1210 Z DH0223/DVH-1/SFV 5.6"LAT=41.683300 LON=-74.650000  Kiamesha  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4170747 1209 Z DH2240/DVH-4/SFV 4.4"LAT=41.683300 LON=-74.650000  Kiamesha  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4160756 1209 Z DH2348/DVH-3/SFV 2.0"LAT=41.561833 LON=-75.611711  7 NE Clarks Summit  Social Media "/
.A X4170745 1210 Z DH0015/DVH-3/SFV 5.0"LAT=41.683300 LON=-74.533300  Mountain Dale  Social Media "/
.A X4120749 1210 Z DH0040/DVH-2/SFV 4.5"LAT=41.216700 LON=-74.883300  Dingmans Ferry  Social Media "/
.A X4120758 1210 Z DH1529/DVH12/SFV 2.5"LAT=41.219300 LON=-75.847600  Laurel Run  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4150748 1210 Z DH1435/DVH12/SFV 6.0"LAT=41.466700 LON=-74.816700  Glen Spey  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4180747 1210 Z DH0014/DVH-3/SFV 5.0"LAT=41.766700 LON=-74.666700  Loch Sheldrake  Social Media "/
.A X4180749 1210 Z DH0042/DVH-2/SFV 4.0"LAT=41.779400 LON=-74.932600  Jeffersonville  Trained Spotter "/
.A X4130758 1210 Z DH0211/DVH-1/SFV 2.2"LAT=41.274820 LON=-75.836030  Hudson  Trained Spotter "/


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