Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Buffalo, NY

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SRUS41 KBUF 251517

.A X4350765 1225 Z DH1148/DVH21/UPV 46"LAT=43.460000 LON=-76.510000  OSWEGO  COAST GUARD "/
.A X4290787 1225 Z DH0610/DVH15/UPV 56"LAT=42.930000 LON=-78.730000  NY BUFFALO INTL ARPT  ASOS "/
.A NY-LW-5 1225 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 0.41"LAT=43.886166 LON=-75.428354  SW BEAVER FALLS  COCORAHS "/
.A NY-LW-3 1225 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.01"LAT=43.575447 LON=-75.446434  1 NW CONSTABLEVILLE  COCORAHS "/
.A X4290789 1225 Z DH0554/DVH15/UPV 59"LAT=42.880000 LON=-78.900000  BUFFALO  COAST GUARD "/
.A X4250794 1225 Z DH0700/DVH16/UPV 60"LAT=42.500638 LON=-79.353888  1 NW DUNKIRK  C-MAN STATION "/
.A X4250793 1225 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 0.32"LAT=42.493056 LON=-79.276667  DUNKIRK AIRPORT  COOP OBSERVER "/
.A X4250793 1225 Z DH1153/DVH24/PPV 0.32"LAT=42.493056 LON=-79.276667  DUNKIRK AIRPORT  COOP OBSERVER "/
.A NY-JF-26 1225 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 0.35"LAT=43.712246 LON=-76.062126  SE MANNSVILLE  COCORAHS "/
.A X4330787 1225 Z DH0630/DVH16/UPV 52"LAT=43.340000 LON=-78.720000  OLCOTT  C-MAN STATION "/
.A X4250793 1225 Z DH0428/DVH13/UPV 47"LAT=42.500000 LON=-79.280000  1 N DUNKIRK MUNI ARPT  ASOS "/
.A X4230785 1225 Z DH0355/DVH13/UPV 51"LAT=42.335285 LON=-78.515266  3 W FRANKLINVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A HGHN6 1225 Z DH1058/DVH24/PPV 1.20"LAT=43.575278 LON=-75.520833  HIGHMARKET  COOP OBSERVER "/
.A X4330791 1225 Z DH0550/DVH15/UPV 52"LAT=43.260000 LON=-79.060000  YOUNGSTOWN  COAST GUARD "/
.A DKKN6 1225 Z DH0500/DVH24/PPV 0.40"LAT=42.471667 LON=-79.333611  1 S DUNKIRK  COOP OBSERVER "/
.A NY-ER-63 1225 Z DH1300/DVH24/PPV 0.28"LAT=42.601951 LON=-78.639090  2 SE GLENWOOD  COCORAHS "/
.A X4310777 1225 Z DH0848/DVH18/UPV 53"LAT=43.130000 LON=-77.680000  ROCHESTER INTL ARPT  ASOS "/
.A X4400760 1225 Z DH1156/DVH24/PPV 0.36"LAT=44.000000 LON=-76.016667  WATERTOWN AIRPORT  COOP OBSERVER "/
.A X4400760 1225 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 0.36"LAT=44.000000 LON=-76.016667  WATERTOWN AIRPORT  COOP OBSERVER "/
.A X4310789 1225 Z DH0559/DVH15/UPV 61"LAT=43.108333 LON=-78.938056  NIAGARA FALLS INTL ARPT  ASOS "/
.A X4310789 1225 Z DH0524/DVH14/UPV 60"LAT=43.108333 LON=-78.938056  NIAGARA FALLS INTL ARPT  ASOS "/
.A NY-ER-59 1225 Z DH1140/DVH24/PPV 0.25"LAT=42.963156 LON=-78.866894  ESE KENMORE  COCORAHS "/
.A GLEN6 1225 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 0.75"LAT=43.711667 LON=-75.425833  2 W GLENFIELD  COOP OBSERVER "/
.A X4300789 1225 Z DH0526/DVH14/UPV 59"LAT=42.964800 LON=-78.871900  KENMORE  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4210780 1225 Z DH0511/DVH14/UPV 47"LAT=42.110000 LON=-77.990000  1 W WELLSVILLE ARPT  ASOS "/
.A X4340764 1225 Z DH0845/DVH18/UPV 45"LAT=43.350000 LON=-76.380000  OSWEGO COUNTY ARPT  ASOS "/
.A X4400757 1225 Z DH1023/DVH19/UPV 49"LAT=44.050000 LON=-75.730000  FORT DRUM  ASOS "/
.A NY-JF-7 1225 Z DH1300/DVH24/PPV 0.49"LAT=44.175038 LON=-75.791367  3 S THERESA  COCORAHS "/
.A NY-CQ-22 1225 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 0.39"LAT=42.444141 LON=-79.346077  1 WNW FREDONIA  COCORAHS "/
.A X4300789 1225 Z DH0518/DVH14/UPV 67"LAT=43.040000 LON=-78.860000  NORTH TONAWANDA  COOP OBSERVER "/
.A NY-ER-77 1225 Z DH1300/DVH24/PPV 0.26"LAT=42.650875 LON=-78.610579  2 ENE COLDEN  COCORAHS "/


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