Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Boston, MA

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SRUS41 KBOX 220127

.A X4240718 1022 Z DH0106/DVH25/PPV 4.00"LAT=42.350000 LON=-71.850000  HOLDEN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4240718 1022 Z DH0046/DVH25/PPV 3.96"LAT=42.350000 LON=-71.850000  HOLDEN  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A X4240718 1022 Z DH0027/DVH24/PPV 3.75"LAT=42.350000 LON=-71.850000  HOLDEN  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4260713 1022 Z DH0041/DVH25/PPV 1.39"LAT=42.638700 LON=-71.322100  LOWELL  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4220718 1022 Z DH0022/DVH24/PPV 3.76"LAT=42.200000 LON=-71.833300  AUBURN  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4220718 1021 Z DH2241/DVH23/PPV 1.80"LAT=42.200000 LON=-71.833300  AUBURN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4260718 1021 Z DH2320/DVH23/PPV 2.06"LAT=42.589200 LON=-71.815600  FITCHBURG  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4190719 1022 Z DH0111/DVH25/PPV 2.25"LAT=41.857564 LON=-71.851649  2 ENE DAYVILLE  COCORAHS "/
.A X4250717 1022 Z DH0040/DVH25/PPV 2.70"LAT=42.542000 LON=-71.652900  SHIRLEY  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4250717 1021 Z DH2332/DVH24/PPV 1.30"LAT=42.542000 LON=-71.652900  SHIRLEY  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A 13-260 1022 Z DH0017/DVH24/PPV 3.49"LAT=42.194401 LON=-71.836098  AUBURN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4240717 1022 Z DH0051/DVH25/PPV 3.11"LAT=42.376094 LON=-71.656842  1 WSW BERLIN  COCORAHS "/
.A X4170719 1021 Z DH2342/DVH24/PPV 1.82"LAT=41.712877 LON=-71.880905  MOOSUP  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4180718 1021 Z DH2300/DVH23/PPV 0.96"LAT=41.831488 LON=-71.750625  NORTH FOSTER  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4180720 1022 Z DH0042/DVH25/PPV 2.85"LAT=41.783300 LON=-71.950000  BROOKLYN  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4240718 1021 Z DH2315/DVH23/PPV 2.25"LAT=42.433300 LON=-71.750000  STERLING  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4200720 1022 Z DH0115/DVH25/PPV 3.21"LAT=41.950000 LON=-71.983300  WOODSTOCK  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4250718 1022 Z DH0030/DVH25/PPV 2.79"LAT=42.519100 LON=-71.772200  LEOMINSTER  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4230717 1022 Z DH0022/DVH24/PPV 3.96"LAT=42.300000 LON=-71.716700  SHREWSBURY  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4230717 1021 Z DH2329/DVH23/PPV 2.10"LAT=42.300000 LON=-71.716700  SHREWSBURY  EMERGENCY MNGR "/


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