Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Portland, ME

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SRUS41 KGYX 250451

.A X4480697 0124 Z DH2125/DVH0/SFV 1.0"LAT=44.765000 LON=-69.719700  SKOWHEGAN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4370707 0124 Z DH2300/DVH2/SFV 2.5"LAT=43.731700 LON=-70.711400  LIMINGTON  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4290712 0125 Z DH0440/DVH8/SFV 8.0"LAT=42.874400 LON=-71.181700  HAMPSTEAD  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A ST34 0125 Z DH0247/DVH6/SFV 4.5"LAT=43.300000 LON=-71.170000  1 ESE LEIGHTON CORNERS  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4330716 0125 Z DH0030/DVH4/SFV 4.0"LAT=43.315000 LON=-71.621400  BOSCAWEN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4330716 0124 Z DH2230/DVH2/SFV 3.6"LAT=43.315000 LON=-71.621400  BOSCAWEN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4460695 0124 Z DH2318/DVH2/SFV 2.3"LAT=44.637800 LON=-69.503600  CLINTON  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4420691 0125 Z DH0106/DVH4/SFV 6.0"LAT=44.209700 LON=-69.065300  CAMDEN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4310709 0125 Z DH0100/DVH4/SFV 4.5"LAT=43.133900 LON=-70.926900  DURHAM  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4440695 0125 Z DH0108/DVH4/SFV 4.0"LAT=44.407800 LON=-69.474400  PALERMO  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A RO210 0125 Z DH0031/DVH4/SFV 4.5"LAT=43.136000 LON=-71.311000  2 NW LEAVITTS HILL  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A YO106 0124 Z DH2224/DVH1/SFV 4.1"LAT=43.400000 LON=-70.520000  BARTLETT MILLS  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4380722 0124 Z DH2200/DVH1/SFV 0.1"LAT=43.809400 LON=-72.159200  LYME  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A YO62 0124 Z DH2247/DVH2/SFV 4.5"LAT=43.234400 LON=-70.810000  SOUTH BERWICK  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4440697 0124 Z DH2230/DVH2/SFV 3.0"LAT=44.413100 LON=-69.729400  SIDNEY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4470698 0124 Z DH2230/DVH2/SFV 0.1"LAT=44.713100 LON=-69.791100  NORRIDGEWOCK  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A ST34 0124 Z DH2135/DVH1/SFV 3.3"LAT=43.300000 LON=-71.170000  2 SSE STRAFFORD  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4400708 0124 Z DH2300/DVH2/SFV 0.1"LAT=43.970300 LON=-70.803900  DENMARK  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A SU32 0125 Z DH0326/DVH6/SFV 2.9"LAT=43.170000 LON=-72.080000  1 ESE WASHINGTON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4370704 0125 Z DH0032/DVH4/SFV 3.7"LAT=43.674170 LON=-70.439170  GORHAM  COOP 2 "/
.A X4460696 0124 Z DH2355/DVH3/SFV 3.0"LAT=44.551900 LON=-69.632200  WATERVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A KN39 0125 Z DH0022/DVH3/SFV 4.0"LAT=44.270000 LON=-69.160000  HOPE  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A BE48 0125 Z DH0129/DVH4/SFV 4.8"LAT=43.470000 LON=-71.240000  ALTON BAY  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4350712 0125 Z DH0015/DVH3/SFV 4.0"LAT=43.470000 LON=-71.240000  ALTON BAY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4350712 0125 Z DH0442/DVH8/SFV 4.0"LAT=43.470000 LON=-71.240000  ALTON BAY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A HL476 0124 Z DH2218/DVH1/SFV 3.0"LAT=42.987583 LON=-71.812577  FRANCESTOWN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A CU203 0125 Z DH0106/DVH4/SFV 3.4"LAT=43.797800 LON=-70.180000  YARMOUTH  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A HL263 0124 Z DH2225/DVH1/SFV 5.0"LAT=42.868000 LON=-71.483900  MERRIMACK  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4410705 0125 Z DH0100/DVH4/SFV 1.0"LAT=44.131700 LON=-70.493600  OXFORD  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4280714 0125 Z DH0220/DVH5/SFV 8.1"LAT=42.763800 LON=-71.432100  HUDSON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4280714 0124 Z DH2300/DVH2/SFV 6.4"LAT=42.763800 LON=-71.432100  HUDSON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A CU213 0124 Z DH2205/DVH1/SFV 3.0"LAT=43.630000 LON=-70.430000  3 SSE GORHAM  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4280714 0125 Z DH0114/DVH4/SFV 7.0"LAT=42.783000 LON=-71.414800  HUDSON  COOP "/
.A X4400701 0125 Z DH0100/DVH4/SFV 3.0"LAT=44.030000 LON=-70.100000  LISBON  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4400697 0125 Z DH0100/DVH4/SFV 3.5"LAT=44.002800 LON=-69.666100  WISCASSET  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4420692 0124 Z DH2245/DVH2/SFV 3.5"LAT=44.236040 LON=-69.159400  2 S HOPE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4370708 0124 Z DH2112/DVH0/SFV 1.5"LAT=43.688300 LON=-70.794200  LIMERICK  PUBLIC "/
.A X4370702 0125 Z DH0251/DVH6/SFV 3.0"LAT=43.729400 LON=-70.242500  FALMOUTH  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4370702 0124 Z DH2309/DVH2/SFV 2.7"LAT=43.729400 LON=-70.242500  FALMOUTH  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A AN80 0124 Z DH2148/DVH1/SFV 0.5"LAT=44.200000 LON=-70.260000  4 S TURNER  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A SU36 0125 Z DH0003/DVH3/SFV 2.8"LAT=43.450600 LON=-72.163600  CROYDON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4430690 0125 Z DH0142/DVH5/SFV 5.0"LAT=44.281100 LON=-69.009200  LINCOLNVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A CU195 0125 Z DH0115/DVH4/SFV 1.5"LAT=43.879097 LON=-70.632568  1 SSE NORTH SEBAGO  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4310724 0124 Z DH2251/DVH2/SFV 2.7"LAT=43.073900 LON=-72.405300  WALPOLE  COOP "/
.A X4380703 0125 Z DH0020/DVH3/SFV 3.0"LAT=43.810000 LON=-70.260000  CUMBERLAND CENTER  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4390703 0125 Z DH0000/DVH3/SFV 3.0"LAT=43.890000 LON=-70.260000  GRAY NWS OFFICE  NWS OFFICE "/
.A X4370703 0125 Z DH0206/DVH5/SFV 3.4"LAT=43.661400 LON=-70.255800  PORTLAND  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4370703 0124 Z DH2120/DVH0/SFV 2.7"LAT=43.661400 LON=-70.255800  PORTLAND  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4350704 0124 Z DH2255/DVH2/SFV 3.3"LAT=43.500800 LON=-70.443300  SACO  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4380703 0125 Z DH0140/DVH5/SFV 3.5"LAT=43.796400 LON=-70.259400  CUMBERLAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4370704 0124 Z DH2345/DVH3/SFV 4.0"LAT=43.679400 LON=-70.444700  GORHAM  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A CU172 0125 Z DH0016/DVH3/SFV 3.4"LAT=43.679400 LON=-70.444700  GORHAM  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4390701 0124 Z DH2220/DVH1/SFV 2.3"LAT=43.856900 LON=-70.103600  FREEPORT  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4440690 0125 Z DH0000/DVH3/SFV 3.0"LAT=44.425800 LON=-69.006900  BELFAST  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4370703 0125 Z DH0143/DVH5/SFV 3.5"LAT=43.702877 LON=-70.305483  1 ENE PORTLAND - RIVERTON  COCORAHS "/
.A X4360707 0124 Z DH2245/DVH2/SFV 3.1"LAT=43.564560 LON=-70.715600  2 N WATERBORO  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4350715 0124 Z DH2235/DVH2/SFV 3.0"LAT=43.527700 LON=-71.470800  LACONIA  COOP 2 "/
.A ME62 0125 Z DH0208/DVH5/SFV 2.5"LAT=43.170000 LON=-71.820000  1 SSE HENNIKER  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4360703 0125 Z DH0213/DVH5/SFV 6.0"LAT=43.578100 LON=-70.322200  SCARBOROUGH  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4380714 0125 Z DH0110/DVH4/SFV 1.0"LAT=43.754700 LON=-71.397200  MOULTONBOROUGH  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4270715 0125 Z DH0439/DVH8/SFV 6.5"LAT=42.748600 LON=-71.491800  NASHUA  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4270715 0124 Z DH2220/DVH1/SFV 6.0"LAT=42.748600 LON=-71.491800  NASHUA  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A YO184 0124 Z DH2130/DVH1/SFV 4.8"LAT=43.098455 LON=-70.778278  2 NNW PORTSMOUTH  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4360703 0125 Z DH0000/DVH3/SFV 3.3"LAT=43.650000 LON=-70.300000  PORTLAND JETPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4430692 0124 Z DH2300/DVH2/SFV 3.5"LAT=44.271102 LON=-69.151096  6 NW CAMDEN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4330710 0125 Z DH0100/DVH4/SFV 5.0"LAT=43.304400 LON=-70.976100  ROCHESTER  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A KN47 0125 Z DH0359/DVH7/SFV 6.2"LAT=44.200000 LON=-69.070000  1 SSW CAMDEN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4410702 0125 Z DH0100/DVH4/SFV 2.3"LAT=44.097800 LON=-70.231700  AUBURN  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4410702 0125 Z DH0213/DVH5/SFV 2.0"LAT=44.097800 LON=-70.231700  AUBURN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A YO16 0124 Z DH2144/DVH1/SFV 2.2"LAT=43.790000 LON=-70.810000  1 SSW CORNISH  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4300724 0125 Z DH0030/DVH4/SFV 3.2"LAT=42.962025 LON=-72.442310  WESTMORELAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4370704 0125 Z DH0100/DVH4/SFV 2.0"LAT=43.676900 LON=-70.371700  WESTBROOK  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A RO121 0125 Z DH0114/DVH4/SFV 7.5"LAT=42.900000 LON=-70.900000  WEARES MILL  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4320715 0125 Z DH0000/DVH3/SFV 4.3"LAT=43.210000 LON=-71.500000  CONCORD ASOS  ASOS "/
.A X4430698 0125 Z DH0100/DVH4/SFV 2.5"LAT=44.310600 LON=-69.780000  AUGUSTA  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X4290712 0125 Z DH0256/DVH6/SFV 7.4"LAT=42.910833 LON=-71.202102  WEST HAMPSTEAD  COOP "/
.A X4370715 0125 Z DH0100/DVH4/SFV 2.0"LAT=43.657500 LON=-71.500800  MEREDITH  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4310707 0125 Z DH0110/DVH4/SFV 5.2"LAT=43.143600 LON=-70.651400  YORK  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4360707 0125 Z DH0130/DVH5/SFV 2.9"LAT=43.650000 LON=-70.670000  HOLLIS  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4360707 0124 Z DH2240/DVH2/SFV 2.6"LAT=43.650000 LON=-70.670000  HOLLIS  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4340716 0124 Z DH2330/DVH3/SFV 3.0"LAT=43.442200 LON=-71.589400  TILTON  SOCIAL MEDIA "/


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