Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Wakefield, VA

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Versions: 1
SRUS41 KAKQ 201638
1137 AM EST TUE JAN 20 2015

.A X3850759 0120 Z DH1412/DVH72/PPV1.58"LAT=38.51360 LON=-75.9129 VIENNA 5.0 WNW COCORAHS"
.A X3650783 0120 Z DH1615/DVH72/PPV0.11"LAT=36.59917 LON=-78.3005 JOHN H KERR DAM MESONET"
.A X3730767 0120 Z DH1431/DVH72/PPV1.13"LAT=37.30891 LON=-76.7723 WILLIAMSBURG 4.5 NW COCORAHS"
.A X3750771 0120 Z DH1246/DVH72/PPV1.81"LAT=37.50588 LON=-77.1752 QUINTON 3.5 WSW COCORAHS"
.A X3640772 0120 Z DH1223/DVH72/PPV1.17"LAT=36.43625 LON=-77.2359 CONWAY 0.3 W COCORAHS"
.A ALBV2 0120 Z DH1300/DVH72/PPV0.65"LAT=36.93970 LON=-77.8986 5 N ALBERTA CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3640767 0120 Z DH1504/DVH72/PPV0.90"LAT=36.43594 LON=-76.7071 GATESVILLE 3.3 NE COCORAHS"
.A X3720767 0120 Z DH1252/DVH72/PPV1.09"LAT=37.27150 LON=-76.7664 WILLIAMSBURG 3.3 W COCORAHS"
.A X3620762 0120 Z DH1625/DVH72/PPV0.79"LAT=36.29850 LON=-76.2185 MARINERS WARF PARK AT ELIZABETH CITY MESONET"
.A X3700764 0120 Z DH1106/DVH72/PPV0.86"LAT=37.06062 LON=-76.4410 HAMPTON 8.1 W COCORAHS"
.A X3680762 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.97"LAT=36.88917 LON=-76.2125 NORFOLK INTERNATIONAL ARPT MESONET"
.A X3750764 0120 Z DH1236/DVH72/PPV1.05"LAT=37.53702 LON=-76.4437 WHITE STONE 8.0 SSW COCORAHS"
.A X3720766 0120 Z DH1227/DVH72/PPV1.16"LAT=37.27800 LON=-76.6839 WILLIAMSBURG 1.4 ENE COCORAHS"
.A X3740754 0120 Z DH0500/DVH72/PPV1.68"LAT=37.41420 LON=-75.4368 18 ESE QUINBY MESONET"
.A X3730767 0120 Z DH1131/DVH72/PPV1.20"LAT=37.33323 LON=-76.7126 WILLIAMSBURG 4.4 N COCORAHS"
.A X3690766 0120 Z DH1109/DVH72/PPV0.97"LAT=36.95911 LON=-76.6249 SMITHFIELD 1.7 SSW COCORAHS"
.A X3740773 0120 Z DH1221/DVH72/PPV1.40"LAT=37.45608 LON=-77.3498 MONTROSE 4.7 SSE COCORAHS"
.A X3750776 0120 Z DH1140/DVH72/PPV0.71"LAT=37.51383 LON=-77.6435 MIDLOTHIAN 0.6 NE COCORAHS"
.A FARV2 0120 Z DH1230/DVH72/PPV0.10"LAT=37.33330 LON=-78.3833 2 N FARMVILLE CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3730773 0120 Z DH0935/DVH72/PPV1.70"LAT=37.32395 LON=-77.3325 CHESTER 6.0 ESE COCORAHS"
.A WMBV2 0120 Z DH0500/DVH72/PPV1.20"LAT=37.30000 LON=-76.7000 2 N WILLIAMSBURG CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3680763 0120 Z DH1237/DVH72/PPV1.31"LAT=36.80100 LON=-76.3270 PORTSMOUTH 4.1 SSE COCORAHS"
.A X3810757 0120 Z DH1228/DVH72/PPV1.45"LAT=38.17830 LON=-75.7688 PRINCESS ANNE 4.4 WSW COCORAHS"
.A X3810757 0120 Z DH1230/DVH72/PPV1.46"LAT=38.17450 LON=-75.7066 PRINCESS ANNE 2.1 SSW COCORAHS"
.A X3760775 0120 Z DH1218/DVH72/PPV0.73"LAT=37.65537 LON=-77.5687 GLEN ALLEN 4.6 W COCORAHS"
.A X3710764 0120 Z DH1120/DVH72/PPV0.93"LAT=37.14433 LON=-76.4541 NEWPORT NEWS 5.8 NE COCORAHS"
.A X3590769 0120 Z DH1620/DVH72/PPV0.84"LAT=35.99390 LON=-76.9425 NC IFLOWS AT WINDSOR MESONET"
.A X3720769 0120 Z DH1224/DVH72/PPV1.19"LAT=37.22500 LON=-76.9676 CLAREMONT 0.2 SW COCORAHS"
.A X3730782 0120 Z DH1457/DVH72/PPV0.27"LAT=37.36855 LON=-78.2274 RICE 7.3 NE COCORAHS"
.A X3730776 0120 Z DH1250/DVH72/PPV0.89"LAT=37.32517 LON=-77.6442 CHESTERFIELD 8.5 WSW COCORAHS"
.A X3610764 0120 Z DH1204/DVH72/PPV0.70"LAT=36.11580 LON=-76.4339 HERTFORD 5.2 SSE COCORAHS"
.A X3750768 0120 Z DH0500/DVH72/PPV1.50"LAT=37.56970 LON=-76.8886 SWEET HALL MARSH MESONET"
.A X3670759 0120 Z DH1327/DVH72/PPV0.90"LAT=36.75383 LON=-75.9910 VIRGINIA BEACH 3.1 ENE COCORAHS"
.A X3720767 0120 Z DH1224/DVH72/PPV1.12"LAT=37.28305 LON=-76.7636 WILLIAMSBURG 3.2 WNW COCORAHS"
.A X3720767 0120 Z DH1411/DVH72/PPV1.18"LAT=37.25251 LON=-76.7263 WILLIAMSBURG 1.6 SW COCORAHS"
.A X3600766 0120 Z DH1301/DVH72/PPV0.68"LAT=36.05868 LON=-76.6026 EDENTON 0.2 NNW COCORAHS"
.A X3650780 0120 Z DH1115/DVH72/PPV0.54"LAT=36.57100 LON=-78.0406 BRACEY 6.0 ESE COCORAHS"
.A X3730767 0120 Z DH1435/DVH72/PPV1.21"LAT=37.30696 LON=-76.7753 WILLIAMSBURG 4.5 NW COCORAHS"
.A X3770765 0120 Z DH1205/DVH72/PPV1.24"LAT=37.71701 LON=-76.5176 URBANNA 6.2 NNE COCORAHS"
.A X3680762 0120 Z DH1247/DVH72/PPV1.28"LAT=36.86173 LON=-76.2922 NORFOLK 5.0 SSW COCORAHS"
.A X3620767 0120 Z DH1440/DVH72/PPV0.81"LAT=36.21758 LON=-76.7095 EDENTON 12.7 NNW COCORAHS"
.A X3740776 0120 Z DH1241/DVH72/PPV0.97"LAT=37.43991 LON=-77.6670 MIDLOTHIAN 4.7 SSW COCORAHS"
.A X3750765 0120 Z DH1626/DVH72/PPV1.19"LAT=37.55667 LON=-76.5061 1 SSE HEALYS MESONET"
.A X3720766 0120 Z DH1310/DVH72/PPV1.23"LAT=37.27996 LON=-76.6839 WILLIAMSBURG 1.4 ENE COCORAHS"
.A X3740772 0120 Z DH1627/DVH72/PPV1.64"LAT=37.47100 LON=-77.2756 2 WNW GLENDALE MESONET"
.A X3730763 0120 Z DH1241/DVH72/PPV1.09"LAT=37.37425 LON=-76.3070 PORT HAYWOOD 1.0 SE COCORAHS"
.A X3690766 0120 Z DH1305/DVH72/PPV0.91"LAT=36.97887 LON=-76.6054 SMITHFIELD 0.7 ESE COCORAHS"
.A X3830756 0120 Z DH1353/DVH72/PPV1.90"LAT=38.35990 LON=-75.6333 SALISBURY 2.5 WSW COCORAHS"
.A X3820759 0120 Z DH1244/DVH72/PPV1.52"LAT=38.24702 LON=-75.9026 NANTICOKE 1.8 S COCORAHS"
.A X3740766 0120 Z DH1402/DVH72/PPV1.05"LAT=37.41724 LON=-76.6247 GLOUCESTER COURTHOUSE 5.4 W COCORAHS"
.A X3670767 0120 Z DH1416/DVH72/PPV0.93"LAT=36.76096 LON=-76.7542 WINDSOR 3.4 SSW COCORAHS"
.A X3640763 0120 Z DH1430/DVH72/PPV0.63"LAT=36.43940 LON=-76.3250 JOYCE CREEK INTERCOASTAL WATERWAY MESONET"
.A X3680762 0120 Z DH1618/DVH72/PPV0.50"LAT=36.81633 LON=-76.2383 2 ENE SOUTH NORFOLK MESONET"
.A X3670763 0120 Z DH1430/DVH72/PPV0.72"LAT=36.74640 LON=-76.3406 DEEP CREEK MESONET"
.A X3680769 0120 Z DH1258/DVH72/PPV1.03"LAT=36.83020 LON=-76.9892 SEDLEY 3.7 N COCORAHS"
.A X3760757 0120 Z DH1309/DVH72/PPV1.05"LAT=37.67300 LON=-75.7975 ONANCOCK 3.9 SW COCORAHS"
.A X3790775 0120 Z DH1202/DVH72/PPV0.50"LAT=37.90983 LON=-77.5854 BEAVERDAM 4.3 ESE COCORAHS"
.A X3670760 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.82"LAT=36.77464 LON=-76.0421 2 NNE PRINCESS ANNE MESONET"
.A EPRV2 0120 Z DH1200/DVH72/PPV1.00"LAT=36.69780 LON=-77.5589 1 WNW EMPORIA CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3690765 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.81"LAT=36.93026 LON=-76.5286 2 ESE CARROLLTON MESONET"
.A NFKV2 0120 Z DH0459/DVH72/PPV1.17"LAT=36.87000 LON=-76.2278 NORFOLK CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3740767 0120 Z DH0500/DVH72/PPV1.20"LAT=37.41420 LON=-76.7125 YORK RIVER STATE PARK MESONET"
.A X3830755 0120 Z DH1306/DVH72/PPV1.32"LAT=38.35537 LON=-75.5020 SALISBURY 4.8 ESE COCORAHS"
.A X3760775 0120 Z DH1602/DVH72/PPV0.64"LAT=37.69367 LON=-77.5895 3 NNE SHORT PUMP MESONET"
.A X3610762 0120 Z DH1623/DVH72/PPV0.73"LAT=36.16967 LON=-76.2991 2 WNW JACOCKS MESONET"
.A DSPV2 0120 Z DH1200/DVH72/PPV1.12"LAT=37.11220 LON=-77.2016 DISPUTANTA CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A EASV2 0120 Z DH1200/DVH72/PPV0.76"LAT=37.38310 LON=-75.9817 EASTVILLE 3W CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3670761 0120 Z DH1623/DVH72/PPV0.68"LAT=36.76471 LON=-76.1459 3 SSW GALLUPS CORNER MESONET"
.A X3760776 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.56"LAT=37.63617 LON=-77.6508 2 WSW SHORT PUMP MESONET"
.A X3690761 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.74"LAT=36.92476 LON=-76.1903 1 NNE NORFOLK INTERNATIONAL ARPT MESONET"
.A X3700762 0120 Z DH1617/DVH72/PPV1.02"LAT=37.07778 LON=-76.2965 FOX HILL MESONET"
.A X3640760 0120 Z DH1628/DVH72/PPV0.69"LAT=36.45417 LON=-76.0808 SLIGO MESONET"
.A X3800780 0120 Z DH1607/DVH72/PPV0.03"LAT=38.04007 LON=-78.0060 1 NNW LOUISA MESONET"
.A X3720767 0120 Z DH1628/DVH72/PPV0.79"LAT=37.24530 LON=-76.7650 FIVE FORKS MESONET"
.A X3680762 0120 Z DH1629/DVH72/PPV0.96"LAT=36.87533 LON=-76.2445 1 S NORVIEW MESONET"
.A X3710764 0120 Z DH1627/DVH72/PPV0.90"LAT=37.13800 LON=-76.4003 1 WNW POQUOSON MESONET"
.A NTHV2 0120 Z DH1200/DVH72/PPV0.95"LAT=37.43390 LON=-76.4413 NORTH CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3760775 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.76"LAT=37.60117 LON=-77.5766 1 NE TUCKAHOE MESONET"
.A X3760766 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV1.22"LAT=37.68200 LON=-76.6210 1 N REMLIK MESONET"
.A X3660762 0120 Z DH1621/DVH72/PPV0.78"LAT=36.68517 LON=-76.2095 1 WSW FENTRESS MESONET"
.A X3730776 0120 Z DH1623/DVH72/PPV0.02"LAT=37.37850 LON=-77.6351 2 WNW BEACH MESONET"
.A X3680764 0120 Z DH1627/DVH72/PPV0.60"LAT=36.85017 LON=-76.4711 DEANES MESONET"
.A WKFV2 0120 Z DH0500/DVH72/PPV0.99"LAT=36.98390 LON=-77.0078 NWS OFFFICE CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3670762 0120 Z DH1500/DVH72/PPV1.48"LAT=36.71667 LON=-76.2675 2 W GREAT BRIDGE MESONET"
.A X3760777 0120 Z DH1629/DVH72/PPV0.39"LAT=37.63883 LON=-77.7241 2 NE SABOT MESONET"
.A X3760763 0120 Z DH1625/DVH72/PPV0.82"LAT=37.69800 LON=-76.3120 1 E BYRDTON MESONET"
.A X3750776 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.60"LAT=37.55200 LON=-77.6580 4 NNW MIDLOTHIAN MESONET"
.A X3620762 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.78"LAT=36.28551 LON=-76.2466 2 WSW ELIZABETH CITY MESONET"
.A X3710764 0120 Z DH1620/DVH72/PPV0.63"LAT=37.18902 LON=-76.4271 1 SSE SEAFORD MESONET"
.A X3680763 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.60"LAT=36.85033 LON=-76.3361 2 WNW DOWNTOWN PORTSMOUT MESONET"
.A X3760775 0120 Z DH1610/DVH72/PPV0.73"LAT=37.65536 LON=-77.5692 2 E SHORT PUMP MESONET"
.A X3770756 0120 Z DH1620/DVH72/PPV0.59"LAT=37.73167 LON=-75.6118 3 ENE ACCOMAC MESONET"
.A X3710765 0120 Z DH1627/DVH72/PPV0.84"LAT=37.10073 LON=-76.5459 1 WNW MENCHVILLE MESONET"
.A X3720766 0120 Z DH1400/DVH72/PPV0.89"LAT=37.27283 LON=-76.6761 1 NW YORK TERRACE MESONET"
.A AKQ 0120 Z DH1154/DVH72/PPV0.95"LAT=36.98360 LON=-77.0072 WAKEFIELD, VA ASOS"
.A CRZV2 0120 Z DH1100/DVH72/PPV0.42"LAT=37.63330 LON=-77.8000 CROZIER CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3680761 0120 Z DH1624/DVH72/PPV0.56"LAT=36.81383 LON=-76.1363 1 NNW GALLUPS CORNER MESONET"
.A X3680763 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV1.23"LAT=36.83353 LON=-76.3519 3 W DOWNTOWN PORTSMOUT MESONET"
.A X3740773 0120 Z DH1629/DVH72/PPV1.39"LAT=37.45590 LON=-77.3502 VARINA MESONET"
.A X3690767 0120 Z DH1625/DVH72/PPV1.03"LAT=36.99433 LON=-76.7370 COMET MESONET"
.A SUFV2 0120 Z DH0500/DVH72/PPV0.82"LAT=36.73330 LON=-76.6000 1 W SUFFOLK CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A MRFN7 0120 Z DH1200/DVH72/PPV1.07"LAT=36.45190 LON=-77.0803 WATER TR PLT CO-OP OBSERVER"
.A X3760773 0120 Z DH1627/DVH72/PPV0.83"LAT=37.60450 LON=-77.3258 2 SE MECHANICSVILLE MESONET"
.A X3680762 0120 Z DH1600/DVH72/PPV0.77"LAT=36.85650 LON=-76.2890 DOWNTOWN NORFOLK MESONET"
.A X3650764 0120 Z DH1430/DVH72/PPV1.04"LAT=36.56160 LON=-76.4361 SYCAMORE DITCH MESONET"
.A X3640772 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.83"LAT=36.43217 LON=-77.2296 CONWAY MESONET"
.A X3660760 0120 Z DH1631/DVH72/PPV0.61"LAT=36.63383 LON=-76.0411 1 SSW BACK BAY MESONET"
.A X3670775 0120 Z DH1620/DVH72/PPV1.37"LAT=36.78883 LON=-77.5721 1 N COWIE CORNER MESONET"
.A X3740776 0120 Z DH1629/DVH72/PPV0.41"LAT=37.42645 LON=-77.6426 5 S MIDLOTHIAN MESONET"
.A OFP 0120 Z DH1154/DVH72/PPV0.99"LAT=37.70780 LON=-77.4364 HANOVER COUNTY MUNICIPAL ASOS"
.A X3720786 0120 Z DH1626/DVH72/PPV0.02"LAT=37.26547 LON=-78.6342 2 SW ELAM MESONET"
.A X3760775 0120 Z DH1622/DVH72/PPV0.20"LAT=37.69483 LON=-77.5946 3 NNE SHORT PUMP MESONET"
.A X3720777 0120 Z DH1628/DVH72/PPV0.75"LAT=37.22918 LON=-77.7437 2 NE AMMON MESONET"
.A X3690765 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.65"LAT=36.95700 LON=-76.5963 1 NNW BENNS CHURCH MESONET"
.A X3680764 0120 Z DH1624/DVH72/PPV0.77"LAT=36.80083 LON=-76.4330 1 NNW BOWERS HILL MESONET"
.A X3720774 0120 Z DH1629/DVH72/PPV1.36"LAT=37.25433 LON=-77.4106 COLONIAL HEIGHTS MESONET"
.A X3740777 0120 Z DH1629/DVH72/PPV0.86"LAT=37.41650 LON=-77.7065 3 E MOSELEY MESONET"
.A X3680763 0120 Z DH1604/DVH72/PPV1.24"LAT=36.80133 LON=-76.3271 1 NW CRADOCK MESONET"
.A X3650765 0120 Z DH1616/DVH72/PPV0.27"LAT=36.52252 LON=-76.5778 1 S CORAPEAKE MESONET"
.A X3680762 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.93"LAT=36.82783 LON=-76.2083 2 W KEMPSVILLE MESONET"
.A X3680764 0120 Z DH1628/DVH72/PPV0.78"LAT=36.87800 LON=-76.4800 2 ESE HOBSON MESONET"
.A X3760764 0120 Z DH1631/DVH72/PPV0.87"LAT=37.64000 LON=-76.4178 1 W WHITE STONE MESONET"
.A ORF 0120 Z DH1151/DVH72/PPV0.94"LAT=36.90330 LON=-76.1922 NORFOLK INTL AP ASOS"
.A X3670783 0120 Z DH1626/DVH72/PPV0.72"LAT=36.73006 LON=-78.3607 3 E ROGERS CORNER MESONET"
.A X3670760 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV0.88"LAT=36.75283 LON=-76.0274 1 E PRINCESS ANNE MESONET"
.A X3710763 0120 Z DH1618/DVH72/PPV0.79"LAT=37.13000 LON=-76.3672 1 E POQUOSON MESONET"
.A X3690781 0120 Z DH1624/DVH72/PPV0.77"LAT=36.95373 LON=-78.1747 3 WSW KENBRIDGE MESONET"
.A X3830756 0120 Z DH1619/DVH72/PPV1.62"LAT=38.39550 LON=-75.6934 1 SSW HEBRON MESONET"
.A X3850760 0120 Z DH1616/DVH72/PPV1.27"LAT=38.57550 LON=-76.0926 1 NW CAMBRIDGE MESONET"
.A X3770764 0120 Z DH1627/DVH72/PPV0.91"LAT=37.70000 LON=-76.4000 1 SW KILMARNOCK MESONET"
.A X3750776 0120 Z DH1610/DVH72/PPV0.60"LAT=37.52100 LON=-77.6680 2 WNW MIDLOTHIAN MESONET"
.A X3710768 0120 Z DH1618/DVH72/PPV0.79"LAT=37.17207 LON=-76.8069 1 WSW SCOTLAND MESONET"
.A X3680760 0120 Z DH1624/DVH72/PPV0.86"LAT=36.83517 LON=-76.0565 LYNNHAVEN MESONET"
.A X3830760 0120 Z DH1626/DVH72/PPV1.17"LAT=38.30516 LON=-76.0839 2 N WINGATE MESONET"
.A X3720774 0120 Z DH1621/DVH72/PPV1.13"LAT=37.28867 LON=-77.4818 4 N MATOACA MESONET"
.A X3670763 0120 Z DH1627/DVH72/PPV0.76"LAT=36.72633 LON=-76.3411 1 SSE DEEP CREEK MESONET"
.A X3740776 0120 Z DH1618/DVH72/PPV1.14"LAT=37.45567 LON=-77.6165 3 SSE MIDLOTHIAN MESONET"
.A X3780776 0120 Z DH1619/DVH72/PPV0.54"LAT=37.80733 LON=-77.6436 1 NNW GOODALL MESONET"
.A X3660761 0120 Z DH1629/DVH72/PPV0.39"LAT=36.64200 LON=-76.1438 4 SE FENTRESS MESONET"
.A X3750772 0120 Z DH1544/DVH72/PPV0.87"LAT=37.52981 LON=-77.2746 1 NNE SANDSTON MESONET"
.A X3790755 0120 Z DH1546/DVH72/PPV0.90"LAT=37.97636 LON=-75.5313 NEW CHURCH MESONET"
.A X3770757 0120 Z DH1549/DVH72/PPV0.81"LAT=37.70249 LON=-75.7080 TASLEY MESONET"
.A X3720765 0120 Z DH1601/DVH72/PPV0.59"LAT=37.24192 LON=-76.5073 1 N YORKTOWN MESONET"
.A X3770774 0120 Z DH1616/DVH72/PPV0.78"LAT=37.75301 LON=-77.4843 1 SW ASHLAND MESONET"
.A X3680762 0120 Z DH1627/DVH72/PPV0.76"LAT=36.89045 LON=-76.2562 1 WNW NORVIEW MESONET"
.A X3850760 0120 Z DH1618/DVH72/PPV1.16"LAT=38.55500 LON=-76.0111 4 E CAMBRIDGE MESONET"
.A X3850760 0120 Z DH1630/DVH72/PPV1.31"LAT=38.58033 LON=-76.0938 2 NW CAMBRIDGE MESONET"
.A X3730767 0120 Z DH1602/DVH72/PPV1.20"LAT=37.34783 LON=-76.7720 1 WNW LIGHTFOOT MESONET"
.A X3770765 0120 Z DH1602/DVH72/PPV1.09"LAT=37.71000 LON=-76.5258 1 SSE MOLLUSK MESONET"
.A X3750772 0120 Z DH1622/DVH72/PPV1.56"LAT=37.58044 LON=-77.2959 3 NE HIGHLAND SPRINGS MESONET"
.A X3780755 0120 Z DH1626/DVH72/PPV0.57"LAT=37.85000 LON=-75.5903 1 WNW MAPPSVILLE MESONET"
.A X3670761 0120 Z DH1621/DVH72/PPV0.83"LAT=36.71083 LON=-76.1945 1 NW FENTRESS MESONET"
.A X3740764 0120 Z DH1619/DVH72/PPV0.81"LAT=37.44867 LON=-76.4458 1 S FORT NONSENSE MESONET"
.A X3760776 0120 Z DH1620/DVH72/PPV0.59"LAT=37.63357 LON=-77.6345 2 SW SHORT PUMP MESONET"
.A X3670765 0120 Z DH1616/DVH72/PPV0.85"LAT=36.72821 LON=-76.5835 DOWNTOWN SUFFOLK MESONET"
.A X3790776 0120 Z DH1626/DVH72/PPV0.44"LAT=37.94033 LON=-77.6256 2 E BEAVERDAM MESONET"
.A X3670759 0120 Z DH1612/DVH72/PPV0.80"LAT=36.75383 LON=-75.9908 1 NNW SIGMA MESONET"
.A X3700773 0120 Z DH1625/DVH72/PPV1.45"LAT=37.06050 LON=-77.3908 1 NNE CARSON MESONET"
.A X3780780 0120 Z DH1601/DVH72/PPV0.08"LAT=37.86833 LON=-78.0508 TABSCOTT MESONET"



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