Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Upton, NY

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SRUS41 KOKX 291736

.A NY-NS-16 0729 Z DH1320/DVH24/PPV 1.90"LAT=40.655156 LON=-73.475584  1 SSW MASSAPEQUA  COCORAHS "/
.A NY-NS-16 0729 Z DH1300/DVH24/PPV 1.42"LAT=40.655156 LON=-73.475584  1 SSW MASSAPEQUA  COCORAHS "/
.A X4070734 0729 Z DH1630/DVH25/PPV 0.99"LAT=40.730000 LON=-73.410000  FARMINGDALE AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4060741 0729 Z DH1530/DVH24/PPV 1.29"LAT=40.610000 LON=-74.130000  TODT HILL  COCORAHS "/
.A E4570 0729 Z DH1150/DVH24/PPV 1.07"LAT=40.852170 LON=-74.129830  PASSAIC  CWOP "/
.A X4090741 0729 Z DH1151/DVH24/PPV 1.07"LAT=40.860000 LON=-74.060000  TETERBORO AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4080731 0729 Z DH1630/DVH25/PPV 1.00"LAT=40.790000 LON=-73.100000  ISLIP AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4090743 0729 Z DH1630/DVH25/PPV 0.69"LAT=40.880000 LON=-74.280000  CALDWELL AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A CT-FR-37 0729 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.07"LAT=41.098001 LON=-73.559962  WNW STAMFORD  COCORAHS "/
.A X4080729 0729 Z DH1620/DVH24/PPV 1.72"LAT=40.780200 LON=-72.913000  BROOKHAVEN  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A NY-KN-25 0729 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.31"LAT=40.684600 LON=-73.986700  3 NW BROOKLYN  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-BG-39 0729 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.00"LAT=40.932076 LON=-74.035372  NNE RIVER EDGE  COCORAHS "/
.A D1901 0729 Z DH1128/DVH24/PPV 1.05"LAT=40.983020 LON=-74.036190  WESTWOOD  CWOP "/
.A NJ-BG-18 0729 Z DH1300/DVH24/PPV 1.01"LAT=40.848094 LON=-74.000247  WNW PALISADES PARK  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-BG-10 0729 Z DH1130/DVH24/PPV 1.31"LAT=40.991450 LON=-74.012348  2 S RIVER VALE TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A NY-WC-3 0729 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.14"LAT=41.063900 LON=-73.772200  3 NNW WHITE PLAINS  COCORAHS "/
.A X4130720 0729 Z DH1700/DVH25/PPV 0.81"LAT=41.330000 LON=-72.050000  GROTON AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4090730 0729 Z DH1520/DVH23/PPV 1.02"LAT=40.932500 LON=-72.987400  MILLER PLACE  PUBLIC "/
.A X4140735 0729 Z DH1630/DVH25/PPV 0.40"LAT=41.370000 LON=-73.480000  DANBURY AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4100740 0729 Z DH1624/DVH24/PPV 1.31"LAT=40.988400 LON=-74.031100  WESTWOOD  COCORAHS "/
.A X4080739 0729 Z DH1635/DVH25/PPV 1.02"LAT=40.780000 LON=-73.880000  NYC/LA GUARDIA  ASOS "/
.A X4080728 0729 Z DH1700/DVH25/PPV 2.08"LAT=40.810100 LON=-72.760500  EAST MORICHES  MESONET "/
.A X4120731 0729 Z DH1640/DVH25/PPV 0.26"LAT=41.160000 LON=-73.130000  BRIDGEPORT AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4070736 0729 Z DH1430/DVH23/PPV 1.72"LAT=40.650600 LON=-73.554600  MERRICK  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A X4080740 0729 Z DH1620/DVH24/PPV 1.09"LAT=40.800000 LON=-73.960000  CENTRAL PARK  ASOS "/
.A E1297 0729 Z DH1153/DVH24/PPV 1.07"LAT=40.773830 LON=-74.275000  1 SSW WEST ORANGE  CWOP "/
.A D9424 0729 Z DH1150/DVH24/PPV 1.52"LAT=40.844670 LON=-74.216330  1 SE CEDAR GROVE  CWOP "/
.A NJ-BG-2 0729 Z DH1000/DVH24/PPV 1.04"LAT=40.902694 LON=-74.083358  1 E SADDLE BROOK TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A X4090729 0729 Z DH1700/DVH25/PPV 0.90"LAT=40.869543 LON=-72.886770  UPTON  NWS OFFICE "/
.A X4090740 0729 Z DH1625/DVH24/PPV 1.29"LAT=40.917100 LON=-73.955200  TENAFLY  COCORAHS "/
.A X4090741 0729 Z DH1627/DVH24/PPV 1.04"LAT=40.906400 LON=-74.078400  ROCHELLE PARK  COCORAHS "/
.A X4090741 0729 Z DH1630/DVH25/PPV 1.15"LAT=40.860000 LON=-74.060000  TETERBORO AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4090741 0729 Z DH1600/DVH24/PPV 1.14"LAT=40.860000 LON=-74.060000  TETERBORO AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4090741 0729 Z DH1630/DVH25/PPV 1.14"LAT=40.860000 LON=-74.060000  TETERBORO AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4090734 0729 Z DH1630/DVH25/PPV 0.50"LAT=40.877700 LON=-73.407900  HUNTINGTON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4080726 0729 Z DH1630/DVH25/PPV 1.29"LAT=40.840000 LON=-72.630000  WESTHAMPTON AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4070742 0729 Z DH1600/DVH24/PPV 0.87"LAT=40.680000 LON=-74.170000  NEWARK AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A NJ-BG-3 0729 Z DH1130/DVH24/PPV 1.19"LAT=40.914670 LON=-73.977500  1 W TENAFLY  COCORAHS "/


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