Hydrometeorological Discussion
Issued by NWS Missouri Basin, Pleasant Hill

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Daily Hydrologic Activities Discussion
NWS Missouri Basin River Forecast Center Pleasant Hill MO
Monday April 25, 2016

During the past 24 hours ending at 7am CDT Monday, precipitation
fell across much of the Missouri River Basin.  Significant
precipitation fell across portions of central Wyoming, the eastern
half of Montana, North Dakota, northeastern South Dakota, southwest
Minnesota, western Iowa, eastern Nebraska, and north-central
Kansas.  Many of these areas had precipitation amounts of 0.5 to
2.74 inches.

A few of the higher rainfall reports at or exceeding 1.00" for the
past 24 hours, sorted by state, are listed below.

    Colorado Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
ROAC2       ROACH SNOTEL                    1.00

                  Iowa Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
IABV02      ALTA                            1.78
LNNI4       LINN GROVE IA                   1.68
EMTI4       EMMETSBURG IA 2NW               1.43
ORCI4       ORANGE CITY IA                  1.33
HOKI4       HORNICK IA 1E                   1.13
IACY02      EVERLY                          1.05
IAPT07      COUNCIL BLUFFS                  1.00

                  Kansas Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
KSRL01      MANHATTAN                       2.74
KSRL06      MANHATTAN                       2.68
FRYK1       FT RILEY KS                     2.03
CRLK1       CIRCLEVILLE KS 7SW              1.96
KSCY04      WAKEFIELD                       1.89
WKFK1       WAKEFIELD 3E                    1.89
MKHK1       MANHATTAN CRN 6SSW              1.69
KSDK18      CHAPMAN                         1.65
KSGE01      JUNCTION CITY                   1.61
KSJW07      FORMOSO                         1.60
DUHK1       DURHAM KS                       1.43
NCMK1       NEW CAMBRIA KS 1SE              1.20
KSPT01      ONAGA                           1.05
KSRP01      Courtland                       1.03
KSLC03      BEVERLY                         1.02
RVEK1       ROSSVILLE KS                    1.00

                  Minnesota Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
JSPM5       JASPER MN 5SSW                  1.35
JCKM5       JACKSON MN                      1.16
BSTM5       ORTONVILLE MN RAWS              1.02
MNNB02      ADRIAN 1.5NW                    1.00

                  Montana Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
MTBH04      LAME DEER                       1.70
MTRC01      Savage 1.0 S                    1.45
MTFL07      PLEVNA                          1.25
MTCS10      KINSEY 2.3W                     1.15
MTSH06      HOMESTEAD MT 4ESE               1.14
MTBH02      HARDINH                         1.06
MTRT02      FROID                           1.05

                  Nebraska Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
THAY011     CHESTER NE 3NE                  2.13
BURT002     CRAIG NE 6S                     1.02

                  North Dakota Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
NDDN11      Killdeer 5.4SW                  2.57
NDDN02      KILLDEER                        2.56
NDBH04      BISMARCK                        2.29
NDLM04      La Moure 4.6 ESE                2.10
JTNN8       JAMESTOWN CRN                   1.76
NDDC03      Fullerton 0.1 NNW               1.69
NDDN09      Halliday 2.4N                   1.66
NDLM03      Edgeley 5.2 NW                  1.65
OAKN8       OAKES ND                        1.57
SNGN8       LISBON ND RAWS                  1.43
NDDN14      Marshall 0.5E                   1.39
NDBH32      Wilton 0.2SSW                   1.36
NDLM05      Nortonville 3.1 WNW             1.32
NDLM02      Kulm 4.0 NNE                    1.31
NDDC04      Merricourt 12.6SW               1.20
NDFS04      Carrington 0.1S                 1.15
NDMR02      HAZEN 0.4SW                     1.12
NDML04      Butte 5.4SW                     1.10
SREN8       STREETER ND 5NW                 1.01
NDMR07      HAZEN 0.4 ESE                   1.00

                  South Dakota Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
SDGT04      MILBANK                         1.47
SDLN07      HARRISBURG 2.5NW                1.05
WPTS2       WESTPORT SD 2NW                 1.02
SDMH01      SIOUX FALLS                     1.00

                  Wyoming Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
NFCW4       NORTH FRENCH CREEK              2.10
DVDW4       DIVIDE PEAK SNOTEL              1.80
MBSW4       MED BOW SNOTEL                  1.60
OLDW4       OLD BATTLE SNOTEL               1.60
WYSH01      Sheridan WY 1N                  1.51
GVSW4       GRAVE SPRINGS SNOTEL            1.40
WPKW4       WHISKEY PARK SNOTEL             1.40
WYSH05      BANNER                          1.32
MDDW4       MIDDLE POWDER SNOTEL            1.30
CPKW4       CLOUD PEEK RESERVOIR            1.30
CSPW4       CASPER WY 9S                    1.30
WYSH18      SHERIDAN                        1.25
BGEW4       BIGF HORN WY 13SW               1.20
SGBW4       SAGE CREEK BASIN SNOTEL         1.10
RNHW4       RENO HILL SNOTEL                1.10
CINW4       CINNABAR PARK SNOTEL            1.10
WYNT24      CASPER                          1.06
WYJN08      BUFFALO                         1.04
DMLW4       DOME LAKE SNOTEL                1.00
SUCW4       SUCKER CREEK SNOTEL             1.00

For the next 24 hour period ending at 7am CDT Tuesday, precipitation
is forecast across much of the Missouri River Basin.  Amounts of up
to 1.5 inches are possible in much of Wyoming and western Nebraska.
Parts of western and northern Montana and much of North Dakota
could see amounts of up to 0.5 inches.  Other areas of the Missouri
River Basin are expected to have less than 0.25 inches; however,
higher amounts are possible wherever thunderstorms occur.  It
appears an active pattern is setting up for the next several days
with another storm system expected to impact the Missouri River
Basin later in the week.

Minor flooding is forecast at Chapman Creek near Chapman, KS and
the Little Sioux River near Spencer, IA and Linn Grove, IA.
Within-bank rises are forecast to occur at the Laramie River near
Laramie, WY and Little Sioux River near Cherokee, IA.  Other areas
recently having within-bank rises will continue to fall.

Minor to moderate rises could be possible in the Missouri River
Basin as the active weather pattern continues during the week.

Forecasts issued today:
RVF Group                            Time Z
BGH     BIGHORN                           14:50 Z
BGH     BIGHORN                           14:53 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            02:41 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            03:26 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            04:33 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            12:59 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            13:25 Z
MIL     MILK                              15:29 Z
MIL     MILK                              15:33 Z
MOM     MISSOURI MAINSTEM                 14:36 Z
NPL     NORTH PLATTE                      13:33 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      12:48 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    16:25 Z
YEL     YELLOWSTONE                       14:53 Z
YEL     YELLOWSTONE                       14:54 Z



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