Hydrometeorological Discussion
Issued by NWS Missouri Basin, Pleasant Hill

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Daily Hydrologic Activities Discussion
NWS Missouri Basin River Forecast Center Pleasant Hill MO
Wednesday May 25, 2016

During the past 24 hours ending at 7AM CDT Wednesday, showers and
thunderstorms occurred across most of the basin. One to two inch
rainfall was widespread across central South Dakota, central Nebraska,
northen and central Kansas, and southern Missouri. Amounts elsewhere were
generally under one inch.

Reports of one inch or greater, sorted by state, follow:

                  Kansas Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
KSCY02      CLAY CENTER                     2.37
KSWS02      GRENLEAF                        2.35
BRPK1       BLUE RAPIDS KS                  2.29
KSMS05      BLUE RAPIDS                     2.29
CFTK1       CLIFTON KS                      2.28
KSMC04      BELOIT                          2.12
KSWS08      GREENLEAF                       2.08
LRDK1       LARNED KS                       2.08
KSLC05      BEVERLY                         2.04
KSOT02      BARNARD                         1.98
KSRS17      WALDO                           1.94
KSWS03      BARNES                          1.89
KSBB09      FORT SCOTT                      1.86
DUHK1       DURHAM KS                       1.65
KSEW16      KANOPOLIS                       1.50
KSMS04      FRANKFORT                       1.46
KSBB16      FORT SCOTT                      1.45
RUSK1       RUSSELL KS 5N                   1.41
INNK1       INMAN KS                        1.39
KSEL23      WALKER                          1.37
KSMS08      HERKIMER                        1.29
KSWS12      MORROWVILLE                     1.28
JTRK1       JETMORE 1W                      1.26
KSMP14      GALVA                           1.25
KSCY04      WAKEFIELD                       1.20
KSEL15      HAYS                            1.20
WKFK1       WAKEFIELD 3E                    1.20
KSEL06      HAYS                            1.18
KSBB17      DEVON                           1.16
SAXK1       SALINA KS                       1.12
KSEW14      BROOKVILLE                      1.12
GTAK1       GALATIA KS 4E                   1.10
KSEL17      HAYS                            1.10
KSWS05      WASHINGTON                      1.09
KSMP36      GALVA                           1.09
KSEL37      GORHAM                          1.09
KSCR02      CHEROKEE                        1.09
KSLC03      BEVERLY                         1.08
KSBB15      GARLAND                         1.08
KSCD03      CONCORDIA                       1.02

                  Missouri Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
BUFM7       BUFFALO MO 2N                   2.68
MOCD03      UMBER VIEW HEIGHTS              1.64
MOPU21      WAYNESSVILLE                    1.52
WRTM7       SALEM 10 W                      1.46
MOFSA039    STOCKTON                        1.31
MOSR13      COLLINS                         1.25
MOFSA217    NEVADA                          1.24
MOVR03      NEVADA                          1.07
LAMM7       LAMAR MO                        1.02

                  Nebraska Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
PERK017     WALLACE NE 9WSW                 2.76
PERK021     NeRain Stn                      1.85
LINC047     WELLFLEET NE 8NNE               1.46
DEUE004     NeRain Stn                      1.43
DUND015     WAUNETA NE 7S                   1.41
DEUE010     CHAPPELL NE 3NNE                1.33
PERK008     NeRain Stn                      1.30
HAYE004     WAUNETA NE 5E                   1.25
SPVN1       SPRINGVIEW NE                   1.15
FRAN002     HILDRETH NE 5SSE                1.02
JEFF001     DILLER NE 6S                    1.01

                  South Dakota Data
STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
SDHK08      MIDLAND 1.6ENE                  2.13
PRES2       FT PIERRE GRASSLAND CRN         1.47
SDHY08      HOLABIRD 8.5N                   1.25
SDJK01      KADOKA 2.8WNW                   1.20
SDHY01      HIGHMORE                        1.10
GNVS2       GANN VALLEY SD                  1.10
SDLY05      PRESHO                          1.09
SDHD07      REE HEIGHTS                     1.06
MIDS2       MIDLAND SD                      1.03

For the next 24 hour period ending at 7AM CDT Thursday, precipitation
is again expected across a large portion of the basin.  Basin average
amounts should be generally less than 1.00 inch, with locally heavier
totals possible in stronger storms.

Minor to moderate flooding is occurring or forecast at several
locations along the North Platte River in eastern Wyoming and
western Nebraska. The North Platte River is expected to stay above
flood stage for several weeks.

Moderate flooding is occurring or forecast to occur along the
Laramie River near Laramie and Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

Minor flooding is occurring along the Republican River near Clay Center, Kansas.

Minor flooding is occurring or forecast along the Solomon River at Glasco and
Niles, Kansas

Minor flooding is forecast along Salt Creek at Barnard and Ada, Kansas.

Minor flooding is forecast along the Saline River at Tescott, Kansas.

Minor flooding is occurring along the Little Sioux River near Spencer, Iowa.

Forecasts issued today:
RVF Group                              Time Z
BBL     BIG BLUE                          14:42 Z
BGH     BIGHORN                           14:57 Z
BGH     BIGHORN                           14:59 Z
ELK     ELKHORN/PLATTE                    00:33 Z
ELK     ELKHORN/PLATTE                    13:57 Z
ELK     ELKHORN/PLATTE                    15:20 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            09:02 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            14:25 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            14:43 Z
LRP     LOWER REPUBLICAN                  00:59 Z
LRP     LOWER REPUBLICAN                  05:01 Z
LRP     LOWER REPUBLICAN                  05:18 Z
LRP     LOWER REPUBLICAN                  12:54 Z
LRP     LOWER REPUBLICAN                  13:31 Z
LRP     LOWER REPUBLICAN                  14:26 Z
LSH     LOWER SMOKY HILL                  02:04 Z
LSH     LOWER SMOKY HILL                  05:02 Z
LSH     LOWER SMOKY HILL                  14:55 Z
MIL     MILK                              01:39 Z
MIL     MILK                              01:41 Z
MIL     MILK                              14:30 Z
MIL     MILK                              14:31 Z
MOM     MISSOURI MAINSTEM                 01:15 Z
MOM     MISSOURI MAINSTEM                 14:25 Z
NPL     NORTH PLATTE                      00:20 Z
NPL     NORTH PLATTE                      13:52 Z
NPL     NORTH PLATTE                      15:00 Z
OSG     OSAGE                             00:36 Z
OSG     OSAGE                             14:17 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      00:06 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      13:36 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      13:37 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    14:33 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    14:34 Z
USH     UPPER SMOKY HILL                  01:02 Z
USH     UPPER SMOKY HILL                  03:31 Z
USH     UPPER SMOKY HILL                  10:11 Z
USH     UPPER SMOKY HILL                  12:56 Z
USH     UPPER SMOKY HILL                  13:34 Z



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