Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Grand Junction, CO

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SRUS45 KGJT 041908

.A BNBU1 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.04"LAT=37.601111 LON=-109.983611  BLUFF 32NW  E UT CRN SITE "/
.A X3881098 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.43"LAT=38.755000 LON=-109.754167  CANYONLANDS AIRPORT  AVIATION SITE "/
.A X3921069 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.35"LAT=39.223056 LON=-106.868333  ASPEN  AVIATION SITE "/
.A URYC2 0804 Z DH1330/DVH24/PPV 0.03"LAT=38.026111 LON=-107.672500  OURAY  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A X3951077 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.07"LAT=39.526111 LON=-107.723056  RIFLE  AVIATION SITE "/
.A MKRC2 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.05"LAT=40.082222 LON=-108.184722  MEEKER 15W  W CO CRN SITE "/
.A GRJC2 0804 Z DH1500/DVH24/PPV 0.29"LAT=39.042222 LON=-108.465833  GRAND JCT 6ESE  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A CTZC2 0804 Z DH1500/DVH24/PPV 0.01"LAT=37.344444 LON=-108.593056  CORTEZ  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A X4051075 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.08"LAT=40.495278 LON=-107.521111  CRAIG  AVIATION SITE "/
.A CBUC2 0804 Z DH1445/DVH24/PPV 0.17"LAT=38.908889 LON=-106.953333  CRESTED BUTTE  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A X4041095 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.13"LAT=40.441111 LON=-109.509167  VERNAL  AVIATION SITE "/
.A ANPU1 0804 Z DH1400/DVH24/PPV 0.08"LAT=38.616389 LON=-109.619167  ARCHES NP HQS  E UT COOP SITE "/
.A X4001079 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.03"LAT=40.046667 LON=-107.887500  MEEKER  AVIATION SITE "/
.A DNOC2 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.20"LAT=40.244722 LON=-108.967778  DINOSAUR 2E  W CO CRN SITE "/
.A DLTC2 0804 Z DH1500/DVH24/PPV 0.03"LAT=38.753889 LON=-108.027778  DELTA 3E  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A GWDC2 0804 Z DH1430/DVH24/PPV 0.18"LAT=39.571667 LON=-107.226389  SHOSHONE  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A PARC2 0804 Z DH1300/DVH24/PPV 0.03"LAT=38.395833 LON=-108.960556  PARADOX 2N  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A X4051068 0804 Z DH0032/DVH24/PPV 0.50"LAT=40.479200 LON=-106.822400  STEAMBOAT SPRINGS  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3851079 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.14"LAT=38.500278 LON=-107.894167  MONTROSE  AVIATION SITE "/
.A PLSC2 0804 Z DH1400/DVH24/PPV 0.04"LAT=39.113611 LON=-108.350556  PALISADE  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A X3711078 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.02"LAT=37.150000 LON=-107.750000  DURANGO  AVIATION SITE "/
.A GDPC2 0804 Z DH1500/DVH24/PPV 0.04"LAT=38.953889 LON=-109.052778  GLADE PARK 17W  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A RNGC2 0804 Z DH1400/DVH24/PPV 0.14"LAT=40.089444 LON=-108.771667  RANGELY 1E  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A GUNC2 0804 Z DH1500/DVH24/PPV 0.10"LAT=38.529722 LON=-106.966389  GUNNISON 3SW  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A CBRC2 0804 Z DH1500/DVH24/PPV 0.10"LAT=39.236667 LON=-107.979722  COLLBRAN 2SW  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A CNMC2 0804 Z DH1500/DVH24/PPV 0.05"LAT=39.101389 LON=-108.733333  COLORADO NM  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A KRGC2 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.06"LAT=40.947778 LON=-107.600833  CRAIG 30N  W CO CRN SITE "/
.A MTSC2 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.09"LAT=38.543889 LON=-107.692778  MONTROSE 11ENE  W CO CRN SITE "/
.A CRGC2 0804 Z DH1400/DVH24/PPV 0.14"LAT=40.450556 LON=-107.589444  CRAIG 4SW  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A X3911085 0804 Z DH0700/DVH24/PPV 0.03"LAT=39.134167 LON=-108.540000  GRAND JUNCTION  AVIATION SITE "/
.A RIEC2 0804 Z DH1400/DVH24/PPV 0.06"LAT=39.557222 LON=-107.726111  RIFLE 3ENE  W CO COOP SITE "/
.A NTDC2 0804 Z DH1330/DVH24/PPV 0.93"LAT=37.813889 LON=-109.010833  NORTHDALE  W CO COOP SITE "/


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