Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS State College, PA

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SRUS41 KCTP 120252

.A WHTM-27 1211 Z DH1745/DVH5/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.242500 LON=-76.926800  NW CAMP HILL  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A X4120775 1211 Z DH1400/DVH1/SFV 4.5"LAT=41.193821 LON=-77.453200  4 N LOCK HAVEN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4190791 1212 Z DH0122/DVH12/SFV 13.0"LAT=41.920000 LON=-79.140000  RUSSELL  PUBLIC "/
.A X4030764 1211 Z DH1505/DVH2/SFV 3.5"LAT=40.341300 LON=-76.423300  LEBANON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4120770 1211 Z DH1730/DVH5/SFV 4.3"LAT=41.239986 LON=-76.962230  3 E WILLIAMSPORT  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4080767 1211 Z DH1700/DVH4/SFV 10.0"LAT=40.782900 LON=-76.673500  TREVORTON  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4060761 1211 Z DH1752/DVH5/SFV 7.0"LAT=40.596300 LON=-76.096200  AUBURN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4060761 1211 Z DH1752/DVH5/SFV 7.0"LAT=40.596300 LON=-76.096200  AUBURN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4090772 1211 Z DH1545/DVH3/SFV 5.5"LAT=40.889600 LON=-77.213900  1 WNW LAURELTON  FOREST SERVICE "/
.A X4080764 1211 Z DH1740/DVH5/SFV 11.5"LAT=40.799809 LON=-76.427730  ATLAS  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4070763 1211 Z DH1400/DVH1/SFV 6.0"LAT=40.694256 LON=-76.281615  PRIMROSE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4090771 1211 Z DH1700/DVH4/SFV 8.0"LAT=40.885912 LON=-77.140809  MILLMONT  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4130767 1211 Z DH1300/DVH0/SFV 4.5"LAT=41.280000 LON=-76.709200  PICTURE ROCKS  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4080759 1211 Z DH2300/DVH10/SFV 5.0"LAT=40.805200 LON=-75.934900  TAMAQUA  PUBLIC "/
.A X4060766 1211 Z DH1600/DVH3/SFV 5.0"LAT=40.589500 LON=-76.553800  TOWER CITY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4030768 1211 Z DH2041/DVH8/SFV 3.3"LAT=40.299900 LON=-76.806400  COLONIAL PARK  PUBLIC "/
.A X4090760 1211 Z DH1712/DVH4/SFV 5.0"LAT=40.900800 LON=-75.992400  MCADOO  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4120767 1211 Z DH1800/DVH5/SFV 4.0"LAT=41.238500 LON=-76.726400  HUGHESVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4200791 1211 Z DH1400/DVH1/SFV 6.0"LAT=41.950710 LON=-79.098698  3 NE RUSSELL  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4030768 1211 Z DH1700/DVH4/SFV 4.3"LAT=40.327176 LON=-76.817347  5 NE HARRISBURG  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4090770 1211 Z DH1600/DVH3/SFV 4.5"LAT=40.880400 LON=-76.985300  NEW BERLIN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4100765 1211 Z DH1400/DVH1/SFV 5.0"LAT=41.002300 LON=-76.456900  BLOOMSBURG  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4100765 1211 Z DH1620/DVH3/SFV 4.0"LAT=41.002300 LON=-76.456900  BLOOMSBURG  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4080764 1211 Z DH2200/DVH9/SFV 10.0"LAT=40.795300 LON=-76.412300  MOUNT CARMEL  PUBLIC "/
.A X4070762 1211 Z DH1640/DVH4/SFV 9.0"LAT=40.679300 LON=-76.209800  POTTSVILLE  PUBLIC "/
.A X4140786 1212 Z DH0245/DVH14/SFV 6.5"LAT=41.362283 LON=-78.596135  KERSEY  PUBLIC "/
.A X4080765 1211 Z DH1623/DVH3/SFV 6.0"LAT=40.795400 LON=-76.472200  KULPMONT  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4070763 1211 Z DH1800/DVH5/SFV 11.5"LAT=40.690800 LON=-76.259300  MINERSVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4070763 1211 Z DH1630/DVH4/SFV 11.0"LAT=40.690800 LON=-76.259300  MINERSVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4190775 1211 Z DH1800/DVH5/SFV 6.0"LAT=41.867848 LON=-77.525262  SABINSVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4080778 1212 Z DH0044/DVH12/SFV 1.5"LAT=40.828854 LON=-77.847158  NWS STATE COLLEGE  NWS OFFICE "/
.A X4000761 1211 Z DH1400/DVH1/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.006800 LON=-76.122300  PARADISE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4060764 1211 Z DH1450/DVH2/SFV 5.0"LAT=40.553300 LON=-76.387000  PINE GROVE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4060766 1211 Z DH1400/DVH1/SFV 6.0"LAT=40.580700 LON=-76.617900  WILLIAMSTOWN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4200796 1212 Z DH0019/DVH11/SFV 12.0"LAT=41.950000 LON=-79.580000  COLUMBUS  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4050768 1211 Z DH1500/DVH2/SFV 4.0"LAT=40.547500 LON=-76.816000  ELIZABETHVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4120773 1212 Z DH0249/DVH14/SFV 6.5"LAT=41.186200 LON=-77.316400  AVIS  PUBLIC "/
.A X4120773 1211 Z DH1800/DVH5/SFV 5.0"LAT=41.186200 LON=-77.316400  AVIS  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4120773 1211 Z DH1838/DVH6/SFV 5.0"LAT=41.186200 LON=-77.316400  AVIS  PUBLIC "/
.A X4120773 1211 Z DH1530/DVH3/SFV 3.5"LAT=41.186200 LON=-77.316400  AVIS  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4150787 1212 Z DH0116/DVH12/SFV 7.0"LAT=41.491900 LON=-78.678900  JOHNSONBURG  PUBLIC "/
.A X4090768 1211 Z DH1630/DVH4/SFV 6.0"LAT=40.897100 LON=-76.793700  NORTHUMBERLAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4090768 1211 Z DH1545/DVH3/SFV 5.0"LAT=40.897100 LON=-76.793700  NORTHUMBERLAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4000777 1211 Z DH1445/DVH2/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.020000 LON=-77.700000  UPPER STRASBURG  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4090764 1211 Z DH1615/DVH3/SFV 6.0"LAT=40.890000 LON=-76.410000  NUMIDIA  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4140786 1212 Z DH0216/DVH13/SFV 10.0"LAT=41.427839 LON=-78.560856  SAINT MARYS  PUBLIC "/
.A X4080763 1211 Z DH2130/DVH9/SFV 12.5"LAT=40.781000 LON=-76.345700  ASHLAND  PUBLIC "/
.A X4080763 1211 Z DH1653/DVH4/SFV 12.0"LAT=40.781000 LON=-76.345700  ASHLAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4080763 1211 Z DH1300/DVH0/SFV 7.7"LAT=40.781000 LON=-76.345700  ASHLAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4030766 1211 Z DH1300/DVH0/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.280100 LON=-76.647700  HERSHEY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4120769 1211 Z DH2225/DVH9/SFV 3.6"LAT=41.241670 LON=-76.921810  WILLIAMSPORT REGIONAL  ASOS "/
.A X4190775 1211 Z DH1920/DVH6/SFV 6.3"LAT=41.917800 LON=-77.540600  WESTFIELD  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3990773 1212 Z DH0015/DVH11/SFV 0.8"LAT=39.880000 LON=-77.340000  CASHTOWN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4150764 1211 Z DH2029/DVH7/SFV 10.3"LAT=41.525300 LON=-76.399100  DUSHORE  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4070765 1211 Z DH2140/DVH9/SFV 14.5"LAT=40.749253 LON=-76.453289  HELFENSTEIN  PUBLIC "/
.A X4070765 1211 Z DH1530/DVH3/SFV 12.0"LAT=40.749253 LON=-76.453289  HELFENSTEIN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4040769 1211 Z DH2242/DVH10/SFV 5.0"LAT=40.368800 LON=-76.930400  DAUPHIN  PUBLIC "/
.A X4180773 1211 Z DH1938/DVH7/SFV 8.0"LAT=41.843684 LON=-77.274420  MIDDLEBURY CENTER  PUBLIC "/
.A X4180773 1211 Z DH1945/DVH7/SFV 8.0"LAT=41.843684 LON=-77.274420  MIDDLEBURY CENTER  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4170788 1212 Z DH0047/DVH12/SFV 6.0"LAT=41.663000 LON=-78.809300  KANE  PUBLIC "/
.A X3980766 1211 Z DH2330/DVH11/SFV 1.0"LAT=39.752400 LON=-76.593000  STEWARTSTOWN  PUBLIC "/
.A X4020769 1211 Z DH2340/DVH11/SFV 1.5"LAT=40.242500 LON=-76.926800  CAMP HILL  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4200786 1211 Z DH1800/DVH5/SFV 6.5"LAT=41.974980 LON=-78.640200  1 N BRADFORD  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4080766 1211 Z DH2142/DVH9/SFV 11.0"LAT=40.788100 LON=-76.554900  SHAMOKIN  PUBLIC "/
.A X4080766 1211 Z DH1700/DVH4/SFV 10.0"LAT=40.788100 LON=-76.554900  SHAMOKIN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4080766 1211 Z DH1625/DVH3/SFV 9.2"LAT=40.788100 LON=-76.554900  SHAMOKIN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4090768 1211 Z DH1735/DVH5/SFV 8.0"LAT=40.862100 LON=-76.788100  SUNBURY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4120768 1211 Z DH2300/DVH10/SFV 3.0"LAT=41.201900 LON=-76.785900  MUNCY  PUBLIC "/
.A X4080766 1211 Z DH1430/DVH2/SFV 7.7"LAT=40.788094 LON=-76.593150  2 W SHAMOKIN  PUBLIC "/
.A X4200773 1211 Z DH1600/DVH3/SFV 5.5"LAT=41.989200 LON=-77.314800  ELKLAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4170773 1211 Z DH1440/DVH2/SFV 6.0"LAT=41.746100 LON=-77.302900  WELLSBORO  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A MIFP1 1211 Z DH1715/DVH4/SFV 6.9"LAT=40.930000 LON=-77.066944  MIFFLINBURG  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A MIFP1 1211 Z DH1604/DVH3/SFV 6.0"LAT=40.930000 LON=-77.066944  MIFFLINBURG  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4090777 1211 Z DH1341/DVH1/SFV 2.2"LAT=40.872264 LON=-77.746811  1 NW PLEASANT GAP  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4020768 1211 Z DH2225/DVH9/SFV 2.1"LAT=40.193190 LON=-76.762620  HARRISBURG INTERNATIONAL  ASOS "/


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