Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Boston, MA

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SRUS41 KBOX 191312

.A 15-041 0819 Z DH1302/DVH26/PPV 4.55"LAT=99.990000 LON=-999.990000  WELLFLEET  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4160709 0819 Z DH0907/DVH22/PPV 2.54"LAT=41.636101 LON=-70.934700  NEW BEDFORD  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4160709 0819 Z DH0117/DVH14/PPV 1.17"LAT=41.636101 LON=-70.934700  NEW BEDFORD  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4130701 0819 Z DH0800/DVH21/PPV 1.10"LAT=41.260000 LON=-70.070000  2 ESE NANTUCKET  ASOS "/
.A X4160709 0819 Z DH0357/DVH17/PPV 2.33"LAT=41.637501 LON=-70.904198  FAIRHAVEN  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4160709 0819 Z DH0126/DVH14/PPV 1.30"LAT=41.637501 LON=-70.904198  FAIRHAVEN  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4160706 0819 Z DH1003/DVH23/PPV 2.62"LAT=41.645802 LON=-70.618896  NORTH FALMOUTH  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170701 0819 Z DH0833/DVH22/PPV 5.28"LAT=41.666698 LON=-70.116699  WEST HARWICH  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4180705 0819 Z DH1029/DVH23/PPV 2.32"LAT=41.758900 LON=-70.494400  SANDWICH  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4180700 0819 Z DH0817/DVH21/PPV 6.53"LAT=41.830002 LON=-69.974403  EASTHAM  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170702 0819 Z DH0826/DVH21/PPV 6.17"LAT=41.689400 LON=-70.156898  SOUTH DENNIS  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4150706 0818 Z DH2110/DVH10/PPV 1.47"LAT=41.454201 LON=-70.562500  OAK BLUFFS  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4140707 0819 Z DH1011/DVH23/PPV 3.80"LAT=41.381100 LON=-70.675003  WEST TISBURY  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4140707 0819 Z DH1008/DVH23/PPV 3.80"LAT=41.381100 LON=-70.675003  WEST TISBURY  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170703 0819 Z DH0800/DVH21/PPV 4.34"LAT=41.673375 LON=-70.268384  2 NE HYANNIS  ASOS "/
.A X4170701 0819 Z DH1200/DVH25/PPV 5.61"LAT=41.666778 LON=-70.116129  WEST HARWICH  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4170702 0819 Z DH0837/DVH22/PPV 5.07"LAT=41.705601 LON=-70.229202  YARMOUTH  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4160710 0819 Z DH0119/DVH14/PPV 1.13"LAT=41.616699 LON=-70.983299  DARTMOUTH  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170700 0819 Z DH0800/DVH21/PPV 5.27"LAT=41.700000 LON=-69.990000  2 NW CHATHAM  ASOS "/
.A X4190710 0819 Z DH0800/DVH21/PPV 0.44"LAT=41.890000 LON=-71.020000  4 ESE TAUNTON  ASOS "/
.A 03-619 0819 Z DH0434/DVH18/PPV 3.26"LAT=41.680599 LON=-70.908302  ACUSHNET  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4170709 0819 Z DH0343/DVH17/PPV 2.20"LAT=41.680599 LON=-70.908302  ACUSHNET  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170709 0819 Z DH0124/DVH14/PPV 1.72"LAT=41.680599 LON=-70.908302  ACUSHNET  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4160706 0819 Z DH1009/DVH23/PPV 2.29"LAT=41.604198 LON=-70.635002  WEST FALMOUTH  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4190700 0819 Z DH0954/DVH23/PPV 3.82"LAT=41.937500 LON=-70.033302  WELLFLEET  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170700 0819 Z DH0839/DVH22/PPV 5.02"LAT=41.681900 LON=-69.960297  CHATHAM  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170714 0819 Z DH0800/DVH21/PPV 0.30"LAT=41.730000 LON=-71.430000  2 NNW WARWICK  ASOS "/
.A X4190707 0819 Z DH0800/DVH21/PPV 1.04"LAT=41.910000 LON=-70.730000  4 SW PLYMOUTH  ASOS "/
.A X4170710 0819 Z DH0800/DVH21/PPV 2.20"LAT=41.690000 LON=-70.970000  3 NW NEW BEDFORD  ASOS "/
.A X4160706 0819 Z DH1014/DVH23/PPV 2.39"LAT=41.564400 LON=-70.596397  TEATICKET  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170709 0819 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 2.92"LAT=41.686100 LON=-70.906100  ACUSHNET  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4180707 0819 Z DH0845/DVH22/PPV 4.13"LAT=41.762501 LON=-70.722198  WAREHAM  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4160705 0819 Z DH0842/DVH22/PPV 4.21"LAT=41.648300 LON=-70.481697  MASHPEE  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4180700 0819 Z DH0819/DVH21/PPV 7.17"LAT=41.789700 LON=-69.990303  ORLEANS  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4180701 0819 Z DH0824/DVH21/PPV 6.46"LAT=41.759998 LON=-70.083298  BREWSTER  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170704 0819 Z DH0831/DVH22/PPV 5.52"LAT=41.705601 LON=-70.375000  WEST BARNSTABLE  HAM RADIO "/
.A X100010000 0819 Z DH1005/DVH23/PPV 2.26"LAT=99.990000 LON=-999.990000  NORTH ACUSHNET  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170706 0819 Z DH1001/DVH23/PPV 2.99"LAT=41.686100 LON=-70.616699  POCASSET  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170702 0819 Z DH0821/DVH21/PPV 6.95"LAT=41.735298 LON=-70.194397  DENNIS  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4150712 0819 Z DH1032/DVH24/PPV 2.08"LAT=41.509998 LON=-71.171700  LITTLE COMPTON  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4200707 0819 Z DH0530/DVH19/PPV 2.33"LAT=41.958100 LON=-70.678300  PLYMOUTH  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A 2014-198 0819 Z DH1130/DVH25/PPV 2.50"LAT=41.700001 LON=-70.763298  MARION  NONE "/
.A X4170708 0819 Z DH1027/DVH23/PPV 2.34"LAT=41.700001 LON=-70.763298  MARION  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4140706 0819 Z DH0800/DVH21/PPV 2.16"LAT=41.410000 LON=-70.620000  3 S VINEYARD HAVEN  ASOS "/
.A X100010000 0819 Z DH1025/DVH23/PPV 3.20"LAT=99.990000 LON=-999.990000  WEST WAREHAM  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170700 0819 Z DH0829/DVH21/PPV 5.68"LAT=41.700001 LON=-70.027802  EAST HARWICH  HAM RADIO "/
.A X100010000 0819 Z DH1023/DVH23/PPV 3.20"LAT=99.990000 LON=-999.990000  WAQUOIT  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4170704 0819 Z DH0723/DVH20/PPV 4.46"LAT=41.656101 LON=-70.416702  MARSTONS MILLS  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4150713 0819 Z DH0800/DVH21/PPV 1.10"LAT=41.531043 LON=-71.265590  4 NE NEWPORT  ASOS "/
.A X4170708 0819 Z DH0128/DVH14/PPV 1.11"LAT=41.731701 LON=-70.820602  ROCHESTER  HAM RADIO "/
.A X4150706 0818 Z DH2117/DVH10/PPV 1.49"LAT=41.454201 LON=-70.604202  VINEYARD HAVEN  HAM RADIO "/


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