Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Mt. Holly, NJ

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SRUS41 KPHI 231547

.A AU830 0523 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.75"LAT=40.074170 LON=-74.103830  11 ENE LAKEHURST  CWOP "/
.A X3960743 0522 Z DH1705/DVH14/PPV 1.65"LAT=39.650000 LON=-74.350000  LITTLE EGG HARBOR TWP  MESONET "/
.A X3940752 0522 Z DH1708/DVH15/PPV 3.11"LAT=39.427500 LON=-75.228100  BRIDGETON  MESONET "/
.A X3910756 0523 Z DH1100/DVH32/PPV 1.83"LAT=39.070300 LON=-75.568500  WOODSIDE  DEOS "/
.A D8834 0523 Z DH1150/DVH24/PPV 1.93"LAT=39.417780 LON=-74.992220  6 NNE LAUREL LAKE  CWOP "/
.A X3970750 0522 Z DH2010/DVH18/PPV 3.50"LAT=39.685700 LON=-74.983900  WILLIAMSTOWN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3930756 0523 Z DH1100/DVH32/PPV 2.23"LAT=39.295400 LON=-75.607700  SMYRNA  DEOS "/
.A X3960749 0522 Z DH1709/DVH15/PPV 2.41"LAT=39.587894 LON=-74.927391  PINEY HOLLOW  NJWXNET "/
.A X3920752 0522 Z DH1709/DVH15/PPV 1.58"LAT=39.237614 LON=-75.171575  FORTESCUE  NJWXNET "/
.A X3950746 0523 Z DH1154/DVH24/PPV 1.50"LAT=39.457500 LON=-74.577200  ATLANTIC CITY INTERNATIONAL  ASOS "/
.A X3960743 0522 Z DH1959/DVH17/PPV 2.47"LAT=39.634563 LON=-74.307088  WEST CREEK  NJWXNET "/
.A X3950752 0522 Z DH1959/DVH17/PPV 2.92"LAT=39.480000 LON=-75.210000  UPPER DEERFIELD TWP  NJWXNET "/
.A X3950752 0522 Z DH1709/DVH15/PPV 2.71"LAT=39.480000 LON=-75.210000  UPPER DEERFIELD TWP  NJWXNET "/
.A X3900758 0522 Z DH1710/DVH15/PPV 1.54"LAT=38.976100 LON=-75.806800  GREENSBORO  MESONET "/
.A X3980747 0522 Z DH1704/DVH14/PPV 2.08"LAT=39.844005 LON=-74.710159  TABERNACLE  MESONET "/
.A CTWN4 0523 Z DH1110/DVH24/PPV 2.20"LAT=39.812500 LON=-74.425003  5 NNE PENN STATE FOREST  RAWS "/
.A C8310 0523 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.61"LAT=40.035850 LON=-74.294340  1 NNE LAKEHURST  CWOP "/
.A AV162 0523 Z DH1151/DVH24/PPV 2.21"LAT=39.893830 LON=-74.156170  11 SE LAKEHURST  CWOP "/
.A INDN4 0523 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.80"LAT=39.791100 LON=-74.756900  SHAMONG  GOES "/
.A X3960752 0522 Z DH1709/DVH15/PPV 2.43"LAT=39.591100 LON=-75.173800  ELMER  MESONET "/
.A X3990741 0522 Z DH1658/DVH14/PPV 1.98"LAT=39.943100 LON=-74.076500  SEASIDE HEIGHTS  MESONET "/
.A X4010741 0522 Z DH1959/DVH17/PPV 2.26"LAT=40.078400 LON=-74.070900  POINT PLEASANT  NJWXNET "/
.A X4010741 0522 Z DH1709/DVH15/PPV 1.60"LAT=40.078400 LON=-74.070900  POINT PLEASANT  NJWXNET "/
.A X3940753 0522 Z DH1959/DVH17/PPV 2.17"LAT=39.389836 LON=-75.338527  GREENWICH  NJWXNET "/
.A X3940753 0522 Z DH1709/DVH15/PPV 2.04"LAT=39.389836 LON=-75.338527  GREENWICH  NJWXNET "/
.A X4010741 0522 Z DH1959/DVH17/PPV 2.51"LAT=40.055950 LON=-74.128195  CEDAR BRIDGE  NJWXNET "/
.A X4010741 0522 Z DH1709/DVH15/PPV 2.02"LAT=40.055950 LON=-74.128195  CEDAR BRIDGE  NJWXNET "/
.A X3920750 0522 Z DH2039/DVH18/PPV 2.25"LAT=39.248000 LON=-75.041100  PORT NORRIS  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3940748 0522 Z DH2010/DVH18/PPV 2.44"LAT=39.354200 LON=-74.773700  ESTELL MANOR  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3940748 0522 Z DH1707/DVH15/PPV 1.81"LAT=39.354200 LON=-74.773700  ESTELL MANOR  MESONET "/
.A JACN4 0523 Z DH1110/DVH24/PPV 1.60"LAT=40.098610 LON=-74.316109  5 N LAKEHURST  RAWS "/
.A X3970748 0522 Z DH1959/DVH17/PPV 3.22"LAT=39.654900 LON=-74.772400  HAMMONTON  NJWXNET "/
.A X3970748 0522 Z DH1706/DVH15/PPV 2.76"LAT=39.654900 LON=-74.772400  HAMMONTON  MESONET "/
.A X3980742 0522 Z DH1704/DVH14/PPV 2.02"LAT=39.753175 LON=-74.222918  BARNEGAT  MESONET "/
.A X3980751 0522 Z DH1800/DVH15/PPV 1.80"LAT=39.750000 LON=-75.070000  WASHINGTON TWP  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3990747 0522 Z DH1709/DVH15/PPV 1.54"LAT=39.889559 LON=-74.744604  RED LION  NJWXNET "/
.A X3970750 0522 Z DH1707/DVH15/PPV 1.72"LAT=39.717300 LON=-74.969300  SICKLERVILLE  MESONET "/
.A GEHN4 0523 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 2.55"LAT=39.595001 LON=-74.851387  3 SW HAMMONTON  HADS "/
.A X3910759 0522 Z DH1709/DVH15/PPV 2.36"LAT=39.143800 LON=-75.864200  BARCLAY  MESONET "/
.A X3920748 0522 Z DH1959/DVH17/PPV 1.76"LAT=39.180000 LON=-74.820000  DENNIS TWP  NJWXNET "/
.A D1653 0523 Z DH1153/DVH24/PPV 1.58"LAT=40.088020 LON=-74.052220  14 ENE LAKEHURST  CWOP "/
.A C5292 0523 Z DH1147/DVH24/PPV 1.65"LAT=39.790990 LON=-74.746810  2 WNW SHAMONG  CWOP "/
.A X3970751 0522 Z DH1959/DVH17/PPV 2.16"LAT=39.659100 LON=-75.083000  CLAYTON  NJWXNET "/
.A X3970746 0522 Z DH1959/DVH17/PPV 2.92"LAT=39.684007 LON=-74.575987  WASHINGTON  NJWXNET "/
.A BLAN4 0523 Z DH1110/DVH24/PPV 1.67"LAT=39.684616 LON=-74.864746  4 NW HAMMONTON  RAWS "/
.A X3920757 0523 Z DH1100/DVH32/PPV 2.00"LAT=39.227200 LON=-75.665800  KENTON  DEOS "/


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