Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Caribou, ME

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SRUS41 KCAR 221818

.A BLAM1 0822 Z DH1536/DVH2/PPV 1.26"LAT=45.267200 LON=-69.583800  BLANCHARD  COOP/RIVER "/
.A X4420687 0822 Z DH1814/DVH4/PPV 1.09"LAT=44.223900 LON=-68.678100  DEER ISLE  PUBLIC "/
.A X4690680 0822 Z DH1800/DVH4/PPV 0.81"LAT=46.871300 LON=-68.017900  CARIBOU  ASOS/AWOS "/
.A DIXM1 0822 Z DH1512/DVH1/PPV 1.06"LAT=44.683600 LON=-69.141700  DIXMONT  COOP/RIVER "/
.A X4700686 0822 Z DH1505/DVH1/PPV 1.23"LAT=47.032239 LON=-68.562521  1 ESE EAGLE LAKE  PUBLIC "/
.A FOXM1 0822 Z DH1800/DVH4/PPV 1.20"LAT=46.802600 LON=-68.842200  FOX BROOK  COOP/RIVER "/
.A X4690679 0822 Z DH1800/DVH4/PPV 0.75"LAT=46.908582 LON=-67.889987  3 W LIMESTONE  PUBLIC "/
.A PNNM1 0822 Z DH1538/DVH2/PPV 0.80"LAT=45.243900 LON=-67.630700  PRINCETON  COOP/RIVER "/
.A X4540683 0822 Z DH1812/DVH4/PPV 1.30"LAT=45.360000 LON=-68.286900  LEE  PUBLIC "/
.A X4440683 0822 Z DH1800/DVH4/PPV 0.80"LAT=44.390000 LON=-68.280000  ACADIA NP  ASOS/AWOS "/
.A KKJM1 0822 Z DH1458/DVH1/PPV 1.40"LAT=45.672000 LON=-69.454700  KOKADJO  COOP/RIVER "/
.A X4730683 0822 Z DH1759/DVH4/PPV 1.06"LAT=47.285500 LON=-68.312700  FRENCHVILLE  ASOS/AWOS "/
.A X4550696 0822 Z DH1519/DVH1/PPV 1.74"LAT=45.462500 LON=-69.550800  GREENVILLE  ASOS/AWOS "/
.A X4480688 0822 Z DH1518/DVH1/PPV 0.78"LAT=44.807800 LON=-68.828200  BANGOR  ASOS/AWOS "/
.A X4610678 0822 Z DH1754/DVH4/PPV 1.29"LAT=46.123500 LON=-67.792100  HOULTON  ASOS/AWOS "/
.A ESCM1 0822 Z DH1808/DVH4/PPV 0.85"LAT=47.447300 LON=-69.163600  ESTCOURT STATION  COOP/RIVER "/
.A X4670680 0822 Z DH1800/DVH4/PPV 0.87"LAT=46.688900 LON=-68.044800  PRESQUE ISLE  ASOS/AWOS "/
.A JONM1 0822 Z DH1748/DVH4/PPV 0.67"LAT=44.645400 LON=-67.649500  JONESBORO  COOP/RIVER "/
.A X4720683 0822 Z DH1809/DVH4/PPV 1.35"LAT=47.243100 LON=-68.314200  SAINT AGATHA  PUBLIC "/
.A CLTM1 0822 Z DH1808/DVH4/PPV 0.87"LAT=46.616700 LON=-69.533300  CLAYTON LAKE  COOP/RIVER "/
.A OXBM1 0822 Z DH1510/DVH1/PPV 0.82"LAT=46.425300 LON=-68.553800  OXBOW  COOP/RIVER "/
.A DANM1 0822 Z DH1537/DVH2/PPV 1.39"LAT=45.661000 LON=-67.861200  DANFORTH  COOP/RIVER "/
.A RIPM1 0822 Z DH1504/DVH1/PPV 1.11"LAT=45.879200 LON=-69.207500  RIPOGENOUS DAM  COOP/RIVER "/
.A ABTM1 0822 Z DH1535/DVH1/PPV 1.45"LAT=45.180000 LON=-69.450000  ABBOT VILLAGE  COOP/RIVER "/
.A PATM1 0822 Z DH1512/DVH1/PPV 1.06"LAT=46.026800 LON=-68.500000  PATTEN  COOP/RIVER "/
.A X4560687 0822 Z DH1522/DVH1/PPV 1.17"LAT=45.648000 LON=-68.692400  MILLINOCKET  ASOS/AWOS "/
.A X4440684 0822 Z DH1751/DVH4/PPV 0.99"LAT=44.449800 LON=-68.361300  BAR HARBOR  ASOS/AWOS "/


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