Public Information Statement
Issued by NWS Denver/Boulder, CO

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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Denver/Boulder CO
645 PM MDT SAT AUG 5 2017

...This week in metro Denver weather history...

6     In 1877...a severe rain...hail...and wind storm struck Denver.
        The storm produced a one minute sustained wind speed of
        75 mph.  Rainfall totaled 1.00 inch in 25 minutes.  The
        hail storm damaged vegetable gardens in the city.
      In unconfirmed tornado was reported in Westminster.
        A funnel cloud was sighted in the area...but it was not
        certain if it had touched down.  No damage was reported.
      In 1980...the temperature reached 100 degrees...setting a new
        record high for the date.
      In 1982...3/4 inch diameter hail was reported in north Denver.
        Heavy rain caused street flooding in central Denver where
        4 to 5 feet of water inundated I-25...closing the freeway
        for a while.  Rainfall across metro Denver ranged up to
        2.35 inches in just over an hour.  An estimated 2000
        basements were flooded.  Only 0.01 inch of rain fell at
        Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1991...heavy rain caused flooding at the junction of I-25
        and I-70.  Dime size hail was reported northeast of Boulder
        near Niwot.
      In 1995...microburst winds gusting as high as 58 mph caused
        minor damage to an apartment complex in Broomfield.  Some
        homes under construction were also damaged when the winds
        knocked over 2 by 4 wood beams along with some insulation
        and roofing materials...which broke a few windows.
        Microburst winds also overturned a camper near Barr Lake.
      In 1996...hail ranging in size from 1 to 1 1/2 inches fell
        near Bennett.
      In 2001...3/4 inch hail fell in the foothills near Conifer.
      In 2008...a record daily rainfall record was set at Denver
        International Airport.  The record of 1.29 inches in 24
        hours broke the previous record of 1.10 inches set in
7     In 1948...a brief west moving tornado was sighted 3 miles
        north-northeast of Stapleton Airport.  The white funnel
        silhouetted against a gray cloud background was very
        narrow...nearly vertical...and estimated at nearly 5 thousand
        feet high.  A dust cloud formed on the ground around the
        funnel.  No damage was reported.
      In 1952...a thunderstorm wind gust to 52 mph was recorded at
        Stapleton Airport.
      In 2014...severe thunderstorms produced large hail across
        western and southern parts of metro Denver.  Near Centenniel
        and Golden...hail up to quarter size was reported.  Near
        Bennett...a peak thunderstorm wind gust to 65 mph was also
        reported.  At Denver International Airport...a peak wind
        gust to 46 mph was recorded.
8     In 1874...swarms of grasshoppers invaded the city.  Millions
        of them were seen cruising through the air.  The insects
        were apparently picked up by a thunderstorm gust front
        and carried into the city.  The grasshoppers had ravaged
        crops in surrounding counties for the last month.
      In 1878...the highest temperature ever recorded in Denver...105
        degrees...occurred at 3:20 PM.  This temperature was equaled
        on July 20th in 2005.
      In 1969...the temperature reached 100 degrees at Stapleton
        International Airport.
      In Thornton...a 13 year old boy riding a bicycle was
        struck and killed by lightning.
      In 2000...lightning struck three homes in central Arapahoe
        County east of Denver.  Damage was estimated at 47 thousand
      In 2003...hail to 1 inch in diameter pelted Denver.  Hail to
        7/8 inch was measured in Boulder.
      In 2008...heavy rain also caused flash flooding over south
        Denver and its nearby suburbs. Heavy rain...from 2.5 to 4
        inches...fell in less than 90 minutes.  Firefighters rescued
        20 people as the water quickly rose along creeks...flooded
        roadways...and stranded motorists.  Three people had to be
        rescued along Cherry Creek when the bike path flooded.  In
        Evergreen...a man suffered minor injuries when he was struck
        by lightning.  It entered his finger...traveled down his body...
        and exited his foot.
      In 2013...heavy rain caused localized flash flooding in Aurora.
        An undergound parking garage at an apartment complex was
        inundated with 3 to 4 feet of water. Flash flooding forced
        a road closure at East Mississippi Ave. and Alton St. Also...
        several people had to be rescued when three vehicles stalled
        in floodwaters at Alameda Ave. and Havana St.  The stationary
        thunderstorms dumped 2.75 inches of rain in less than 45
        minutes. In addition...large hail...up to one inch in diameter...
        was reported north of Roxbourough State Park.  At Denver
        International Airport...just a trace of rainfall was observed.
8-10  In 1979...heavy thunderstorm rains on each of three
        consecutive days dumped a total of 2.22 inches of rain
        at Stapleton International Airport.  The heaviest rain...
        0.95 inches...fell on the 9th.  Small hail to 1/8 inch
        diameter fell on the 8th.
8-13  In 1875...clouds of grasshoppers were seen flying through
        the air on the prevailing winds during each day.
9     In 1900...a thunderstorm produced west winds sustained to
        47 mph with gusts to 55 mph...but only 0.01 inch of rain.
      In 1902...a thunderstorm produced no rain and north winds
        sustained to 52 mph with gusts to 60 mph.
      In 1934...heavy cloudbursts in the foothills near Kittredge
        and at the head of Mount Vernon Creek caused flash flooding
        on both Bear Creek and Mount Vernon Creek at Morrison...
        which resulted in 6 deaths and much property damage.
        The highway in Mount Vernon Canyon was destroyed by the
        flood waters.
      In 1981...3/4 inch hail fell at Kittredge near Evergreen in
        Jefferson County.
      In 1987...3/4 inch hail fell in Boulder and 9 miles northwest
        of Castle Rock.
      In 1995...lightning struck a 16-year-old counselor in the
        back of the head while he and a friend were standing under
        a tree at the Singing River Ranch...7 miles west of
        Evergreen.  He stopped breathing...but his friend was able
        to summon help and they were able to revive him.  He was
        hospitalized for a few days and released.
      In 1998...brief...weak tornadoes (F0) were sighted near
        Bennett and Roggen.  No damage was reported.  Hail as
        large as 1 inch diameter fell in Franktown with
        3/4 inch diameter hail measured near Castle Rock.
        Thunderstorm winds gusted to 61 mph near Roggen.
9-10  In 2006...mid and high cloudiness overnight on both days
        resulted in two temperature records.  The low temperature
        of 71 degrees on the 9th was a record high minimum for
        the date.  The low temperature of 68 degrees on the 10th
        equaled the record high minimum for the date first set
        in 1936.
10    In 1924...0.01 inch of rain fell over downtown Denver.  This
        along with the 0.01 inch of rainfall on the 4th was the
        only rainfall of the month...making this the driest August
        on record in the city.
      In 1962...the high temperature reached 100 degrees at
        Stapleton Airport.
      In 1970...hail stones to 1 inch in diameter were reported in
        the Fort Lupton area.
      In 1972...dry thunderstorm microburst winds gusting to 46 mph
        briefly reduced the surface visibility to 3/4 mile in
        blowing dust at Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1978...lightning struck two men in Aurora...killing one and
        injuring the other.
      In 1982...a tornado was sighted near Castle Rock and remained
        on the ground for 10 minutes.  Wind gusts to 60 mph were
        reported in Castle Rock.  No damage was reported.
      In 1994...heavy thunderstorm rains caused flash flooding on
        Lena Gulch in west metro Denver.  Damage was estimated at
        50 thousand dollars.  Lightning struck a house in
        Westminster...causing a small attic fire.
      In 1996...strong thunderstorm winds toppled a tent at a
        company picnic in Westminster.  Five people received minor
        injuries when the tent collapsed.  Two cars nearby were
        also damaged by flying debris.  A weak tornado (F0)...first
        sighted near Denver International Airport...traveled east
        to near Bennett and Strasburg.  No significant damage was
      In 1998...heavy rain caused flooding and flash flooding
        problems over southwest metro Denver.  An observer in
        Lakewood measured 3.26 inches of rainfall in an hour.
        Several streets were flooded in central Lakewood.  In
        addition...a trailer park along Lena Gulch in Wheat Ridge
        was evacuated due to high waters.  One inch diameter
        hail fell near Roggen.
      In 1999...thunderstorm-producing tornadoes...damaging straight
        line winds...heavy rain...and hail hammered metro Denver.  In
        the city...small hail and heavy rainfall...up to 2.50 inches
        an hour...caused a 20-foot by 50-foot section of the roof to
        collapse at a furniture warehouse.  Damage to the warehouse
        was estimated at 1 million dollars.  Heavy rain also flooded
        several underpasses with up to 3 feet of water...which
        resulted in a number of stalled vehicles.  In Fort Lupton...a
        tornado bounced across the area.  Spotty damage was reported
        along a 5-mile path as trees...power poles...and lines were
        downed.  In empty semi-trailer was overturned
        onto another vehicle northeast of the town.  Thunderstorm
        winds gusted to 81 mph south of Fort Lupton.
      In 2004...severe thunderstorms pummeled metro Denver with
        large hail.  Hail up to 3 inches in diameter was measured
        10 miles east of Castle Rock.  Two inch diameter hail fell
        in Louisville...10 miles north of Hudson...and 1 mile east of
        Brighton.  Hail to 1.75 inches was reported in Englewood...
        1 mile south of Ft. Lupton...and 8 miles east of Boulder.
        Hail to 1.50 inches was reported around Boulder...near
        Broomfield...and in Lafayette...Thornton and Greenwood Village.
        Hail from 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter was found in Broomfield...
        Brighton...Castle Rock...Denver and Thornton...and near Longmont...
        Northglenn...Greenwood Village...Morrison...and Wheat Ridge.
        Severe thunderstorm wind gusts were recorded to 66 mph in
        Parker and to 60 mph 5 miles northeast of Boulder.  There
        were no damage estimates from the hail or wind.
11    In 1872...fog was very dense until about 8:00 AM.  There was
        water dripping from the roofs of houses as if it had rained.
        The rain gage showed 0.01 inch of moisture...even though
        there had been no rainfall.
      In apparent dry microburst produced only a trace
        of rain and brief northwest winds sustained to 34 mph
        with gusts to 44 mph.
      In 1980...hail up to golf ball size caused some roof and car
        damage in the southern part of Aurora.
      In 1990...lightning ignited a storage tank filled with 10
        thousand gallons of crude oil in a farmer`s field near
        Dacono...25 miles north of Denver.  Flames shot to 40 feet
        high for nearly 2 hours before being extinguished.  A
        lightning bolt also struck 21 miles north of Denver at an
        Erie fire station...causing extensive damage to the gas meter
        and electrical system.  The sudden power surge blew out the
        station`s television set...a refrigerator...and a pop
        machine.  Small fires spread throughout the structure...
        totally destroying the building`s electrical wiring.  The
        fires were quickly extinguished by the in-resident fire
        fighters.  Golf ball size hail was reported in Denver near
        the intersection of Santa Fe Drive and I-25.
      In 2012...a severe thunderstorm produced a wind gust to 60
        mph at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.
      In 1992...dime size hail fell in Westminster.
      In 1994...strong thunderstorms produced large hail across
        northwest and north metro Denver.  One inch diameter hail
        fell in Brighton with 3/4 inch hail reported in Westminster
        and at Indian Hills in the foothills west of Denver.
        Lightning struck a house in Arvada.  The resulting
        fire destroyed one-third of the house.  Funnel clouds were
        sighted over Westminster.
      In 1997...large hail...strong winds...and torrential rains
        hammered portions of Lakewood and south Denver.  Nearly
        1 inch of rain fell in the span of 10 minutes in south
        Denver with a storm total of 1.81 inches.  Street flooding
        was extensive as gutters and other drainage systems in the
        area were clogged by hail...piled several inches deep...and
        other debris.  Strong thunderstorm winds to 50 mph and
        large hail accompanied by heavy rain caused extensive
        damage to businesses.  Several trees were
        downed by the strong winds...and trees were stripped of
        their leaves by hail.  A water lily exhibition on display
        at the Denver Botanic Gardens was heavily damaged.  Final
        estimates of the damage included 60 million dollars to
        automobiles and an additional 68 million dollars to homes
        and businesses.  Hail to 1 1/2 inches in diameter fell in
        south Denver with 3/4 to 1 inch hail in Lakewood.  A man
        received minor injuries in Aurora when he was struck by
        lightning while talking on the telephone.
      In 2003...hail to 3/4 inch in diameter was measured in Aurora
        near Cherry Creek.
12    In 1876...the temperature climbed to a high of 100 degrees
        in downtown Denver.
      In 1941...excessive thunderstorm rainfall flooded streets
        and delayed traffic for a few hours in some sections of
        the city.  The basements of a considerable number of homes
        and commercial buildings were flooded.  The total value of
        the damage was unknown.  Only 0.94 inch of thunderstorm
        rainfall was recorded downtown.
      In 1969...a man and a 9-year old boy were injured...when
        lightning struck a tree near where they were standing.
        Both were revived after treatment...but the boy later died
        of respiratory failure due to electrical shock.
      In 1984...heavy thunderstorm rains drenched southern metro
        Denver.  Rural roads in Douglas County received minor
        washouts. large as 3/4 inch in diameter...was
        reported in southeast Aurora with one inch diameter hail
        reported near Parker.  Rainfall totaled 1.00 inch at
        Stapleton International Airport.
12-13 In 1975...heavy rains caused flash flooding along the
        foothills from Denver north.  Thunderstorm rainfall
        totaled 1.56 inches at Stapleton International Airport.
      In 2004...a brief cool spell resulted in two daily
        temperature records.  The low temperature of 49
        degrees was a record minimum for the was
        the low temperature of 48 degrees on the 13th.

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