Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Albany, NY

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SRUS41 KALY 292146

.A X4260730 1029 Z DH2057/DVH5/PPV 0.15"LAT=42.597840 LON=-73.043570  SAVOY  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4260746 1029 Z DH2014/DVH4/PPV 0.02"LAT=42.627090 LON=-74.585130  RICHMONDVILLE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4310739 1029 Z DH2101/DVH5/PPV 0.01"LAT=43.060680 LON=-73.856897  MILTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4260743 1029 Z DH2043/DVH4/PPV 0.12"LAT=42.610539 LON=-74.286969  MIDDLEBURGH  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280736 1029 Z DH2029/DVH4/PPV 0.16"LAT=42.761590 LON=-73.612040  CENTER BRUNSWICK  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4250747 1029 Z DH2046/DVH4/PPV 0.15"LAT=42.520040 LON=-74.696060  CHARLOTTEVILLE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4250733 1029 Z DH2121/DVH5/PPV 0.25"LAT=42.502290 LON=-73.270870  LANESBOROUGH  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4290730 1029 Z DH2059/DVH5/PPV 0.16"LAT=42.888640 LON=-73.012480  WOODFORD  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4240740 1029 Z DH2031/DVH4/PPV 0.15"LAT=42.415000 LON=-74.009280  GREENVILLE CENTER  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4300742 1029 Z DH2055/DVH5/PPV 0.02"LAT=42.954678 LON=-74.200854  AMSTERDAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4210743 1029 Z DH2127/DVH5/PPV 0.18"LAT=42.065910 LON=-74.337540  PHOENICIA  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4210738 1029 Z DH2056/DVH5/PPV 0.29"LAT=42.136740 LON=-73.767360  LIVINGSTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4300742 1029 Z DH2103/DVH5/PPV 0.03"LAT=42.955130 LON=-74.205500  AMSTERDAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4330728 1029 Z DH2036/DVH4/PPV 0.06"LAT=43.291580 LON=-72.838540  LANDGROVE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4310740 1029 Z DH2051/DVH4/PPV 0.05"LAT=43.137411 LON=-73.976125  MIDDLE GROVE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4230738 1029 Z DH1733/DVH1/PPV 0.35"LAT=42.255670 LON=-73.776820  HUDSON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4220739 1029 Z DH2107/DVH5/PPV 0.38"LAT=42.216140 LON=-73.870920  CATSKILL  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4230740 1029 Z DH2127/DVH5/PPV 0.20"LAT=42.306647 LON=-74.011183  CAIRO  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280737 1029 Z DH2123/DVH5/PPV 0.20"LAT=42.774850 LON=-73.677817  TROY  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280736 1029 Z DH2059/DVH5/PPV 0.21"LAT=42.774914 LON=-73.643007  TROY  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4210740 1029 Z DH2107/DVH5/PPV 0.39"LAT=42.113401 LON=-73.988712  SAUGERTIES  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4260746 1029 Z DH2037/DVH4/PPV 0.11"LAT=42.557090 LON=-74.608640  SUMMIT  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4250733 1029 Z DH2105/DVH5/PPV 0.25"LAT=42.478852 LON=-73.274056  PITTSFIELD  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4250746 1029 Z DH2008/DVH4/PPV 0.20"LAT=42.458790 LON=-74.581720  JEFFERSON  WEATHERNET6 "/


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