Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Wakefield, VA

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SRUS41 KAKQ 041441

.A X3760763 0704 Z DH0855/DVH28/UPV 41"LAT=37.556000 LON=-76.327700  DELTAVILLE  MESONET "/
.A X3690763 0704 Z DH1200/DVH28/UPV 44"LAT=36.933300 LON=-76.283300  NORFOLK NAS  ASOS "/
.A X3700763 0704 Z DH1210/DVH28/UPV 51"LAT=37.050000 LON=-76.260000  1 E MALO BEACH  BUOY "/
.A X3610766 0704 Z DH0815/DVH28/UPV 41"LAT=36.055800 LON=-76.601900  EDENTON  AWOS "/
.A X3790755 0704 Z DH1340/DVH28/UPV 45"LAT=37.933300 LON=-75.466700  WALLOPS ISLAND  ASOS "/
.A CHYV2 0704 Z DH1235/DVH28/UPV 56"LAT=36.930000 LON=-76.007000  NWLON CAPE HENRY  BUOY "/
.A DOMV2 0704 Z DH1224/DVH28/UPV 45"LAT=36.962000 LON=-76.425000  DOMINION TERM ASSOC  BUOY "/
.A X3710763 0704 Z DH1200/DVH28/UPV 35"LAT=37.083300 LON=-76.350000  LANGLEY AFB  ASOS "/
.A X3700763 0704 Z DH1145/DVH28/UPV 60"LAT=37.042800 LON=-76.293600  BUCKROE BEACH  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A CBBV2 0704 Z DH1154/DVH28/UPV 60"LAT=36.970000 LON=-76.110000  CHESA BAY BRDG TNL  BUOY "/
.A X3680760 0704 Z DH1300/DVH28/UPV 54"LAT=36.816700 LON=-76.033300  OCEANA NAS  ASOS "/
.A X3620759 0704 Z DH1002/DVH28/UPV 43"LAT=36.201900 LON=-75.865500  JARVISBURG  MESONET "/
.A X3680763 0704 Z DH1107/DVH28/UPV 46"LAT=36.830000 LON=-76.290000  SAINT HELENA  MESONET "/
.A X3680761 0704 Z DH1301/DVH28/UPV 49"LAT=36.836000 LON=-76.059500  LYNNHAVEN  BUOY "/
.A X3770757 0704 Z DH1347/DVH28/UPV 53"LAT=37.709900 LON=-75.744300  ONANCOCK  BUOY "/
.A KPTV2 0704 Z DH1312/DVH28/UPV 54"LAT=37.170000 LON=-75.990000  KIPTOPEKE  BUOY "/
.A X3720765 0704 Z DH1105/DVH28/UPV 44"LAT=37.240000 LON=-76.500000  1 NE YORKTOWN  MESONET "/
.A 44058 0704 Z DH1258/DVH28/UPV 43"LAT=37.552000 LON=-76.251000  STINGRAY POINT  BUOY "/
.A X3710765 0704 Z DH1200/DVH28/UPV 41"LAT=37.133300 LON=-76.500000  NEWPORT NEWS  ASOS "/
.A YKRV2 0704 Z DH1130/DVH28/UPV 51"LAT=37.250000 LON=-76.333000  YORK RIV E REAR RGE LT  BUOY "/
.A X3760757 0704 Z DH1423/DVH28/UPV 46"LAT=37.649200 LON=-75.740800  MELFA  ASOS "/
.A X3800759 0704 Z DH1304/DVH28/UPV 54"LAT=37.977100 LON=-75.859300  CRISFIELD  BUOY "/
.A RPLV2 0704 Z DH1242/DVH28/UPV 60"LAT=37.540000 LON=-76.020000  RAPPAHANNOCK LIGHT  BUOY "/
.A X3750760 0704 Z DH1310/DVH28/UPV 55"LAT=37.484600 LON=-75.961100  SILVER BEACH  MESONET "/
.A X3630762 0704 Z DH0800/DVH28/UPV 52"LAT=36.266700 LON=-76.183300  ELIZABETH CITY  ASOS "/
.A X3700761 0704 Z DH1305/DVH28/UPV 70"LAT=37.040000 LON=-76.070000  7 SW FISHERMANS ISLAND  BUOY "/
.A X3750763 0704 Z DH1138/DVH28/UPV 40"LAT=37.504400 LON=-76.288600  GWYNNS ISLAND  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3700763 0704 Z DH1305/DVH28/UPV 40"LAT=37.000000 LON=-76.350000  SUSSEX AT HAMPTON  BUOY "/
.A X3730760 0704 Z DH1230/DVH28/UPV 54"LAT=37.260000 LON=-76.020000  1 SSW CAPE CHARLES  BUOY "/


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