Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Mt. Holly, NJ

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SRUS41 KPHI 201625

.A X3870756 0919 Z DH1828/DVH7/PPV 3.27"LAT=38.743300 LON=-75.602400  BRIDGEVILLE  DEOS "/
.A X3930746 0919 Z DH1900/DVH8/PPV 2.55"LAT=39.269600 LON=-74.603400  OCEAN CITY  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3930746 0919 Z DH2330/DVH13/PPV 2.14"LAT=39.269600 LON=-74.603400  OCEAN CITY  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X3930752 0919 Z DH1812/DVH7/PPV 3.01"LAT=39.296600 LON=-75.176900  NEWPORT  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4000748 0919 Z DH1800/DVH7/PPV 1.02"LAT=40.013000 LON=-74.818400  MOUNT HOLLY WFO  NWS OFFICE "/
.A X4110748 0919 Z DH1431/DVH4/PPV 1.35"LAT=41.124200 LON=-74.840300  CRANDON LAKES  MESONET "/
.A X3920755 0919 Z DH1540/DVH5/PPV 2.85"LAT=39.156501 LON=-75.489367  OAK GROVE  DEOS "/
.A X3920747 0919 Z DH2330/DVH13/PPV 2.06"LAT=39.208300 LON=-74.704400  SEAVILLE  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X3900749 0919 Z DH1910/DVH8/PPV 3.77"LAT=38.998000 LON=-74.933000  KIMSEYTOWN  MESONET "/
.A X3950750 0919 Z DH1301/DVH2/PPV 2.27"LAT=39.478826 LON=-75.005179  7 E ROSENHAYN  MESONET "/
.A X3940748 0919 Z DH2011/DVH9/PPV 2.77"LAT=39.354200 LON=-74.773700  ESTELL MANOR  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X3990757 0919 Z DH1827/DVH7/PPV 2.16"LAT=39.949700 LON=-75.680600  MARSHALLTON  DEOS "/
.A X3960742 0919 Z DH1640/DVH6/PPV 2.30"LAT=39.645100 LON=-74.183300  SHIP BOTTOM  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3990760 0919 Z DH1346/DVH3/PPV 2.00"LAT=39.947100 LON=-75.975300  ATGLEN  DEOS "/
.A X3990760 0919 Z DH1156/DVH1/PPV 1.76"LAT=39.947100 LON=-75.975300  ATGLEN  DEOS "/
.A X3910748 0919 Z DH2330/DVH13/PPV 3.13"LAT=39.079900 LON=-74.823900  CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X3910748 0919 Z DH1441/DVH4/PPV 1.18"LAT=39.079900 LON=-74.823900  CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE  MESONET "/
.A X4080753 0919 Z DH1435/DVH4/PPV 1.26"LAT=40.847500 LON=-75.291700  WIND GAP  MESONET "/
.A X4030760 0919 Z DH1215/DVH1/PPV 2.40"LAT=40.324600 LON=-76.022700  SINKING SPRING  DEOS "/
.A X3880759 0919 Z DH1824/DVH7/PPV 5.08"LAT=38.833000 LON=-75.912000  TUCKAHOE SPRINGS  MESONET "/
.A X4000751 0919 Z DH1447/DVH4/PPV 1.25"LAT=39.976779 LON=-75.100175  PORT RICHMOND  MESONET "/
.A X3860760 0919 Z DH1833/DVH8/PPV 6.34"LAT=38.584000 LON=-76.025000  2 S BELMONT LANDING  MESONET "/
.A X3900758 0919 Z DH1805/DVH7/PPV 5.71"LAT=38.981000 LON=-75.807000  GREENSBORO  MESONET "/
.A X4060748 0919 Z DH1834/DVH8/PPV 1.13"LAT=40.643900 LON=-74.835100  LEBANON  MESONET "/
.A X3860756 0920 Z DH1120/DVH24/PPV 4.24"LAT=38.648900 LON=-75.616600  SEAFORD  DEOS "/
.A X3860756 0919 Z DH1829/DVH7/PPV 3.90"LAT=38.648900 LON=-75.616600  SEAFORD  DEOS "/
.A X3860756 0919 Z DH1424/DVH3/PPV 2.21"LAT=38.648900 LON=-75.616600  SEAFORD  DEOS "/
.A X3900759 0919 Z DH1800/DVH7/PPV 3.46"LAT=38.996000 LON=-75.943000  1 ESE RUTHSBURG  MESONET "/
.A X3920748 0919 Z DH2330/DVH13/PPV 2.66"LAT=39.227900 LON=-74.808500  WOODBINE  AMATEUR RADIO "/
.A X3970741 0919 Z DH1542/DVH5/PPV 1.96"LAT=39.715398 LON=-74.129858  LONG BEACH PARK  DEOS "/
.A X4010753 0919 Z DH1226/DVH1/PPV 1.00"LAT=40.122100 LON=-75.339700  NORRISTOWN  PUBLIC "/
.A X3920750 0919 Z DH1915/DVH8/PPV 3.13"LAT=39.248000 LON=-75.041100  PORT NORRIS  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3920750 0919 Z DH1346/DVH3/PPV 1.13"LAT=39.248000 LON=-75.041100  PORT NORRIS  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3970757 0919 Z DH1423/DVH3/PPV 2.12"LAT=39.725668 LON=-75.654096  MARSHALLTON  DEOS "/
.A X3870754 0920 Z DH1120/DVH24/PPV 4.16"LAT=38.690000 LON=-75.390000  GEORGETOWN  DEOS "/
.A X3870754 0919 Z DH1829/DVH7/PPV 3.54"LAT=38.690000 LON=-75.390000  GEORGETOWN  DEOS "/
.A X3870754 0919 Z DH1540/DVH5/PPV 2.65"LAT=38.690000 LON=-75.390000  GEORGETOWN  DEOS "/
.A X3870754 0919 Z DH1423/DVH3/PPV 2.29"LAT=38.690000 LON=-75.390000  GEORGETOWN  DEOS "/
.A X3900749 0919 Z DH2015/DVH9/PPV 4.38"LAT=38.960475 LON=-74.926336  2 NW CAPE MAY  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X3870763 0919 Z DH1824/DVH7/PPV 3.50"LAT=38.749000 LON=-76.254000  MULBERRY POINT  MESONET "/
.A X3910756 0919 Z DH1828/DVH7/PPV 3.31"LAT=39.070300 LON=-75.568500  WOODSIDE  DEOS "/
.A X3910756 0919 Z DH1541/DVH5/PPV 2.55"LAT=39.070300 LON=-75.568500  WOODSIDE  DEOS "/
.A X3910756 0919 Z DH1425/DVH3/PPV 2.27"LAT=39.070300 LON=-75.568500  WOODSIDE  DEOS "/
.A X3910756 0919 Z DH1157/DVH1/PPV 1.68"LAT=39.070300 LON=-75.568500  WOODSIDE  DEOS "/
.A X3960758 0919 Z DH1437/DVH4/PPV 1.77"LAT=39.600000 LON=-75.820000  ELKTON  MESONET "/
.A X4020752 0919 Z DH1323/DVH2/PPV 1.00"LAT=40.154598 LON=-75.240445  1 W AMBLER  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3890749 0919 Z DH1922/DVH8/PPV 4.69"LAT=38.936000 LON=-74.930000  1 SE WEST CAPE MAY  MESONET "/
.A X3920747 0919 Z DH1925/DVH8/PPV 3.02"LAT=39.159000 LON=-74.691000  1 NE SEA ISLE CITY  MESONET "/
.A X4040740 0919 Z DH1442/DVH4/PPV 2.20"LAT=40.360500 LON=-74.037800  FAIR HAVEN  MESONET "/
.A X3890756 0919 Z DH1828/DVH7/PPV 3.47"LAT=38.922700 LON=-75.572300  HARRINGTON  DEOS "/
.A X3890756 0919 Z DH1424/DVH3/PPV 2.24"LAT=38.922700 LON=-75.572300  HARRINGTON  DEOS "/
.A X4080747 0919 Z DH1833/DVH8/PPV 1.28"LAT=40.785900 LON=-74.693300  CHESTER  MESONET "/
.A X4080749 0919 Z DH1436/DVH4/PPV 1.04"LAT=40.826210 LON=-74.901280  MOUNT BETHEL  MESONET "/
.A X3890749 0920 Z DH0300/DVH16/PPV 4.53"LAT=38.940000 LON=-74.900000  CAPE MAY  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3880758 0919 Z DH1818/DVH7/PPV 5.56"LAT=38.752000 LON=-75.795000  AGNER  MESONET "/
.A X3870751 0919 Z DH1816/DVH7/PPV 3.81"LAT=38.704000 LON=-75.110000  SILVER VIEW FARM  MESONET "/
.A X4000756 0919 Z DH1334/DVH3/PPV 2.02"LAT=40.031600 LON=-75.630000  EXTON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3940752 0919 Z DH1437/DVH4/PPV 1.83"LAT=39.427500 LON=-75.228100  BRIDGETON  MESONET "/
.A X3900759 0919 Z DH1153/DVH1/PPV 2.36"LAT=38.981575 LON=-75.945243  2 NW JUMPTOWN  MESONET "/
.A X4060760 0919 Z DH1251/DVH2/PPV 3.00"LAT=40.556200 LON=-75.983000  HAMBURG  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4070751 0919 Z DH1630/DVH6/PPV 1.41"LAT=40.693711 LON=-75.111007  STEWARTSVILLE  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4070751 0919 Z DH1629/DVH5/PPV 1.40"LAT=40.693711 LON=-75.111007  STEWARTSVILLE  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3950748 0919 Z DH1442/DVH4/PPV 1.99"LAT=39.515116 LON=-74.778776  WEYMOUTH  MESONET "/
.A X4020742 0919 Z DH2041/DVH10/PPV 1.70"LAT=40.190000 LON=-74.200000  HOWELL TWP  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3900748 0919 Z DH1846/DVH8/PPV 3.67"LAT=39.005000 LON=-74.802000  NORTH WILDWOOD  MESONET "/
.A X3980750 0919 Z DH1445/DVH4/PPV 2.24"LAT=39.790000 LON=-75.030000  GLOUCESTER TWP  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4060744 0919 Z DH1814/DVH7/PPV 1.52"LAT=40.575400 LON=-74.415300  SOUTH PLAINFIELD  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3970748 0919 Z DH1920/DVH8/PPV 2.27"LAT=39.654900 LON=-74.772400  HAMMONTON  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3970753 0919 Z DH1835/DVH8/PPV 1.51"LAT=39.660000 LON=-75.300000  PILESGROVE TWP  MESONET "/
.A X3970750 0919 Z DH1440/DVH4/PPV 2.24"LAT=39.717300 LON=-74.969300  SICKLERVILLE  MESONET "/
.A X4080756 0919 Z DH1130/DVH1/PPV 1.98"LAT=40.756900 LON=-75.603300  1 NW WALNUTPORT  MESONET "/
.A X3860756 0919 Z DH1829/DVH7/PPV 3.14"LAT=38.555000 LON=-75.573100  LAUREL  DEOS "/
.A X3870756 0919 Z DH1820/DVH7/PPV 5.18"LAT=38.742000 LON=-75.600000  BRIDGEVILLE  MESONET "/
.A X3930746 0919 Z DH1845/DVH8/PPV 2.73"LAT=39.289000 LON=-74.583557  2 NE OCEAN CITY  MESONET "/
.A X3910749 0919 Z DH2330/DVH13/PPV 3.61"LAT=39.141400 LON=-74.853300  GOSHEN  AMATEUR RADIO "/


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