Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
Issued by NWS Mt. Holly, NJ

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SRUS41 KPHI 251531

.A X3990742 0925 Z DH1410/DVH27/PPV 1.89"LAT=39.866786 LON=-74.167917  LANOKA HARBOR  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A DE-KN-1 0925 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.60"LAT=39.032570 LON=-75.516933  4 NE FELTON  COCORAHS "/
.A X3960749 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 1.65"LAT=39.587894 LON=-74.927391  PINEY HOLLOW  NJWXNET "/
.A X3920748 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 2.01"LAT=39.227900 LON=-74.808500  WOODBINE  NJWXNET "/
.A X3960742 0925 Z DH1351/DVH27/PPV 1.58"LAT=39.645100 LON=-74.183300  SHIP BOTTOM  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A NJ-CM-17 0925 Z DH1155/DVH24/PPV 1.74"LAT=38.971681 LON=-74.839760  WSW WILDWOOD CREST  COCORAHS "/
.A X3950752 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 1.75"LAT=39.480000 LON=-75.210000  UPPER DEERFIELD TWP  NJWXNET "/
.A X3910748 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 2.06"LAT=39.079900 LON=-74.823900  CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE  NJWXNET "/
.A X3850752 0925 Z DH1347/DVH27/PPV 1.58"LAT=38.522300 LON=-75.232900  FRANKFORD  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3850751 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 1.84"LAT=38.538000 LON=-75.065400  BETHANY BEACH  DEOS "/
.A X3960757 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 1.60"LAT=39.604700 LON=-75.745500  GLASGOW  DEOS "/
.A X3960743 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 2.05"LAT=39.634563 LON=-74.307088  WEST CREEK  NJWXNET "/
.A X3990743 0925 Z DH1400/DVH27/PPV 1.75"LAT=39.872618 LON=-74.295144  LACEY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3870754 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 2.19"LAT=38.690000 LON=-75.390000  GEORGETOWN  DEOS "/
.A X3970751 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 1.58"LAT=39.659100 LON=-75.083000  CLAYTON  NJWXNET "/
.A X3880753 0925 Z DH1527/DVH27/PPV 2.80"LAT=38.778900 LON=-75.313200  MILTON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3960759 0925 Z DH1458/DVH27/PPV 2.56"LAT=39.600200 LON=-75.942500  NORTH EAST  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3870751 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 2.02"LAT=38.717300 LON=-75.080900  REHOBOTH BEACH  DEOS "/
.A X3860753 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 2.04"LAT=38.640947 LON=-75.339915  STOCKLEY  DEOS "/
.A X3900749 0925 Z DH1200/DVH27/PPV 1.88"LAT=39.008500 LON=-74.908300  WILDWOOD AIRPORT  AWOS "/
.A X3960747 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 1.83"LAT=39.600000 LON=-74.670000  MULLICA TWP  NJWXNET "/
.A X3880751 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 3.01"LAT=38.780300 LON=-75.149800  LEWES  DEOS "/
.A X3870756 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 1.56"LAT=38.743300 LON=-75.602400  BRIDGEVILLE  DEOS "/
.A X3950750 0925 Z DH1431/DVH27/PPV 2.00"LAT=39.464800 LON=-74.997400  VINELAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3940748 0925 Z DH1200/DVH27/PPV 2.00"LAT=39.354200 LON=-74.773700  ESTELL MANOR  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X3970748 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 1.82"LAT=39.654900 LON=-74.772400  HAMMONTON  NJWXNET "/
.A X3980750 0925 Z DH1408/DVH27/PPV 1.52"LAT=39.770670 LON=-75.042670  LAMBS TERRACE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3870754 0925 Z DH1350/DVH27/PPV 2.30"LAT=38.741502 LON=-75.417141  REDDEN  MESONET "/
.A X3970753 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 1.59"LAT=39.650900 LON=-75.325100  WOODSTOWN  NJWXNET "/
.A X3970741 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 1.51"LAT=39.699600 LON=-74.142100  HARVEY CEDARS  NJWXNET "/
.A MD-CC-15 0925 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.80"LAT=39.572514 LON=-75.985725  WSW CHARLESTOWN  COCORAHS "/
.A X3890754 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 2.10"LAT=38.914100 LON=-75.433100  MILFORD  DEOS "/
.A X3950746 0925 Z DH1200/DVH27/PPV 1.74"LAT=39.457600 LON=-74.577200  ATLANTIC CITY AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A DE-SS-25 0925 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 2.34"LAT=38.727112 LON=-75.287018  4 SSE MILTON  COCORAHS "/
.A X3940746 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 2.31"LAT=39.360000 LON=-74.640000  EGG HARBOR TWP  NJWXNET "/
.A X3860752 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 2.14"LAT=38.574279 LON=-75.170463  INDIAN RIVER ACRES  DEOS "/
.A NJ-OC-58 0925 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.70"LAT=39.741211 LON=-74.290681  3 NNW STAFFORD TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-CM-34 0925 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.60"LAT=39.143148 LON=-74.853807  4 NNW MIDDLE TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A X3960742 0925 Z DH1330/DVH27/PPV 1.89"LAT=39.600200 LON=-74.211900  NORTH BEACH HAVEN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3870753 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 2.16"LAT=38.724835 LON=-75.284912  HARBESON  DEOS "/
.A LWSD1 0925 Z DH0606/DVH27/UPV 47"LAT=38.782000 LON=-75.120000  LEWES NOS BUOY  NOS PLATFORM "/
.A NJ-AT-9 0925 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.89"LAT=39.334645 LON=-74.575928  1 SSW LINWOOD  COCORAHS "/
.A DE-SS-2 0925 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.91"LAT=38.697201 LON=-75.493132  6 W GEORGETOWN  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-AT-5 0925 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.64"LAT=39.640364 LON=-74.826086  3 WSW HAMMONTON  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-AT-11 0925 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 2.19"LAT=39.373952 LON=-74.847080  4 WNW ESTELL MANOR  COCORAHS "/
.A X3890749 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 1.61"LAT=38.941400 LON=-74.937900  WEST CAPE MAY  NJWXNET "/
.A X3870754 0925 Z DH1200/DVH27/PPV 1.84"LAT=38.687800 LON=-75.358300  GEORGETOWN AIRPORT  ASOS "/
.A X3860754 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 1.54"LAT=38.604559 LON=-75.446864  JONES CROSSROADS  DEOS "/
.A NJ-CM-30 0925 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.74"LAT=39.166095 LON=-74.826298  3 S DENNIS TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A X3850752 0925 Z DH1350/DVH27/PPV 2.32"LAT=38.458100 LON=-75.224000  SELBYVILLE  MESONET "/
.A NJ-CM-7 0925 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.58"LAT=39.237795 LON=-74.817278  1 NNW WOODBINE  COCORAHS "/
.A X3880754 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 2.53"LAT=38.807100 LON=-75.424300  ELLENDALE  DEOS "/
.A NJ-AT-18 0925 Z DH1355/DVH24/PPV 2.05"LAT=39.534125 LON=-74.642810  3 SW EGG HARBOR CITY  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-CM-12 0925 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.60"LAT=39.290010 LON=-74.755618  5 NE WOODBINE  COCORAHS "/
.A X3850752 0925 Z DH1459/DVH27/PPV 2.50"LAT=38.547500 LON=-75.247700  DAGSBORO  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A NJ-CM-14 0925 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 2.29"LAT=39.221658 LON=-74.686028  3 SE UPPER TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-AT-13 0925 Z DH1145/DVH24/PPV 2.02"LAT=39.392859 LON=-74.624798  1 NW EGG HARBOR TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A X3860753 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 1.91"LAT=38.585200 LON=-75.291800  MILLSBORO  DEOS "/
.A DE-SS-16 0925 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.64"LAT=38.642000 LON=-75.627000  1 SW SEAFORD  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-CM-32 0925 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 2.21"LAT=39.176167 LON=-74.751523  3 WNW SEA ISLE CITY  COCORAHS "/
.A X3950752 0925 Z DH1200/DVH27/PPV 1.92"LAT=39.501000 LON=-75.218300  SEABROOK FARMS  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X3900749 0925 Z DH1350/DVH27/PPV 2.07"LAT=38.950000 LON=-74.890000  CAPE MAY HARBOR  MESONET "/
.A NJ-OC-12 0925 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.67"LAT=39.728719 LON=-74.289391  2 NW STAFFORD TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-AT-1 0925 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.65"LAT=39.548260 LON=-74.867069  3 NNE BUENA VISTA TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A X3890756 0925 Z DH1250/DVH27/PPV 1.65"LAT=38.922700 LON=-75.572300  HARRINGTON  DEOS "/
.A DE-SS-15 0925 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.77"LAT=38.461155 LON=-75.089328  7 E SELBYVILLE  COCORAHS "/
.A NJ-CN-11 0925 Z DH1430/DVH24/PPV 1.71"LAT=39.809952 LON=-74.935694  1 WNW BERLIN TWP  COCORAHS "/
.A X3940745 0925 Z DH1300/DVH27/PPV 2.22"LAT=39.377600 LON=-74.451400  ATLANTIC CITY  NJWXNET "/


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