Hydro-Met Data Report Part 4
Issued by NWS Spokane, WA

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SRUS56 KOTX 261214
.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH1215/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH1145/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH1130/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH1100/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH1000/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0900/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0845/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0715/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0600/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0545/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0515/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0445/HGIRGZ MB.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0345/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0200/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0045/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0015/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150321 Z DH0000/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH2330/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH2145/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH2130/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH2100/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH2030/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1845/HGIRGZ MB.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1830/HGIRGZ MB.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1800/HGIRGZ MB.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1745/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1715/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1
645/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1630/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1215/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1115/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1030/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH1000/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0945/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0745/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0600/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0545/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0300/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0245/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0215/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0200/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0100/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150320 Z DH0015/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH2345/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH2245/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH2215/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH2145/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH2115/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH2000/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH1845/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH1745/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH1545/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH1515/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH1100/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH1045/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 2
0150319 Z DH1030/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH1015/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH1000/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0945/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0930/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0745/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0730/HGIRGZ MB.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0715/HGIRGZ MB.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0615/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0600/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0545/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0400/HGIRGZ MB.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0200/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0145/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0045/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150319 Z DH0000/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH2315/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH2245/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH2145/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH2100/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH2000/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1930/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1915/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1830/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1545/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1500/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1430/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1400/HGIRGZ
M .AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1345/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1330/HGIRGZ MB.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1215/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1200/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1145/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1045/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH1000/HGIRGZ M .AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH0945/HGIRGZ MQ.AR CBBI1 20150318 Z DH0930/HGIRGZ MQ

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