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Altus, Altus/Quartz Mountain Regional Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1822:35S 811FairCLR29.420 56%NA31.175.84NA
1822:15SE 1611FairCLR31.719.4 49%NA33.375.82NA
1821:55SE 2111 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT11032.219.4 48%NA34.475.79NA
1821:35S 118Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT10032.219.4 47%NA33.975.84NA
1821:15W 1616Partly CloudySCT10030.621.1 57%NA33.375.79NA
1820:55Calm16FairCLR31.720.6 51%NA33.975.74NA
1820:35SE 1116 Thunderstorm in VicinityCLR32.220 49%NA34.475.72NA
1820:15SE 1616FairCLR33.320 45%NA35.675.69NA
1819:55SE 1616FairCLR33.920 44%NA36.175.69NA
1819:35SE 1916FairCLR34.419.4 41%NA36.775.64NA
1819:15SE 1316FairCLR3520.6 43%NA38.375.64NA
1818:55SE 1616FairCLR36.120.6 38.333.941%NA4075.62NA
1818:35S 1616FairCLR36.721.1 40%NA40.675.62NA
1818:15SE 1616FairCLR38.321.1 37%NA42.875.64NA
1817:55S 19 G 2916FairCLR37.820.6 37%NA41.775.64NA
1817:35S 1416FairCLR38.320 34%NA41.775.64NA
1817:15SE 1316FairCLR38.321.7 38%NA43.375.67NA
1816:55SE 1916FairCLR38.321.1 37%NA42.875.67NA
1816:35S 19 G 2616FairCLR37.821.7 39%NA42.275.67NA
1816:15S 1616FairCLR37.821.7 40%NA42.875.69NA
1815:55S 2416FairCLR37.822.2 41%NA43.375.72NA
1815:35S 198Fair with HazeCLR37.222.8 43%NA42.875.72NA
1815:15SE 146Fair with HazeCLR36.722.8 43%NA41.775.74NA
1814:55S 236Fair with HazeCLR36.122.2 45%NA41.175.77NA
1814:35SE 218Fair with HazeCLR34.422.8 50%NA39.475.79NA
1814:15SE 148Fair with HazeCLR34.421.7 48%NA38.975.82NA
1813:55S 148Fair with HazeCLR33.922.8 52%NA38.975.82NA
1813:35SE 148Fair with HazeCLR33.922.2 50%NA38.375.84NA
1813:15SE 218Fair with HazeCLR3522.2 47%NA39.475.87NA
1812:55SE 16 G 266Fair with HazeCLR34.421.7 34.423.947%NA38.375.87NA
1812:35S 16 G 266Fair with HazeCLR33.321.1 48%NA36.175.87NA
1812:15S 13 G 278Fair with HazeCLR33.321.7 50%NA37.275.87NA
1811:55E 118Fair with HazeCLR32.221.1 52%NA35.675.9NA
1811:35SE 146Fair with HazeCLR32.220.6 51%NA3575.9NA
1811:15SE 118Fair with HazeCLR30.621.1 58%NA33.375.9NA
1810:55SE 86Fair with HazeCLR29.420.6 60%NA31.775.9NA
1810:35S 148Fair with HazeCLR29.421.1 60%NA31.775.87NA
1810:15E 108Fair with HazeCLR3020.6 56%NA32.275.87NA
1809:55S 168Fair with HazeCLR29.420.6 60%NA31.775.82NA
1809:35S 1411FairCLR28.921.1 63%NA31.175.79NA
1809:15S 23 G 278Fair with HazeCLR27.820 62%NA29.475.77NA
1808:55S 246Fair with HazeCLR27.220 64%NA28.975.74NA
1808:35S 166Fair with HazeCLR26.119.4 66%NA27.275.74NA
1808:15S 236Fair with HazeCLR26.119.4 66%NA27.275.74NA
1807:55S 218Fair with HazeCLR25.619.4 70%NA26.775.72NA
1807:35SE 19 G 278Fair with HazeCLR2519.4 72%NA26.175.72NA
1807:15SE 166Fair with HazeCLR24.419.4 74%NA2575.72NA
1806:55SE 1911FairCLR23.919.4 24.423.975%NANA75.72NA
1806:35SE 218Fair with HazeCLR23.919.4 75%NANA75.72NA
1806:15SE 1911FairCLR23.918.9 75%NANA75.72NA
1805:55SE 1911FairCLR23.918.9 75%NANA75.72NA
1805:35SE 2111FairCLR23.918.9 72%NANA75.72NA
1805:15SE 2111FairCLR23.918.3 71%NANA75.72NA
1804:55SE 2111FairCLR23.918.3 69%NANA75.72NA
1804:35SE 1911FairCLR23.918.3 70%NANA75.74NA
1804:15SE 2311FairCLR23.917.8 69%NANA75.72NA
1803:55SE 2411FairCLR24.417.8 68%NA25.675.72NA
1803:35SE 2311FairCLR24.417.8 68%NA25.675.69NA
1803:15SE 2411FairCLR24.417.8 67%NA25.675.72NA
1802:55SE 24 G 3211FairCLR24.418.3 68%NA25.675.72NA
1802:35SE 2311FairCLR24.418.3 70%NA25.675.72NA
1802:15SE 2111FairCLR23.918.3 71%NANA75.74NA
1801:55SE 23 G 3511FairCLR24.418.3 70%NA25.675.74NA
1801:35SE 278Fair with HazeCLR24.418.9 71%NA25.675.77NA
1801:15SE 2611FairCLR24.418.3 70%NA25.675.77NA
1800:55SE 2411FairCLR23.918.3 33.921.772%NANA75.74NA2.62
1800:35SE 1911FairCLR22.818.3 77%NANA75.77NA
1800:15SE 2311FairCLR23.317.8 70%NANA75.77NA
1723:55E 2311FairCLR23.317.8 72%NANA75.77NA
1723:35E 32 G 4011 Thunderstorm in VicinityCLR22.818.3 74%NANA75.79NA
1723:15E 40 G 5811Fair and BreezyCLR22.817.8 72%NANA75.77NA
1722:55E 39 G 5316 Thunderstorm Light Rain in Vicinity and BreezySCT023 SCT034 BKN12022.818.9 77%NANA75.79NA0.08
1722:35SE 42 G 5011 Thunderstorm Rain in Vicinity and WindyOVC11022.820 85%NANA75.9NA0.05
1722:15E 2916 Thunderstorm Light RainSCT020 SCT070 OVC10022.820.6 87%NANA76NA
1721:55NE 27 G 352 Thunderstorm Heavy RainBKN018 BKN023 OVC03323.320 83%NANA76.05NA1.62.51
1721:35N 21 G 346 Thunderstorm Heavy RainSCT018 SCT035 BKN0652519.4 71%NA26.176.05NA0.33
1721:15NW 48 G 6016 Light Rain and WindySCT035 SCT04924.419.4 73%NA2575.82NA0.03
1720:55SE 45 G 6316 Thunderstorm Rain in Vicinity and WindyCLR23.920 81%NANA75.64NA0.13
1720:35S 45 G 5616 Thunderstorm Light Drizzle in Vicinity and WindySCT031 SCT042 SCT04823.918.9 75%NANA75.67NA0.13
1720:15S 39 G 4716 Thunderstorm Light Rain in Vicinity and BreezySCT033 BKN048 BKN07524.418.3 71%NA25.675.62NA0.13
1719:55S 53 G 665 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain and WindySCT037 BKN060 OVC10022.816.7 68%NANA75.59NA0.76
1719:35SW 34 G 644 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain and BreezySCT028 SCT055 OVC10022.817.2 70%NANA75.74NA0.41
1719:15W 50 G 6016 Thunderstorm Rain and WindySCT060 SCT090 BKN11027.216.7 53%NA27.875.54NA
1718:55W 51 G 8216 Thunderstorm Rain in Vicinity and WindyBKN11028.314.4 38.327.242%NA28.375.44NA
1718:35S 32 G 5011 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinitySCT090 SCT12036.113.3 26%NA35.675.39NA
1718:15S 24 G 3711Partly CloudySCT090 SCT12036.715.6 29%NA36.775.39NA
1717:55S 26 G 3211FairCLR36.716.1 29%NA36.775.44NA
1717:35S 1911FairCLR36.716.7 30%NA37.275.46NA
1717:15S 24 G 3911FairCLR38.317.2 29%NA39.475.49NA
1716:55S 24 G 398Fair with HazeCLR38.316.7 28%NA39.475.49NA
1716:35S 24 G 358Fair with HazeCLR37.817.8 30%NA38.975.51NA
1716:15S 24 G 345Fair with HazeCLR37.818.3 32%NA4075.54NA
1715:55S 26 G 348Fair with HazeCLR37.818.3 32%NA4075.57NA
1715:35S 23 G 358Fair with HazeCLR37.818.3 32%NA4075.57NA
1715:15S 23 G 278Fair with HazeCLR37.219.4 35%NA4075.62NA
1714:55S 168Fair with HazeCLR37.218.9 35%NA4075.64NA
1714:35S 236Fair with HazeCLR36.719.4 36%NA38.975.67NA
1714:15S 24 G 328Fair with HazeCLR36.120 38%NA38.975.67NA
1713:55S 21 G 268Fair with HazeCLR36.119.4 38%NA38.975.69NA
1713:35S 23 G 2711FairCLR35.620 40%NA38.375.72NA
1713:15S 148Fair with HazeCLR35.621.7 44%NA39.475.74NA
1712:55S 168Fair with HazeCLR34.420.6 352544%NA37.275.77NA
1712:35S 218Fair with HazeCLR34.420.6 44%NA37.275.77NA
1712:15S 23 G 298Fair with HazeCLR33.920.6 46%NA36.775.79NA
1711:55S 216Fair with HazeCLR33.320.6 46%NA35.675.82NA
1711:35S 24 G 326Fair with HazeCLR32.820 47%NA3575.82NA
1711:15S 238Fair with HazeCLR32.220 49%NA34.475.82NA
1710:55S 24 G 328Fair with HazeCLR31.720.6 51%NA33.975.82NA
1710:35S 278Fair with HazeCLR30.620.6 55%NA32.875.82NA
1710:15S 248Fair with HazeCLR3020.6 58%NA32.275.84NA
1709:55S 24 G 326Fair with HazeCLR29.420.6 58%NA31.775.84NA
1709:35S 23 G 278Fair with HazeCLR28.920.6 61%NA31.175.84NA
1709:15SE 146Fair with HazeCLR28.321.1 65%NA30.675.87NA
1708:55SE 146Fair with HazeCLR27.820.6 64%NA29.475.87NA
1708:35SE 135Fair with HazeCLR26.721.1 71%NA28.375.87NA
1708:15SE 136Fair with HazeCLR26.121.1 74%NA27.875.9NA
1707:55E 116Fair with HazeCLR25.620.6 75%NA26.775.87NA
1707:35SE 88Fair with HazeCLR2520 75%NA26.175.87NA
1707:15SE 1111FairCLR2520 74%NA26.175.84NA
1706:55SE 118Fair with HazeCLR2520 29.42573%NA26.175.84NA
1706:35S 811FairCLR25.620 73%NA26.775.82NA
1706:15SE 1411FairCLR25.620 71%NA26.775.79NA
1705:55SE 1411FairCLR25.620 71%NA26.775.82NA
1705:35SE 1416FairCLR26.120 69%NA27.275.79NA
1705:15SE 1116FairCLR2520 73%NA26.175.82NA
1704:55SE 118Fair with HazeCLR25.619.4 70%NA26.775.82NA
1704:35E 168Fair with HazeCLR26.119.4 67%NA27.275.82NA
1704:15E 1311FairCLR26.119.4 67%NA27.275.84NA
1703:55E 1411FairCLR26.118.9 65%NA27.275.84NA
1703:35SE 118Fair with HazeCLR27.218.9 60%NA28.375.84NA
1703:15SE 1011FairCLR27.218.3 58%NA28.375.87NA
1702:55SE 1111FairCLR27.217.8 58%NA28.375.87NA
1702:35SE 148Fair with HazeCLR26.717.8 58%NA27.875.87NA
1702:15E 511FairCLR27.817.2 52%NA28.375.92NA
1701:55SE 811FairCLR28.317.2 51%NA28.975.92NA
1701:35NW 138Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT12028.317.2 51%NA28.975.97NA
1701:15Calm11Partly CloudySCT12028.917.2 49%NA29.475.97NA
1700:55Calm8Fair with HazeCLR28.917.2 36.728.949%NA29.475.95NA
1700:35SE 1411FairCLR28.917.2 48%NA29.475.9NA
1700:15SE 168Fair with HazeCLR29.416.7 46%NA3075.9NA
1623:55SE 218Fair with HazeCLR3016.7 44%NA3075.87NA
1623:35SE 1911FairCLR3016.7 44%NA3075.87NA
1623:15SE 1911FairCLR30.616.7 42%NA30.675.84NA
1622:55SE 1611FairCLR31.116.7 41%NA31.175.82NA
1622:35SE 2111FairCLR31.716.7 41%NA32.275.82NA
1622:15SE 2111FairCLR31.716.1 40%NA31.775.79NA
1621:55SE 2116FairCLR32.215.6 37%NA32.275.74NA
1621:35SE 2316FairCLR32.815 34%NA32.275.72NA
1621:15SE 2416FairCLR32.814.4 32%NA32.275.69NA
1620:55SE 2316FairCLR33.313.3 30%NA32.275.69NA
1620:35SE 2116FairCLR33.913.9 29%NA32.875.67NA
1620:15SE 2116FairCLR34.414.4 30%NA33.975.67NA
1619:55S 26 G 3516FairCLR35.614.4 28%NA3575.67NA
1619:35S 2316FairCLR36.115.6 29%NA36.175.67NA
1619:15S 32 G 3716FairCLR36.715.6 28%NA36.775.67NA
1618:55S 29 G 4216FairCLR37.216.7 38.935.630%NA38.375.64NA
1618:35SE 29 G 3916FairCLR38.316.7 28%NA39.475.69NA
1618:15SE 2116FairCLR38.315.6 25%NA38.375.69NA
1617:55S 26 G 3216FairCLR38.316.1 27%NA38.975.69NA
1617:35SE 23 G 3416FairCLR38.315.6 26%NA38.975.72NA
1617:15S 24 G 2916FairCLR37.816.7 29%NA38.975.72NA
1616:55SE 2316FairCLR38.316.7 28%NA39.475.74NA
1616:35S 2116FairCLR37.817.8 30%NA38.975.74NA
1616:15S 21 G 3416FairCLR38.316.7 28%NA39.475.77NA
1615:55S 24 G 3216FairCLR38.316.7 29%NA39.475.79NA
1615:35S 16 G 2916FairCLR37.817.8 31%NA39.475.82NA
1615:15S 1611FairCLR37.818.3 33%NA4075.82NA
1614:55S 19 G 2611FairCLR37.819.4 34%NA40.675.84NA
1614:35S 19 G 2611FairCLR37.219.4 36%NA4075.87NA
1614:15S 196Fair with HazeCLR36.719.4 36%NA38.975.9NA
1613:55S 218Fair with HazeCLR36.720.6 40%NA40.675.92NA
1613:35S 19 G 298Fair with HazeCLR36.120 39%NA38.975.92NA
1613:15S 198Fair with HazeCLR36.121.7 43%NA40.675.95NA
1612:55S 1411FairCLR35.621.1 35.623.943%NA39.476NA
1612:35S 218Fair with HazeCLR3521.7 45%NA38.976NA
1612:15S 148Fair with HazeCLR34.421.7 47%NA38.376.02NA
1611:55S 148Fair with HazeCLR33.921.1 48%NA37.876.05NA
1611:35S 148Fair with HazeCLR32.821.1 50%NA36.176.05NA
1611:15S 148Fair with HazeCLR32.221.7 54%NA35.676.05NA
1610:55S 166Fair with HazeCLR31.721.1 55%NA3576.05NA
1610:35S 16 G 276Fair with HazeCLR30.620.6 56%NA33.376.05NA
1610:15S 198Fair with HazeCLR3020.6 58%NA32.276.05NA
1609:55S 168Fair with HazeCLR29.420.6 58%NA31.776.05NA
1609:35S 166Fair with HazeCLR28.920.6 61%NA31.176.07NA
1609:15S 166Fair with HazeCLR28.319.4 59%NA3076.1NA
1608:55SE 146Fair with HazeCLR27.219.4 62%NA28.376.1NA
1608:35SE 146Fair with HazeCLR26.718.9 64%NA27.876.1NA
1608:15SE 136Fair with HazeCLR25.618.9 65%NA26.776.1NA
1607:55SE 106Fair with HazeCLR24.418.9 72%NA25.676.1NA
1607:35SE 116Fair with HazeCLR23.918.9 75%NANA76.1NA
1607:15SE 115Fair with HazeCLR24.418.3 71%NA25.676.1NA
1606:55SE 138Fair with HazeCLR24.418.3 28.323.371%NA25.676.07NA
1606:35SE 1311FairCLR24.418.3 71%NA25.676.07NA
1606:15SE 1311FairCLR24.418.3 70%NA25.676.05NA
1605:55SE 1111FairCLR23.918.9 75%NANA76.05NA
1605:35SE 108Fair with HazeCLR23.918.9 74%NANA76.05NA
1605:15SE 1011FairCLR23.918.9 73%NANA76.05NA
1604:55SE 88Fair with HazeCLR24.418.9 70%NA25.676.05NA
1604:35SE 1111FairCLR2518.3 67%NA26.176.05NA
1604:15SE 1111FairCLR2518.9 67%NA26.176.05NA
1603:55SE 118Fair with HazeCLR25.618.3 65%NA26.776.05NA
1603:35S 1111FairCLR26.718.3 62%NA27.876.05NA
1603:15S 1311FairCLR26.718.3 62%NA27.876.05NA
1602:55S 1111FairCLR27.218.3 60%NA28.376.05NA
1602:35S 1311FairCLR27.818.3 57%NA28.976.05NA
1602:15S 1411FairCLR27.818.3 56%NA28.976.05NA
1601:55S 168Fair with HazeCLR28.318.3 56%NA29.476.05NA
1601:35S 1411FairCLR27.818.3 58%NA28.976.05NA
1601:15SE 1611FairCLR27.818.9 58%NA28.976.05NA
1600:55S 1411FairCLR27.818.9 35.627.858%NA28.976.05NA
1600:35SE 1411FairCLR28.318.3 56%NA29.476.05NA
1600:15SE 1611FairCLR28.918.3 53%NA3076.05NA
1523:55SE 1911FairCLR28.918.3 53%NA3076.07NA
1523:35SE 1911FairCLR29.418.3 52%NA30.676.07NA
1523:15SE 2116FairCLR29.418.3 51%NA30.676.07NA
1522:55SE 198Fair with HazeCLR3018.3 49%NA31.176.07NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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