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Enid, Enid Woodring Regional Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1822:35SE 110 RainVV00027.822.8 74%NA30.675.84NA
1822:15SE 130 Heavy RainVV00227.822.8 74%NA30.675.82NA
1821:55SE 161 Light RainVV00528.922.8 70%NA32.275.82NA
1821:35SE 142Sky Obscured with HazeVV0073022.8 66%NA33.975.79NA
1821:15SE 142Sky Obscured with HazeVV0073022.8 66%NA33.975.79NA
1820:47SE 1416Mostly CloudySCT065 BKN20031.122.8 62%NA35.675.77NA
1819:50E 1416Mostly CloudyBKN065 BKN20032.822.8 56%NA37.875.74NA
1818:50SE 1316Mostly CloudyBKN075 BKN20033.922.8 53%NA39.475.72NA
1817:50SE 21 G 3216Mostly CloudySCT055 BKN075 BKN2003522.8 50%NA40.675.69NA
1816:47S 14 G 2716Mostly CloudySCT049 BKN20036.122.2 44%NA41.175.69NA
1815:50S 19 G 3416Mostly CloudySCT036 BKN2003522.8 50%NA40.675.74NA
1814:50S 14 G 3216Mostly CloudySCT036 BKN20033.922.8 53%NA39.475.79NA
1813:50S 29 G 4516Mostly CloudySCT032 BKN20032.822.8 56%NA37.875.82NA
1812:45SE 35 G 4716Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT030 SCT20031.122.2 59%NA3575.82NA
1811:45SE 2616Partly CloudySCT22027.821.1 66%NA3075.9NA
1810:45E 35 G 4516Partly Cloudy and BreezyFEW120 SCT22027.220 66%NA28.975.87NA
1809:45E 21 G 4016Partly CloudySCT150 SCT20022.818.9 78%NANA75.92NA
1808:45E 40 G 4816Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN050 BKN22022.217.8 78%NANA75.95NA
1807:45NE 1616OvercastBKN060 OVC10022.820 83%NANA75.9NA
1806:45E 2116 Thunderstorm RainSCT048 BKN110 BKN21022.820 83%NANA75.74NA
1805:55E 218Fair with HazeCLR2517.8 65%NA26.175.77NA
1805:35E 216 DrizzleCLR2517.2 61%NA26.175.79NA
1805:15NE 192 RainVV0072517.8 65%NA26.175.84NA
1804:55NE 291 RainVV00526.117.8 61%NA27.275.84NA
1804:30E 160Sky Obscured with HazeVV00026.117.8 61%NA27.275.84NA
1804:15NE 230Sky Obscured with HazeVV00026.117.2 58%NA27.275.84NA
1803:55NE 21 G 350Sky Obscured with HazeVV0002517.2 61%NA26.175.84NA
1803:35NE 340Sky Obscured with Haze and BreezyVV00022.817.8 74%NANA75.72NA
1803:15SE 50Sky Obscured with HazeVV00022.217.8 78%NANA75.57NA
1802:55S 80Sky Obscured with HazeVV00022.217.8 78%NANA75.57NA
1802:35SE 100Sky Obscured with HazeVV00022.217.8 78%NANA75.54NA
1802:15S 102Sky Obscured with HazeVV00722.217.8 78%NANA75.54NA
1801:55S 110 Heavy RainVV0022517.2 61%NA26.175.54NA
1801:35S 140 RainVV00226.117.2 58%NA27.275.54NA
1801:15S 19 G 320 Heavy RainVV00227.216.1 51%NA27.875.51NA
1800:55S 212 Heavy RainVV00727.816.1 48%NA27.875.54NA
1800:35S 24 G 341 RainVV00527.817.8 55%NA28.975.57NA
1800:15S 190 Heavy RainVV00027.821.1 66%NA3075.54NA
1723:55S 160 Heavy RainVV00227.821.1 66%NA3075.54NA
1723:35S 230 Heavy RainVV00028.921.1 62%NA31.175.54NA
1723:15S 26 G 340 Heavy RainVV00028.921.1 62%NA31.175.54NA
1722:55S 230 Heavy RainVV00028.921.1 62%NA31.175.54NA
1722:35SE 210 Heavy RainVV00028.922.2 66%NA31.775.51NA
1722:15SE 190 Heavy RainVV00028.922.2 66%NA31.775.51NA
1721:55SE 230 Heavy RainVV0003022.2 62%NA33.375.51NA
1721:35SE 210 Heavy RainVV0003022.2 62%NA33.375.51NA
1721:15SE 230 Heavy RainVV0003022.2 62%NA33.375.49NA
1720:50SE 2316A Few CloudsFEW20031.122.2 59%NA3575.46NA
1719:50SE 1916A Few CloudsFEW20033.920 44%NA36.175.39NA
1717:50SE 34 G 5016A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW20037.220 37%NA40.675.44NA
1716:50SE 34 G 4816A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW180 FEW20037.820 35%NA41.175.46NA
1715:50SE 27 G 4016Partly CloudyFEW130 FEW180 SCT20036.122.8 47%NA42.275.54NA
1714:50SE 29 G 3916Mostly CloudyFEW130 SCT180 BKN20033.922.8 53%NA39.475.59NA
1713:50S 26 G 4216Mostly CloudyFEW130 BKN180 BKN20033.921.1 47%NA37.275.64NA
1712:45SE 26 G 3416Mostly CloudyFEW080 BKN110 BKN20031.122.2 59%NA3575.72NA
1711:45SE 2116Mostly CloudyFEW080 BKN120 BKN20032.222.2 55%NA36.175.82NA
1710:45SE 1616Mostly CloudyFEW080 BKN120 BKN20031.122.2 59%NA3575.84NA
1709:45S 1616Mostly CloudyFEW080 BKN120 BKN20027.822.2 70%NA3075.84NA
1708:45SE 1116Partly CloudySCT150 SCT20027.222.2 74%NA29.475.84NA
1707:55SE 2316Mostly CloudyBKN2202522.2 83%NA25.675.84NA
1706:45SW 816Mostly CloudyBKN2202521.1 79%NA26.175.92NA
1705:55S 100 Heavy RainVV00022.821.1 89%NANA75.69NA
1705:35S 160 Heavy RainVV00023.921.1 83%NANA75.67NA
1705:15S 191 RainVV00523.920 78%NANA75.67NA
1704:55S 141 RainVV00523.921.1 83%NANA75.67NA
1704:35S 160 RainVV00222.820 83%NANA75.64NA
1704:15S 162 RainVV00722.820 83%NANA75.62NA
1703:55S 160 Heavy RainVV00022.820 83%NANA75.64NA
1703:35S 131 Heavy RainVV00522.820 83%NANA75.67NA
1703:15S 160 Heavy RainBKN080 BKN11022.820 83%NANA75.74NA
1702:55S 110 Light RainBKN060 BKN070 OVC12022.220 88%NANA75.82NA
1702:35NE 110 RainBKN085 BKN12022.820 83%NANA75.87NA
1702:15NW 145 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinitySCT07022.820 83%NANA75.92NA
1701:55N 21 G 375 Thunderstorm Light Rain in VicinitySCT031 BKN060 OVC0952521.1 79%NA26.175.92NA0.99
1701:35S 111 Light RainSCT025 BKN036 OVC0502521.1 79%NA26.175.9NA0.71
1701:15S 8 G 393 Thunderstorm Heavy RainSCT037 BKN048 OVC11026.121.1 74%NA27.875.92NA0.28
1700:55W 134 Thunderstorm HazeOVC11031.117.8 46%NA32.275.9NA
1700:35W 116Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN1103017.8 49%NA31.175.92NA
1700:15SW 160 Thunderstorm Haze in VicinityOVC10028.917.8 51%NA29.475.87NA
1623:55W 100Overcast with HazeOVC11027.817.8 55%NA28.975.84NA
1623:35S 130Sky Obscured with HazeVV00028.917.8 51%NA29.475.82NA
1623:15S 160Sky Obscured with HazeVV00028.917.8 51%NA29.475.74NA
1622:55S 190Sky Obscured with HazeVV0003017.8 49%NA31.175.74NA
1622:35S 19 G 270Sky Obscured with HazeVV0003017.8 49%NA31.175.69NA
1622:15SE 230Sky Obscured with HazeVV0023017.8 49%NA31.175.67NA
1621:55SE 210Sky Obscured with HazeVV00031.117.8 46%NA32.275.67NA
1621:35S 190Sky Obscured with HazeVV00031.118.9 49%NA32.875.64NA
1621:15S 24 G 320Sky Obscured with HazeVV00031.120 52%NA33.375.62NA
1620:45SE 24 G 2916Partly CloudyFEW150 SCT25032.820 46%NA3575.59NA
1619:45SE 32 G 4016Partly CloudyFEW150 SCT2503518.9 39%NA36.775.57NA
1618:45SE 37 G 4816A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW15037.220 37%NA40.675.57NA
1617:45SE 37 G 5016A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW15037.818.9 33%NA4075.62NA
1616:45S 40 G 4816A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW15038.918.9 31%NA41.775.62NA
1615:55S 29 G 4716A Few CloudsFEW12038.918.9 31%NA41.775.67NA
1614:45S 21 G 3716A Few CloudsFEW12037.820 35%NA41.175.79NA
1613:45SE 26 G 4016A Few CloudsFEW12036.122.2 44%NA41.175.84NA
1612:50SE 19 G 2716A Few CloudsFEW12033.921.1 47%NA37.275.95NA
1611:50E 2616Partly CloudySCT12032.821.1 49%NA35.676.05NA
1610:50E 1116Mostly CloudyBKN12032.220 49%NA34.476.02NA
1609:50Calm16Mostly CloudyBKN12027.820 62%NA29.475.97NA
1608:50SW 19 G 2716Mostly CloudyBKN12028.920 58%NA30.675.9NA
1607:50S 1016Partly CloudySCT11026.120 70%NA27.275.92NA
1606:50S 1116Partly CloudySCT13023.918.9 74%NANA75.92NA
1605:55S 110 Heavy DrizzleVV00023.918.9 74%NANA75.9NA
1605:35S 131 Heavy DrizzleVV0052518.9 69%NA26.175.9NA
1605:15S 130 Heavy RainVV00223.920 78%NANA75.9NA
1604:55S 101 Heavy DrizzleVV0052520 74%NA26.175.9NA
1604:35S 142 DrizzleVV0072520 74%NA26.175.84NA
1604:15SW 111 DrizzleVV0052520 74%NA26.175.87NA
1603:55S 111 Light RainVV0052520 74%NA26.175.87NA
1603:35S 130 RainVV0002520 74%NA26.175.87NA
1603:15S 110 Heavy DrizzleVV0002520 74%NA26.175.9NA
1602:55S 110 Heavy DrizzleVV0022520 74%NA26.175.87NA
1602:35S 110 Heavy DrizzleVV0002520 74%NA26.175.9NA
1602:15S 110 Heavy DrizzleVV0002520 74%NA26.175.87NA
1601:55S 110 Heavy DrizzleVV0002520 74%NA26.175.9NA
1601:35S 110 Heavy DrizzleVV0002520 74%NA26.175.87NA
1601:15S 130 Light RainVV00026.120 70%NA27.275.9NA
1600:55S 130 RainVV00026.118.9 65%NA27.275.9NA
1600:35S 110 RainVV00027.218.9 62%NA28.375.9NA
1600:15S 140 Heavy RainVV00027.218.9 62%NA28.375.9NA
1523:55S 160 Heavy RainVV00027.818.9 58%NA28.975.9NA
1523:35S 210 Heavy RainVV00027.818.9 58%NA28.975.87NA
1523:15S 210 Heavy RainVV00027.818.9 58%NA28.975.87NA
1522:55S 190 Heavy RainVV00027.218.9 62%NA28.375.87NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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