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Jonesboro AR
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Jonesboro, Jonesboro Municipal Airport18:53Fair492946Calm30.32
Walnut Ridge Regional Airport18:56Fair503761S 330.31
Batesville, Batesville Regional Airport18:56Fair503046SE 530.32
Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Regional Airport18:53A Few Clouds443058S 530.30
Dyersburg, Dyersburg Municipal Airport18:56Fair492743N 330.32
Blytheville, Blytheville Municipal Airport18:53Fair453466N 530.31
Little Rock, Adams Field18:53Fair502843SE 630.32
Memphis International Airport18:54Fair512536N 730.31
Poplar Bluff, Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport18:53Fair483254S 330.31
West Plains, West Plains Municipal Airport18:53A Few Clouds with Haze462646S 330.28
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