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Golden CO
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Sky/Weather Temp.
Buckley Air Force Base Airport07:58Mostly Cloudy and Breezy391232W 24 G 3229.72
City Of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport07:54Partly Cloudy and Windy401740NW 26 G 4829.72
Denver, Denver International Airport07:53Mostly Cloudy and Windy401435W 28 G 3629.70
Fort Collins/Loveland - Northern Colorado Regional Airport07:56Fair411941W 15 G 2429.67
Grand Junction Regional Airport07:53Fair301656NE 829.93
Greeley, Greeley-Weld County Airport07:56Fair411839W 16 G 2629.69
Leadville, Lake County Airport07:53 Light Snow17764NW 17 G 3929.81
Pueblo Memorial Airport07:53 Light Rain and Breezy512536NW 2529.67
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