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Mason City Municipal Airport IA
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Mason City Municipal Airport17:53Mostly Cloudy and Breezy352259NW 23 G 3230.02
Albert Lea, Albert Lea Municipal Airport18:36Mostly Cloudy362156NW 16 G 2630.01
Waterloo, Waterloo Municipal Airport17:54Fair and Windy411636NW 30 G 3929.98
Austin Municipal18:35Overcast and Breezy392352NW 22 G 2929.98
Algona18:35Overcast and Breezy371845N 24 G 3830.06
Clarion18:35Overcast and Windy371845NW 26 G 3830.05
Charles City18:35Mostly Cloudy and Windy372152NW 2829.99
Webster City Municipal Airport18:35Overcast and Windy391842N 26 G 4030.06
Fort Dodge17:56Overcast401536NW 14 G 1830.07
Fairmont, Fairmont Municipal Airport17:56Overcast and Windy361848NW 31 G 3730.06
Forest City Municipal Airport18:35Overcast and Breezy362156N 21 G 2630.04
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