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Goldfield IA
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Clarion17:15Overcast1-285NW 1030.41
Waterloo, Waterloo Municipal Airport16:54Overcast6-560NW 1330.39
Ames, Ames Municipal Airport16:53Overcast5-563N 1330.41
Algona17:15Mostly Cloudy1-285NW 630.39
Boone Municipal17:15Overcast3-472N 1530.41
Charles City17:15Mostly Cloudy-0-871NW 830.39
Carroll17:15Overcast5-078N 1330.42
Des Moines International Airport16:54Overcast7-460N 1230.40
Webster City Municipal Airport17:15Overcast3-472N 1530.39
Estherville, Estherville Municipal Airport16:52Fair2-669NW 830.40
Fort Dodge16:56Overcast3-569N 830.42
Forest City Municipal Airport17:15Fair-0-678NW 730.40
Mason City Municipal Airport16:53Mostly Cloudy-0-869NW 1030.40
Marshalltown, Marshalltown Municipal Airport16:53Overcast4-566N 1430.38
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