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Waterloo IN
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Sky/Weather Temp.
Auburn De Kalb County Airport14:35Partly Cloudy726169N 1229.99
Lima, Lima Allen County Airport13:53Partly Cloudy736474N 1229.95
Defiance, Defiance Memorial Airport13:53A Few Clouds746267N 1229.96
Detroit, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport13:53Overcast756060NW 1529.94
Fort Wayne International Airport13:54Overcast746369N 929.97
Goshen, Goshen Municipal Airport13:53Fair715251N 1429.99
Indianapolis International Airport13:54 Light Rain716684N 729.98
Sturgis, Kirsch Municipal Airport14:36Fair725555N 929.99
Hillsdale Municipal Airport14:35Fair725963N 1229.98
Lafayette, Purdue University Airport13:54Fair736064N 1230.00
Branch County Memorial Airport14:35Partly Cloudy725862NW 1029.98
Chicago, Chicago-O'Hare International Airport13:51A Few Clouds724843NE 18 G 2630.07
South Bend International Airport13:54Fair735655N 1730.02
Toledo - Toledo Express Airport13:52Fair775852NW 929.95
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