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Newport KY
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport08:52Overcast574360SW 1229.73
John Glenn Columbus International Airport08:51 Fog/Mist474386Vrbl 629.75
Charleston, Yeager Airport08:54Mostly Cloudy513861S 629.82
Dayton, Cox Dayton International Airport08:56Overcast524166NE 529.72
Frankfort, Capital City Airport08:53Overcast604558SW 17 G 2929.78
Butler County Regional Airport08:53Overcast604353Vrbl 729.73
Wilmington, Airborne Airpark Airport08:54Overcast with Haze573951SW 1629.72
Indianapolis International Airport08:54Overcast544675Calm29.69
Jackson, Carroll Airport08:53Overcast573544NA29.85
Lexington Blue Grass Airport08:54Overcast574155S 1429.81
Cincinnati, Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field08:53Overcast604456S 1329.75
Dayton, Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport08:53Overcast573951SW 829.71
Paducah, Barkley Regional Airport08:53Overcast625373SW 12 G 2529.74
Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport08:56Overcast614658S 14 G 2929.77
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