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Julian Carroll Airport KY
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Jackson, Carroll Airport22:53 Rain Fog/Mist423885NE 330.27
Huntington, Tri-State Airport22:51Overcast472950Calm30.30
Harlan22:35Overcast454391NE 330.26
Mount Sterling-Montgomery County Airport22:35 Light Drizzle433676Calm30.30
Lexington Blue Grass Airport21:54Overcast443468Calm30.28
Wise / Lonesome Pine22:35 Rain4545100N 730.25
London, London-Corbin Airport-Magee Field22:53Overcast444293Calm30.27
Pikeville Pike County Airport and Hatcher Field22:35 Light Drizzle453569Calm30.28
Big Sandy Regional Airport22:35 Light Rain463361Calm30.29
Somerset, Somerset-Pulaski County - J.T. Wilson Field Airport22:36Overcast4343100Calm30.28
Clyde A. Thomas Regional Airport22:35Overcast433471Calm30.29
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