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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
New Roads False River Regional Airport22:15Fair565285Calm30.04
Alexandria, Alexandria International Airport21:53Fair564772N 330.03
Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Metropolitan, Ryan Field21:53Fair655161N 530.02
Alexandria Esler Regional Airport21:53Fair555393Calm30.04
Hammond, Hammond Municipal Airport21:58Fair595482N 330.02
Natchez, Hardy-Anders Field Natchez-Adams County Airport21:56Fair575490E 530.05
Lafayette, Lafayette Regional Airport21:53Fair635678Calm30.03
McComb, McComb / Pike County / John E Lewis Field Airport21:53Fair594969N 330.03
Opelousas St Landry Parish Airport22:15Fair555084Calm30.04
Louisiana Regional Airport22:15Fair645471N 330.02
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