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Richmond MN
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Sky/Weather Temp.
St. Cloud Regional Airport12:53Overcast443468NE 14 G 2329.74
Alexandria, Chandler Field12:53 Light Rain453877NE 1629.78
Willmar Municipal Airport - John L. Rice Field12:56Overcast463771NE 18 G 2529.73
Sauk Centre Municipal Airport12:55 Light Rain423784NE 15 G 2029.76
Glenwood Municipal Airport12:56 Rain and Breezy433987NE 2229.76
Litchfield Municipal Airport12:55NA453981NE 15 G 2129.71
Little Falls, Little Falls/Morrison County Airport-Lindbergh Field11:59 Light Rain433781NE 629.79
Morris, Morris Municipal Airport12:55 Light Drizzle453776E 16 G 2329.77
Minneapolis, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport12:53 Light Drizzle Fog/Mist454290NE 1629.68
Montevideo-Chippewa County Airport12:55 Drizzle453981NE 17 G 2329.69
Paynesville, Paynesville Municipal Airport12:56Overcast444084NE 10 G 1829.73
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