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Joplin MO
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Sky/Weather Temp.
Joplin, Joplin Regional Airport09:53 Fog/Mist332985N 930.01
Kaiser Lake Ozark, Lee C Fine Memorial Airport09:56Overcast333192NW 829.96
Coffeyville, Coffeyville Municipal Airport09:52Overcast332572N 930.03
Chanute, Chanute Martin Johnson Airport09:52Overcast302479N 1030.02
Sedalia, Sedalia Memorial Airport09:53Overcast272385NW 1329.98
Fayetteville, Drake Field09:53Overcast353185W 530.00
Harrison, Boone County Airport09:53Overcast352978W 1029.97
Kansas City, Kansas City Downtown Airport09:54Overcast241981N 830.04
Parsons, Tri-City AirportNULLNULLNULL
Springfield, Springfield Regional Airport09:52 Fog/Mist343292W 829.94
St. Louis Lambert International Airport09:51Overcast373282W 1029.90
West Plains, West Plains Municipal Airport09:53Overcast403479NW 12 G 1829.92
Rolla / Vichy, Rolla National Airport09:53Overcast353185W 929.91
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